Smart Use Of Emojis For Mobile App MarketingšŸ˜Ž -

Smart Use Of Emojis For Mobile App MarketingšŸ˜Ž


Today we will talk about Emotions. Sorry, we meant Emojis. Oh well, they seem to be the same thing anyway. Emojis are around 2 characters size images which express different feelings or thoughts. Be careful though not to confuse them with Emoticons, because Emojis and Emoticons have different definitions. Emojis were invented after 1990 in Japan and adopted first by Apple and then by Google. So they had a great impact on the mobile market. The reasons are simple. People love personalized messages and this is a good way to write more ideas using fewer words. Even if many of you know and use these symbols it remains unclear their influence on the marketing ecosystem. Letā€™s see how we can make light of this situation.šŸ‘‡

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How Emojis Can Impact Your App Marketing Strategy?

You can understand how popular Emojis are becoming month after month, just by looking at the chart presented by AppBoy.

Make Writings AttractiveāœØ

Think about two messages, the first one is shown like a plain and simple text and the other one is enhanced with one or two Emojis. Just out of curiosity, which one would draw your attention? Thatā€™s right; the second one has a higher open rate.

Transpose Emotionsā¤ļø

In this fast, speedy world we all look for places to see emotions and for ways to express them. In this case, Emojis help us to give a human impression for the impersonal mobile environment. Even a simple smiley face improves the way you receive a message.

More Clear MeaningšŸ’”

When you canā€™t find your words to transmit your thoughts the best solution is to add a small image that shows what you mean. It is no wonder that the majority of the online population adopted this style to communicate with their contacts.

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Best Channels To Use Emojis For App Marketing

Letā€™s see the best ways to increase awareness of your app with the help of EmojisšŸ’Ŗ

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E-Mail Marketing

The main advantage of selecting E-Mail marketing as part of your strategy is that you have the freedom to compose whatever you want: text, images or videos, and why not, a few Emojis for receivers to visualize better your idea. On special events, make sure to use special symbols to highlight their importance in the eyes of your readers.

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Social Media Channels

You are probably using the most suitable social media channels for marketing your app. At least now, since you read our articles about the most efficient methods in Social Media Advertising category. If so, you might want to use Emojis in your next message to see your followersā€™ reactions. A recent article published on Social Media Today gathers many statistics that will convince you about the effects of using Emojis.

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In-App Messages

Sending in-app messages is a must-have technique for every mobile app. You can add a little extra touch to your text inside your app with these small pictographs. Maybe the latest images introduced by Apple at the end of 2016 for iOS 10.2 will inspire you to get as creative as possible.

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Push Notifications

The new version of push notifications allows you to add rich media to your messages and a lot of other advantages but you can enhance these effects with one small Emoji that will draw usersā€™ attention. Selecting them with moderation you can be sure that you will make your customers curious enough to open your app to see more. Your major goal is to increase engagement and this is the right way to obtain that.

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What To Consider?

Now that you understood how effective these small symbols can be for promoting your app, you canā€™t go to the before-mentioned channels and throw them randomly all over the places. Letā€™s give you some ideas for the smart use of Emojis.

And if you have any hesitation in entering the mobile app marketing world, read this first: Why Mobile App Marketing Is So Important For Your App?

Frequency Of Use

One thing is to make your message interesting and another thing is to be obsessed with Emojis. Take for example, Chevroletā€™s campaign in 2015 to launch its 2016 Cruze, where the entire press release was written using Emojis. What do you understand from the following picture?

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Here are the opinions received from their potential clients. Donā€™t forget that this kind of mistake can generate bad reviews also for the mobile domain.

Relevancy With The Text

Make sure that your pictograph is related to what you want to transmit with your text. It is recommended to add a goofy image to your funny message, but when you are trying to say something serious or even sad you canā€™t go with these symbols no matter how expressive they are. IMDirectMarketing created a small quiz for everybody to test their knowledge when it comes to the true meaning of some Emojis. You will be surprised to see that many elementary images transmit an absolutely different message than you initially thought. Try it! It will be fun and after that, you can challenge your friends to do the same.

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Variability Of Meaning

If you are a beginner at the entire Emojis ā€œlanguageā€, you need to take time to understand their proper meaning. You have to be absolutely sure that everybody gets your point. Even for the most experienced users of Emojis there are different signs that express the same word according to the platform and at the same time a single image can reveal something else than you wanted to show as you saw before. It is very tricky but after a little time invested in learning the best practices you can make your users listen to you with these intensely used elements.

Final ThoughtsĀ šŸ’­

Emojis are another small detail that can improve your strategy to promote your app if they are used in a wise manner. Donā€™t let the size fool you because they can become great helpers when you are trying to communicate with your customers using their own style through the most important marketing channels.


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