What To Do For Optimizing Mobile Ad Campaigns -

What To Do For Optimizing Mobile Ad Campaigns


We’ve heard that you are planning to set up an ad campaign for promoting your app. That’s great! We want to give you all the information you need for achieving your goal. But we have to highlight from the start that it is not enough to create a campaign. You need to make sure that you obtain the best results because it is one thing to run an ad campaign and another to run a successful ad campaign. Don’t worry! We will show you how to build an effective strategy for promoting your product.

6 Ways To Optimize Mobile Ad Campaigns

For making sure that your ad performs best you need to optimize your mobile campaign. There are many methods to do that but we will focus on the most effective ones.

Identify Converting Segments

As always, you need to think about your potential users. In order to obtain quality traffic, you should create a blacklist and a whitelist. Because it represents a difficult process you probably need to go for a demand-side platform DSP or an aggregation platform. It sounds complicated, but the main idea is to divide your solutions into two groups, the ones that work and the ones that must go away.

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Start by removing all those useless sources. It is pointless to invest time and money on some methods that won’t fit your plans. Choosing the right path from the beginning will help you to minimize the costs and to reach your goal.


While you complete the activity described above you also need to gather all the solutions that will give you the wanted results. If you base your campaign on this list you know that you are on the right track and that you will spend your budget in a smart way.

Select Balancing Networks

Ad networks represent an important factor when it comes to minimizing the Cost Per Install. You need to decide what you really want, more downloads or valuable installs. You probably want both but we advise you to be careful with your target audience because you want those customers to open your app after this campaign. There are many factors that will influence your decision and you need to try several ad networks for finding the ones that suit you best. Or you can simply choose us! No more headaches no more try and fail and definitely no more wastes of money; just experts who want to help you.

Put Emphasis On LTV

As we already mentioned many, many times before when you want to increase the performance of your campaign you need to focus on users with high lifetime value (LTV). It is essential to look after those customers who match your buyer persona or the ones who bring their friends inside your app. Forget about empty installs. Users’ activity after these events plays a big role for the success of your strategy. Don’t forget that this process doesn’t end in the moment your campaign is over, but it is a smart move to focus on the methods available for maximizing your LTV while your ad attracts new users. In the same time, this procedure will allow you to observe the effects of your campaign.

Target In Narrow Time Periods

Keep in mind that you should pay attention to the moment when your ad is visible. You need to choose a suitable hour for your users and that is when you know that they will be more interested in your product. Be careful with this element because it is vital to the success of your campaign. Think about that for a second. What is the point of running an ad when they are too busy with their work? Finding the right time to approach your future users depends on your ability to decipher the information received. Additionally, don’t wait for too much to decide if your ad campaign is efficient or not. When you observe that you don’t obtain the wanted results, change your approach immediately.

Target Devices

Related to the point presented above, you should also be careful with the type of device used by your potential customers. Apply your data in a clever way. If you observe that users complete their daily tasks on smartphone and they grab their tablets in the evening when they want to relax watching a movie, the best approach is to target devices according to this behavior. In the same time you can concentrate your energy on specific manufactures. When you discover that some brands that provide mobile devices appear more often in your reports you can find different ways to convince this group about the utility of your app.

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Be Aware Of Your KPIs

We talked about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and we revealed the most important ones for mobile games but they also can be applied to other categories of apps. It is vital to observe the elements that influence your campaign’s path and to keep your eye on them. Analytics reports are essential when you need to make sure that your campaign is on the right track. Don’t let the number of clicks to fool you and observe if users install the app after that. If not, you probably need to improve your app store page. In the same time, you need to follow customer journey after the download. If users delay to open the app or to make an in-app purchase then something is wrong. Fixing all these issues will allow you to maximize the return on your investment.

Final Thoughts

And that is how you do it! Believe us because we provide the best tools for this type of job. There are many factors that will help you to obtain the wanted reactions from your customers but there are also various elements which will make it difficult for you to reach success. The secret is to separate them and to focus on valuable users. Finding the right moment and the most suitable device for displaying your ad also contribute to the final results.


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