How To Build A Loyal Mobile Gaming Audience -

How To Build A Loyal Mobile Gaming Audience


Every now and then we offer to game developers an article just for them. There are two reasons for that. On one hand, being one of the most popular app categories, launching a game is your big chance to rock the world. On the other hand, observing this hard competition it is a sure fact that you need to think your strategy with the maximum attention if you want to get noticed.

So, this is your complete guide to gather loyal players around your game.

Mobile Gamers Acquisition

First things first, you need to start by attracting people who would be interested in your creation. Let’s see how.

Getting Started

We already discussed the basics of how to promote your mobile game, in Fostering Gamers To In – App Purchases and we highlighted then the importance of first steps in your strategy.

Find Your Target Audience

Understanding the type of users how will love your app is the primary thing to do. Now, it depends on your budget and your time.

  • Long route is to analyze competitor apps,start by watching around you or better saying around your game. What is the secret of success for other app owners?
  • Shortcut but paid route is to create your small experiment group by targeting desired demographic with low budget ad campaigns. If you are in a hurry but with some money prepared for this stage you could invest it in searching players from your target market.


Decide Monetization Model

It is definitely a difficult step to decide on the best monetization model but our 5 Strategies To Monetize Your App is a good place to start.

Define Right Time And Places

You need to take your time to consider the best moment and the most suitable platforms for you to launch your game. If you promise a specific day when it will be available you need to accomplish that. The same way you must think where your potential players like to virtually hangout in order to match their style.

Again, with a budget at your disposal it is easier to promote your game and to stand out of the crowd.

  • Social Media Ads: Every social media platform created its own service for providing rich media ads for promoting your mobile game. Read more about that in our article, Best Practices Of  Mobile Video Ads On Social Media.
  • Programmatic Advertising: It allows you to have full control over your strategy and your money. There are few disadvantages of this method, but the advantages make this technique a great option for your campaign.
  • Mobile Ad Networks: Choosing the right ad network for your marketing campaign is a tricky job, but we have the solution for you. Read our previous article if you want to know How To Maximize The Return Of Mobile Ad Spend.


 Pro Tip: Video ads are the most effective format.

If players watch a clip about a game they will have a better understanding of what it offers, so there are big chances to become users with high lifetime value.

Free Promotional Tactics

In case you don’t have money you definitely need a lot of time but the results will be according to your effort.

  • ASOApp Store Optimization is a must when it comes to your app. You can’t launch it, promote it or do anything without a proper app store page. Concentrate a great amount of resources on this stage because no matter how amazing are your marketing campaigns if gamers see a mediocre presentation they will reconsider their intent to download your game in the next second.
  • Content Marketing: It is all about content. Providing interesting stories or helpful insights from your game is a great way to attract curious players. We give you all the details you need to create a small universe around your game in our article about Content Marketing.
  • PR MarketingPress coverage is very important when it comes to spread the word about your app. Convincing a reporter about the value of your game requires some mandatory steps but it can be very effective. For that you will also need a press kit.
  • Referral MarketingInfluencers have their own power to inspire people in choosing all kinds of games. Make sure that one of the games which get in their hands is the one you just created. Moreover, a review made by a Youtuber will have a timeless effect.


Growing A Loyal Gaming Community

Now that you took care to increase your user base it is time to create a permanent society around your app. Players who enjoy your game, who keep coming to your landing page for novelties and who love to share their experience with their friends are the ones interested in joining your community.

Utilize Social Media Channels

Social media networks are like gold mines for all those seekers developers who want to promote their games. But not all of them work the same. Some are more suitable for your app than others.

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Reddit is one of the most popular channels where all players describe their adventure and share ideas and tricks about apps. The key is to find the relevant subreddit for your niche and to be careful not to over-promote it.


On Twitter you have the chance to use high volume hashtags (#ScreenShotSaturday, #FollowFriday, #MondayBlogs, #ConceptArt, #IndieDev, #GameDev) whenever you want to impress your players. Whether you post a link to your blog in a Monday morning or you show some images with your game before you go out in a Saturday evening it is important to improve your presence for your followers.

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It is almost impossible to be active for your social fans without updating your Facebook account. After adding a new article on your blog or if you have something important to announce about your game the first thing you need to do is to share everything with the other experts gathered in gaming and development groups.


Going back to the first paragraph of this guide, while you really understand your audience you should discover their favorite social channel. If they enjoy using Instagram then this is your chance to approach them.


When we offered you details about the new product launched by Pinterest, Promoted App Pins we also mentioned the great advantages offered by this platform even if you just use it to stay in touch with your gamers.


Snapchat with its unique style offers different types of Snapchat Ads but it is also a meeting point for teens and Millennials. So, if your game aims to gather young people for an interactive adventure this is the best channel for you.

Arrange Or Attend Gaming Events

You can be your own promoter by organizing different events for gamers and mobile experts who will enjoy socializing with other people in industry. The focal point should be your game but allow everybody to express their opinion about the entire ecosystem. During these discussions, it is possible to receive more invitation for future occasions. Meanwhile you can create different contests on your social accounts to involve players who want to interact for a virtual prize.

Use Traditional Media For Long – Term Success

Even if social media channels are the primary source for your gamers you shouldn’t overlook the chances offered by traditional media for driving brand awareness.

TV or Print Media

Even if it sounds strange some people do put their mobile device away while they watch TV or when they read their morning newspaper, at least for a few minutes. So, don’t miss this opportunity to remind them about your creation.

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Desktop Ads

You don’t need to separate the two environments, mobile and desktop. When people want to have a break from their work it is a good moment to show them your game for an entertaining period between their office tasks.


Building a sustainable strategy around your game is not an easy job but taking the steps above one by one you will manage to create a valuable community which will consider your game on top of their priorities whenever they will search for interesting moments.


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