Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads Basic -

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads Basic


You already know that Apple Search Ads is a powerful product which helps app owners to increase the visibility of their apps. We gave you all the necessary details about this tool when Apple released the program for the ones who want to see their creations in the list generated by a search on the App Store. In December, last year, Apple renamed the product Apple Search Ads Advanced and created an additional service, called Apple Search Ads Basic for developers who just started with their marketing strategy.


Everything You Need To Know About Apple Search Ads Basic

We won’t tell you again why you should consider this strategy because the following image speaks for itself. Instead, we will share with you all the details about advertising your app with Apple Search Ads Basic.

What Is Apple Search Ads Basic?

Apple Search Ads Basic is an entry – level alternative for those who want to try Apple Search Ads. This solution is suitable for app owners who don’t have time to invest in their marketing strategy.
Let’s face it! Especially for indie developers, it is very hard to create the app, to make sure that your code is flawless, to design an amazing interface for improving user experience, to keep in touch with users and to pay attention to all their demands. It is difficult to do everything by yourself. We keep reminding you all the stages you need to take into account when you build your plan for reaching success with your app. After all this effort, not being able to find your app on the app store is very disappointing. And when you have a low budget and almost no time for marketing, this option offered by Apple appears to be very promising. Your app will be visible for those users who search for a product like yours.


How To Set Your Account?

The name of the program says everything, being the basic form of the more advanced service. It means that it is very easy to set up your campaign.

  • From the official website you should click on the “Start” button to use your iTunes Connect account.
  • After that, you need to enter your company name and the currency.
  • Next, click Create Account.

For Apple Search Ads Basic, you just need to select your app from the drop down list and the maximum monthly budget but no more than $5000. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to add because you can change that sum anytime.
Additionally, we need to mention that if you increase that amount, the modifications will be visible immediately, but if the amount is lower than before, the effects will be visible next month.
Further, you need to choose the maximum CPI and it is recommended to go with the price calculated by Apple. Also, you will receive 100 USD promo credit, first time when you create your account. For showing the ad, Apple will take the app name, description, video and screenshots from your app store page. Pay attention to App Store Optimization before setting your campaign for Apple Search Ads. Basic ads are similar to Advanced, displayed in search results on a blue background and with a small Ad icon. You will be able to see how it will appear right from your account. Another aspect taken from the old version of Search Ads is that ads won’t be shown if Apple considers that they don’t represent a solution for the terms searched by users, no matter the money you want to pay.


Differences Between Apple Search Ads Basic And Apple Search Ads Advanced

When you own an app and you want to promote it through Apple Search Ads you need to be aware of the features offered by both options in order to make the best decision.

  • First of all, Apple Search Ads Advanced is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Switzerland. But Apple Search Ads Basic, can be used only by developers in the United States, is a new product.
  • While for the Advanced version you need to select relevant keywords and to analyze the most important KPIs, for Basic, Apple takes care of this aspect without any keywords.
  • You already know that when you choose Apple Search Ads Advanced you will pay for taps. Remember that not every tap on the ad is an install but you will find on Growth Tower a detailed guide that will help you to maximize your results. For the ads created with Apple Search Ads Basic developers pay only for installs.
  • For the Advanced option, you need to keep track of your campaign according to your ROI, but if you want, Search Match is a useful tool when you have trouble choosing the best keywords. When you set your campaign with Search Ads Basic you just need to check it a few times every month and to take into account Search Ads recommendations for adjusting your CPI. While it is easier to manage a campaign with Search Ads Basic you won’t have all those marketing options or detailed reports.
  • Basic version lets you set a maximum budget of $5000 each month and to use the service for up to 100 apps. As you know, for Advanced you won’t have limits for the budget and for the number of apps promoted but it is harder to set and manage your campaign.



Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the details about Apple Search Ads Advanced and Apple Search Ads Basic, you can choose the right tool according to your business, and of course, your budget. You should be aware that each solution comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Well, theoretical you can use both but you need to consider that optimizing your search Ads Advanced strategy won’t be visible for Search Ads Basic. So, we recommend you to study both options and to select the one suitable for your app. And feel free to share your ideas with other app owners in our community!


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