Pinterest Promoted App Pins: A New Way To Boost App Downloads -

Pinterest Promoted App Pins: A New Way To Boost App Downloads


As you already know, we are here to bring in front of your eyes the most innovative solutions for reaching your goal when it comes to advertising your app. Since Pinterest just released its new product Pinterest Promoted App Pins it is imperative to talk about that. Maybe you will see your app in the following scenario. While Pinners come to their favorite social network searching for something related to your app they will see a Pin with your app icon and an install button which allows users to download the app directly on their mobile device. Now, if we made you curios, let’s see all the insights regarding this new option for bringing your creation in front of its audience. First, you can check some interesting stats recently published by Omnicore about Pinterest. Look at them carefully because they will help us prove our point during this article.

Main Pinterest User Demographics

Speaking about audience, there are various opportunities provided by Pinterest. Even if you would think that Pinterest Promoted App Pins work only with classic categories related to beauty and food, you will be amazed to discover that many other types of users would appreciate this service.

Millennial Audience

Well, if we talk about Millennials, we address our app to a wide area of users, from 16 to 36 years old. When we discussed about this generation, we mentioned that they totalize the biggest number of mobile app usage in every category of apps. Moreover, in the research presented at the beginning of this blog post you can see that the majority of active pinners are below 40. And this is what we are looking for.

Personal Financiers

Right on the official page where Pinterest Promoted App Pins are presented is a small demo with a financial app. Just look how great it fits into the whole experience.

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Online Shoppers

Going back to the statistics presented by Omnicore, you will see that total number of Pinterest users who save Shopping Pins on their Boards daily is 2 million. So, those of you who own a shopping app you know where your customers are. That’s right, on Pinterest!

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Fitness Freaks

Everyone who wants to lose weight loves a mobile app which will help him / her through the entire process. You can discover the success behind the campaign created for 8fit, the workout and meal plan app. In the image below you can see the satisfying results of their strategy.

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There is no fashion lover on this planet that doesn’t look for inspiration on Pinterest. So, if you have an app which promotes clothes, shoes or accessories this is for sure the solution for you.

Two Optimization Tactics For Promoted App Pins

If you are interested to create this type of campaign, Pinterest offers you support and shows you the best practices in editing Promoted App Pins through their Help Center. There you will discover the two optimization tactics and you can select the one you consider the best. Both of them charge per click (CPC).
Traffic To Download (CPC Campaign)
This option is optimized for click traffic and it is just like any other Cost Per Click Campaign.
Completed Install (CPI Campaign)
If you go with this solution it means that you need to provide target CPI. This way the CPC will adjust to reach your target CPI.

Generated Revenue Performance

Let’s see what you will obtain if you choose to create a campaign using Pinterest Promoted App Pins.

High ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) Rates

A hint of positive results can be considered this study made by Adjust which reveals that the revenue per user acquired over Pinterest was 2.52 times higher than average. This campaign was created at the beginning of this year while Pinterest Promoted App Pins run in Beta.

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High LTV (Lifetime Value) Of Users

In the same time, you need to listen to Annica Lin, Acquisition Manager at Stash when she speaks about the effects of the campaign using Pinterset Promoted App Pins. She knows what she is talking about because she was there when Pinterest tested this service.
“Pinterest delivers the highest percentage of loyal users across all iOS acquisition partners for Stash.”

Advantages Of Using Pinterest

If you take a look at the image below you can discover the main benefits of using Promoted App Pins.

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Provide Mobile First Traffic

As you can see this type of promotion is aimed on those 80% of users which check their Pinterest accounts from their mobile devices. This is why people tend to pay attention to this type of ads.

Reach Relevant Users

The ad which invites users to install the app is shown in the moment Pinners are looking for something related to your app. This is the best situation for presenting the app to the right users.

Allows Direct Install

Promoted App Pins allows you to remove friction points since users can easily discover the app and to directly install it. This way you eliminate the situation where they click on the ad and then they change their mind.

Easy To Measure (Integrated With Tune, AppsFlyer, Appsalar, Kochava, Adjust)

If you ask yourself how you will measure your efforts, you must know that big players like Adjust, Appsalar, AppsFlyer, Kochava or Tune can help you with your strategy. If you want to read more about marketing partners you can check the directory provided by Pinterest.


We offered you an overview of the most recent method for boosting your app installs. If your target audience is among main Pinterest demographics you can be sure that running a campaign using Pinterest Promoted App Pins will bring you valuable users and it will provide high ARPU rates. If you need help, there are also different platforms that can make everything easier. You just need to decide if you will go on this path and you will invest your budget in this ingenious opportunity.


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