How To Increase Your App Downloads With YouTube

Video Ads are amazing tools to promote mobile apps and they are very appreciated by users. Although you have to invest a little more effort, time and money it’s all worth it in the end. Video ads can be the connection between brands and customers. A chart from Statista predict that by 2020, spends for mobile video ads will reach four times the amount that was registered in 2015.


An infographic published by Google reveals that mobile video ads have 83% viewability and at YouTube over half of all views come from mobile. So it’s a good decision to invest in this type of promotion and to bond mobile apps with video ads.

Importance Of YouTube For Mobile Apps

Since 2005, YouTube became a media channel where millions of people watch videos every day. You can use YouTube to promote your mobile app even if you just upload a video about the utility of the app, if you can’t reach their ads service. It is important to know how to create a video to increase your app downloads. There are some techniques that can make the difference between an amateur video maker and real brand promoter.

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  1. Highlight features. Think about what are the strongest points of your app. The most important fact that you have to present in the video is what problem is solved by your app.
  2. How it works? Users watch videos about mobile apps mainly to figure out how to use it. This will increase the onboarding flow and will engage users even more.
  3. Don’t be boring. It is important to remain focused on the big picture. If you go too deep into details you will fail to reach your scope.
  4. Make it short. Indeed, time is money. Every person’s time is precious. Don’t waist it. Just intrigue your possible user and let him discover other details when he will use the app.
  5. Watch your competitors. Take a peak to your competitors. If they don’t have a video for their app, it’s great because creating a clip puts you a step in front of them. If they have at least one, watch it and try to discover its strong and weak points so you can make yours better.
  6. Be honest with your skills. If you are a great video maker, it will be easy for you to create an amazing promotional product. If not, just hire an expert and enjoy the results.
  7. Promote the video. I know, you made the video to promote your app, but you have to be sure that your video is being viewed. So, if you have a blog or a website, show a link to send your readers directly to YouTube page for more insights of your app.
  8. Link to your app. YouTube offers more: you have to add a link to your app page in app store to the description section to make it easier for your viewers to download the app if they liked the video.
  9. Do video optimization. Just like the necessity of app store optimization, your video has to be prepared for both, YouTube Search and Google Search. It is almost the same process like ASO. It is crucial to choose the right keywords especially for the title but, be careful not to be too competitive. Add those keywords into description and even in the channel name.


YouTube Ad Types For Mobile Apps

It is essential to know all types of YouTube Ads to understand what suits you best. First of all, you have to enable video monetization. After that, choose one type of YouTube Ads that you think it will make the difference for your app:
1- Display Ads. It is the red zone in the picture. It’s displayed near the player or below the player, if the player is too big. This type is available only for Desktop screens and has dimensions of 300 x 250 or 300 x 60.
2- Overlay Ads. These are semi-transparent ads, like images or text with dimensions of 468 x 60 or 728 x 90 that can be seen only on desktop screens, on 20% of your video, on the lower side of it.

3- Skippable Video Ads. Those ads are displayed on the entire player zone on desktop, mobile devices, game consoles and TV. They can show up before, during or after the video and they offer the option to be closed after 5 seconds.

4- Non – skippable Video Ads and Long, Non – Skippable Video Ads. These are the ads that can’t be closed after 5 seconds and their length vary from 15 seconds up to 30 seconds the long ones. They can appear before, during or after the main video on desktop or mobile devices.

5- Bumper Ads. These are just like non – skippable Video Ads but shorter, having only 6 seconds.

6- Sponsored cards. As its name states, this type of ads contains cards of varied dimensions that appear on the right side of the screen on desktop or mobile devices.

How To Create YouTube Ads (Best Practices)

Google explains a concept called TrueView that is an ad format where you pay only when a viewer watches your video for 30 seconds or more or he clicks the Install button. TrueView ads can be in-stream ads, which are videos that play on YouTube app or video discovery which are small images with maximum 3 lines of text on YouTube app. To create such an ad you have to follow some steps. First, you have to choose a campaign type Video – Mobile App Installs. Next, you will track app conversions whether you have an Android app or an iOS app. After that, you need to choose the Target CPA bidding strategy. Create an ad group for each type and test them for a month to see what is the right fit for your app. Because the user can skip the ad after 5 seconds, it is crucial to engage him from the start. Make him want to view your video ad and of course, to download your app. If you have users from other countries, be sure that you translate your ad using language tool from YouTube.


While every app is different, there are some common methods to promote it on popular channels like YouTube. Whether you choose to create a video about your app and to just upload it on YouTube, or you go even further and decide to invest a part of your budget on YouTube ads, it’s just your call. But, be sure that your app gets in front of millions of possible users and convince them to download it.

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