Google App Install Advertising: What, Why and How of UAC -

Google App Install Advertising: What, Why and How of UAC

With our blog we want to present you various techniques for app advertising but it is time to check one of the most representative platforms for mobile apps, Google. The experts from the giant company launched two years ago Universal App Campaigns for helping developers and marketers reach their success in an easy and convenient way. Because these tools are so efficient all the campaigns created for Adwords will be moved to UAC starting October 16th. For this reason, today we will talk about the what, why and how of UAC.

What Is Universal App Campaigns (UAC)?

Universal App Campaigns is the service provided by Google which uses machine learning technology for analyzing different elements to reach the right audience according to each campaign type. It is important to highlight that setting the precise goal from the start is crucial for the success of your strategy.

Why Use Universal App Campaigns For Your App

If you aren’t sure why UAC is a good solution for your app don’t worry because we will list below the main advantages provided by this system.

Ad Optimization For Installs Or In-App Events

With the help of machine learning processes, UAC is able to know what customers are looking for. Due to the way this tool is built, you will receive the wanted results whether you choose to reach more users or you want them to perform certain actions.

Visibility Over Google’s Properties

One of the most relevant motives to use UAC for your strategy is that it offers you the chance to meet your customers over various channels owned by Google. You don’t need to set multiple campaigns for each solution. Instead, you will gain your users’ attention with minimum effort.

Google Search Network

Your ad will be visible in Google Search results and also for Google Search partners, which are certain sites that agree to display promotional content provided by Google. Moreover, your app will also be discovered by Maps users or Shopping customers. The possibilities are endless.

Google Play

We discussed before Google Play Search ads and how to prepare your app to reach the top of results in case it matches the keywords searched by users. You will find in our article not only the benefits provided by this opportunity but also the best practices and options for using it. You probably realize how important it is to make your app visible in that list.


The ad will be displayed on YouTube whenever the algorithms find the relevant occasion for convincing viewers to download your app. Remember that we talked about how powerful is YouTube when you want to present your creations to potential users and we also described the best ways to increase your downloads with the help of this platform.

Google Display Network

UAC has the role to optimize your campaign to reach certain places like Gmail, other apps, mobile versions of news websites or blogs that will help you to maximize conversion rate. At this moment it depends on your main goal, whether you want to get more installs or you look for driving more in – app actions. We mentioned that before but we need to emphasize the idea.

Optimization For In – App Engagement and LTV

Now marketers are more focused on acquiring high value users which are more willing to perform certain tasks or to complete in – app purchases. According to Google, advertisers who use UAC focused on in – app events drive 140% more conversions per dollar than any other Google product which represents impressive results.

How To Move Your Campaigns To UAC

Because there are a few steps for you to make when you want to move your campaigns from Adwords to UAC we will share with you a small tutorial as it was presented in an article published two weeks ago on the official Google blog.

Review The Current Campaign

Remember that a few lines of text, a bid and some assets are sufficient for UAC to manage the entire campaign for you. So, you need to go to your Adwords account and to decide what are your best text, banner and video ads.

Create A New Universal App Campaign With The Right Performance Goal

Select Campaign menu from Campaigns tab and then go to Universal app. Next, copy all your wanted creatives into the new UAC. For tracking app conversions you have three solutions:

  • Firebase, for mobile app conversions such as first opens, in – app purchases or custom events after you import them from Firebase.
  • Google Play, for Android app conversions like in – app purchases or installs directly from the app store.
  • Third – party tracking tools like Tune, Kotchava or Adjust will allow you to keep your eyes on first opens or in – app actions. We talked about them in detail in our article about attribution platforms. The best part is that AppSamurai is integrated with them in case you select us to help you with your business.


Adjust The Right Bids

Another important step is to focus on the right bid because there are some small differences between previous campaign and the actual one. First calculate the average CPI (focused on app installs), CPA (which is used for certain in – app actions) and ROAS (when you want more in – app action value) of your Adwords campaign. After that, track the new campaign and adjust the bids according to your plan.

For more information related to the best methods available for creating your campaign we recommend you to study the documentation page provided by Google. Everything is explained in detail just like for any other service offered by this giant platform along with the best practices for acquiring valuable users.


If you were using Adwords you have less than 6 weeks to move your campaign to UAC. But there is no need to panic. After you follow some simple steps you will be ready to take advantage of the service specially created by Google to reach the right audience in the right context. Remember that making smart decisions is the only way to reach the wanted results.


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