Top 5 KPIs For Mobile Game User Acquisition -

Top 5 KPIs For Mobile Game User Acquisition


In case you missed our previous articles we just want to let you know that this week is all about performances on AppSamurai Blog. But how can we measure it and what tells us that the methods applied for marketing our app are effective? Well, that value which demonstrates if certain objectives were accomplished is called Key Performance Indicator (KPI). You can set high – level KPI which represents the overall success of your business or low – level KPI if you want to concentrate your efforts on a precise section of your strategy. The trick is to establish KPIs relevant to your domain and not focusing on your competitors’ goals.

The most important Key Performance Indicators For Mobile Game User Acquisition

Today we will pay attention to games and the elements which prove to us that we are on the right path when it comes to acquiring high valuable users. Keep in mind though that this discussion is available for all types of apps.

App Discovery

It is important to start with the methods you use for making your app visible. How are you planning to increase the number of your customers if they can’t find your app?


App store page is the junction of all channels you use for driving awareness about your app. This is the point where potential customers will decide if they want to download your app or, it is something they don’t like and (stop, don’t cover your eyes and ears) … they will select your competitor’s app. That’s it, we said it. If you don’t invest a big part of your resources in an outstanding app store page then all your efforts are worthless.

App Indexing

If you use a landing page for presenting your app then you have to make sure that customers will discover it without any struggle. Equally important is when your game appears in the search results when people want to find something similar to what your app has to offer. For this reason, you need to follow the steps enumerated in a previous blog post on How To Index Your App On Google. And don’t worry, you will find your answer there whether you have an Android or an iOS app.

Retention Rate And Activation

We already established that focusing only on user acquisition isn’t a smart strategy at all. What is the point to acquire a lot of users if they churn in the second they open the app? You have to figure out some solutions for convincing them to perform certain activities inside your app.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is a metric which indicates the number of users that open the app at least once after downloading it. All our readers know the importance of this value for a sustainable app growth. Usually, this can be measured after one month but for relevant results, it is better to analyze the data obtained after 90 days, according to Localytics.


When your game is created in such manner that users need to sign up for accessing further levels it is necessary to keep your eyes on players’ behavior regarding this stage. If someone completes it then you can consider that user a loyal one. To make sure that the number of customers who sign up is high there are a few best practices you need to follow:

  • make your sign up form as simple as possible;
  • assure users that their information is safe;
  • show a clear CTA;

Average Number Of Days To First IAP

One of the best methods to increase your revenue is to add some special items inside your game and to convince users to pay a fee in case they want to use them. When you do that you have to pay attention to the average number of days to first in – app purchase which shows you how long it takes on average to convert a customer when he starts using the app. We know that you want this period to be very short and this is the reason why we prepared an article with 7 Ways To Increase Your App Conversion Rate. Go ahead and apply them!

CPI, CPA And CAC Calculations

It is important to keep your spending under control and to select the suitable model for your business. We discussed about Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) when we described the advantages of using a trustful platform such as App Samurai for the success of your campaign. We recommend you to read the article again for a better understanding of those important terms. In the same time, calculating Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is crucial when you want to know how expensive it is to convince a new user about the value of your game. And because we are talking about optimization, we are sure that you will find our article on this topic very useful.

Acquisition Channels Optimization

Now, that we took care of the most important metrics it is important to mention the vital part of determining high – performing sources for acquiring new users. If you study your data and you find those channels that bring you the highest number of valuable users you can redirect your efforts to those places. For a successful strategy it is necessary to leave useless techniques behind and to create new connections that will improve your chances to accomplish your purpose. Only if you realize the importance of install attribution where you track the source of your app downloads you will manage to increase your ROI.


If you ever wondered what are the main elements which require your attention for a successful user acquisition we just gave you the answer with our list presented above. While these are general facts, always remember that you have to analyze each indicator and to adapt it to your app category. Don’t worry, as long as you use the information received in a wise way you can be sure that your business is on the right track.


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