How To Promote Food And Drink Apps

Because last week we talked about different methods suitable for promoting health and fitness app, let’s continue with another app category, Food & Drink. Because there isn’t such thing as one – fits – all recipe, it is mandatory to find the most relevant ways for bringing your app in front of your customers.

Business Model

For this type of apps, our recommendation depends on the content. If you reveal super secrets for special dishes and if you spread the word about your app, people will be happy to pay a unique fee for acquiring it. In the same time, you can offer your app for free and add some premium elements along the way. Further, user – friendly ads represent also a good option for increasing your revenue. What we want to say is to carefully study the market for making this decision, but remember to offer value before thinking about how to make money.

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How To Promote Food And Drink Apps

You are probably thinking that everybody has to eat, so it won’t be any struggle to acquire a lot of users, right? Well, look again at the image above and tell us how can you bring your creation above all those apps for which their owners already spent a lot of time and money to reach this point? Yes, we thought so. There isn’t a magic solution for this. Only with hard work and commitment, you are going to make your app visible to your target audience.

What’s Cooking (For Other Apps)?

From the development stage, you have to take a look around you and to discover in what way other app owners attract their customers. If you remember when we talked about Internet of Things we mentioned Diageo which connected Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle to an app with the help of sensors. How impressive is that? Of course, this type of technology isn’t for everyone but with a little creativity and imagination you can come up with something novel that will amaze your users.

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Mix All The Ingredients!

As we said before, there isn’t a straightforward path for reaching your purpose. You need to keep your eyes open and to look at your app from your users’ point of view. Think about Starbucks, for a second. There must be a reason why it is one of the most popular Food & Drink apps in the world. The truth is that Starbucks offers everything its users need. From special offers to user-generated content, every marketing technique is integrated with Starbucks’ strategy in a subtle way.

Image Source: https://www.starbucks.com/coffeehouse/mobile-apps


Add Salt And Pepper!

You know the story behind Yummly, don’t you? Different users appreciate different flavors. Customers expect special treatment and it is better to receive it. You must implement the required technology for providing the right solution for each user. You must know if they have some sort of allergies or if they don’t appreciate a certain ingredient. In the same time, you need to create special groups according to various demands. Some of them prefer raw food; others are vegetarians, while a few of them can’t imagine a meal without meat. Understand users and act accordingly. Just like Yummly app does.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/yummly-recipes-recipe-box/id589625334?mt=8


Set The Timer!

This one is for food delivery service apps. People want to receive a warm and tasteful meal. When they have guests they will act like they prepared those dishes. Make sure you will help them to obtain that effect. You should look at DoorDash, a useful mobile app that promises to deliver the wanted menu in less than 50 minutes. Let’s be honest, you won’t be able to cook a proper dinner in this amount of time. Adding order tracking and payment options to your app will offer you an undeniable advantage.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doordash-food-delivery/id719972451?mt=8


1, 2, 3 … Done!

Another aspect you should consider when you build your app is the overall experience provided by your service. The main purpose of food and drink apps is to help customers to save time and money. Otherwise, they would use the old fashioned ways with big recipe books hard to follow and without guaranteed results. An easy to use app which gives them the wanted solution for their dilemma with just a few taps is what users really need. For example, customers forget that they paid almost $5 for the Paprika app when they observe the advantages offered by its features.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paprika-recipe-manager/id392408028?mt=8


It Looks So Delicious!

Well, with food it is all about pictures. You won’t convince users to pay attention to your app if you just tell them about it. You must show them what they will obtain if they download it. Social media channels are the best in this situation, especially the ones focused on visuals like Instagram and Pinterest. In case you want organic growth for your app you can post valuable insights and you will be able to attract loyal users. Check Tasty app on Instagram and you will understand what we mean.

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BY_MOopHN2R/?hl=en&taken-by=buzzfeedtasty


Enjoy It!

We are going to reveal a secret ingredient for your promotional campaign, after all! Are you curious what makes your app special? You! If you trust your product and you know that will revolutionize the way people eat or drink then you are on your way to success. Go to gourmand meetings, attend to events and share your work with the entire world. And, why not? After all these come back and tell us how amazing it was. Yes, you are not Jamie Oliver but if you go ahead and you share your love for food and cooking you will reach your users right in their kitchens.

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In case you created a tool that helps users to prepare tempting meals and amazing cocktails, we just presented you some special ingredients for promoting your work. It is great to create a flawless app, but you can’t expect that people will download it without a little help from your side. Keep in mind that at the moment you will know your users really well you will be able to serve them better. And you know what we mean, don’t you?

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