How to Boost Visibility for your Mobile Game? -

How to Boost Visibility for your Mobile Game?


As per Statista, the mobile gaming industry is estimated to hit $172.10 billion this year (2023) and is projected to hit $221.70 billion in 2027. This makes the mobile gaming industry a very lucrative one, but succeeding in it requires that your game is seen by the right people and downloaded by as many of them as possible; the way to do that is to improve your mobile game’s app visibility. There are many methods for doing those ranging from different types of user acquisition, and loyalty programs to ASO (app store optimization). Here are some tips on how to boost your mobile game’s visibility in the app stores to help you achieve your growth goals.

One of the best ways to quickly get your game seen by as many people as possible is to invest in paid advertising. There are multiple ad networks like walled gardens, DSPs, OEM inventories, and offerwalls to name a few. Through them, you can target specific audiences and customize your campaigns to get your mobile app seen by the gamers who are most likely to download and play it.

Walled Gardens

Walled gardens are self-serve ad platforms that app advertisers can log on to, enter their campaign parameters and leave the rest to the platform. A walled garden publisher manages the media buying, tracking and reporting all by itself and usually owns its entire platform. Google Ads or Meta Ads Manager are examples of Walled Gardens where advertisers can create their campaigns. While you can receive first-party data and traffic from commonly used platforms (like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc, it can take time for your campaigns to optimize and will cost you an exorbitant amount of your marketing budget.


DSP stands for demand side platform, they function by maintaining an inventory that consists of various ad networks, exchanges and inventory sources. This allows them to have access to a considerably large amount of potential traffic. Advertisers can then use this inventory to create targeted campaigns via the DSP’s dashboard. As there are many DSPs out there with different specialties based on GEO, vertical and KPIs, it can be cumbersome to find the right platform for your game; however, the right DSP will offer your mobile game improved visibility through increased reach, targeting, marketing efficiency and ROI (return on investment). Click here for more information on DSPs.

OEM Inventory Traffic

OEM inventory is offered by original equipment manufacturers that incorporate ad monetization into their smart devices. This means that users that purchase a new smartphone are exposed to OEM ads before they even open an app for the first time, as featured apps are shown on the home screen (usually). Through OEM inventory, your game can be the first app to be seen by users and as a result, you will be able to nullify your competition and boost your app’s visibility. Click here to learn more about OEM inventory.


Offerwalls are amongst the most popular methods of paid advertising to maximize app visibility, especially for games. An offerwall is a plugin within an app or webpage that consists of simple tasks for users to complete. These tasks include actions such as watching an ad, downloading a new app or even committing to a specific in-app event, like “Finish the Tutorial”, or “Reach level 15”. Upon completion of a task, users are then offered a reward or bonus whether it is in-app currency or points that accumulate towards monetary gain, for instance, PayPal cards or Amazon Gift Vouchers. This leads to an influx of installs, which then leads to an increase in your game’s app rank in its respective category, making it more visible to organic users. Learn more about offerwalls here.

IPM (Influencer Performance Marketing)

Influencer performance marketing is another great way to get your game seen by the right people. Working with influencers in the gaming industry can help you get exposure from the people your target audience is most likely to be following. Many influencers offer packages that include sponsored posts, reviews, and other promotional activities; this method aims to improve not only the awareness of your game but also app installs. Influencers are provided with attribution tool trackers and creatives which they then integrate into their content or profile information and distribute via explore pages. Given that influencers have large yet tight communities, you are likely to tap into large groups of gamers and, consequently, boost your visibility. Find out more about IPM here.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Another important factor in increasing the visibility of your game is App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is the process of optimizing your game’s listing in the app store to make sure it appears in relevant search results and stands out among other similar games. This includes optimizing your game’s title, description, screenshots, and keywords to make sure you’re targeting the right audience and improving your chances of being found.

Game Title

Create a catchy title that manages to capture the attention of your intended audience and simultaneously gives an idea of what your game is about. The golden rule of marketing: less is more. Try to keep it concise and under 30 characters as that is all you are allowed by Apple and Google.

App Description

Use your description to tell potential users what kind of game your app is. Include any awards or reviews your game might have won and avoid any unnecessary vocabulary because users do have fleeting attention spans and will not read into deep paragraphs. Make sure to contain a call to action here to give gamers an idea of what to expect and/or do in your game.


Having mentioned short attention spans, users will want to get an idea of what your game is about, so screenshots will go a long way in helping them visualize your app’s UI and gameplay. Make sure to enter aesthetically pleasing creatives here that represent your game’s unique selling proposition.


Keywords are a major part of your ASO strategy, they can make or break your install potential. Search algorithms use your app’s title and description to determine what keywords your app ranks for. Long tail keywords come in handy when your game has a niche market that it caters to.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for getting your game seen by potential players. With platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you can reach a wide audience and engage them with content that’s relevant to your game. You can also use social media to run giveaways and other promotions to help spread the word about your game. 

Building communities on social media platforms can help you provide an online space for your app users to discuss your game; being able to share their own experiences with your game will help you boost your earned media and can result in an uplift in your app visibility amongst your gamers’ social circles.

Referral and Loyalty Programs

Finally, you can use referral and loyalty programs to increase the visibility of your game. With referral programs, you can incentivize your existing players to refer their friends and family to your game. And with loyalty programs, you can reward players for their continued engagement and encourage them to spend more time playing your game.


Boosting the visibility of your mobile game in the app stores doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right strategies, you can get your game seen by the right people and increase your chances of success. Using paid advertising, app store optimization, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and referral and loyalty programs can all help you boost your game’s visibility and get more people playing. Visit AppSamurai for more information on boosting your mobile game’s visibility and using user acquisition to hit your growth goals; sign up to create your user acquisition campaign with the top one-stop shop platform in martech.


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