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Email Marketing Plan For Mobile Apps


You’ve set your mind on building an app, you’ve just started to build it or you are on the point of finishing your app… While creating an app, you might not have a lot of time to consider on how to market effectively and efficiently. After all, what is the value of the app to you if no one knows it? Even though most of the app owners prepare their marketing plan for application months ago, it is never too late to start a marketing plan.
Email is the easiest way to reach and contact potential users. This channel is reliable for marketers and stands head and shoulders above other channels like paid advertising. Before how to create an email marketing plan for mobile apps, let’s focus on the importance of email marketing.

The Best ROI

By comparison with other marketing channels, email marketing has the best ROI. You can obtain $40 for every $1 spent. In terms of keyword advertising, the return is $17 for every $1 spent and the return.

The Open Rate

Today, traditional email marketing is not enough, because 70% of emails are opened on mobile devices. So, you should take this fact into consideration for a successful email marketing campaign.

Integral Piece Of Digital Marketing Strategy

Think of email, organic, paid or social strategies. All of them creates a harmony together, right? A combination of digital marketing channels leads to convincing users to sign up or make a purchase.

Email Marketing Plan For Apps

When you are about to start any strategy, you should create a plan as a roadmap. It doesn’t have to be complex, just show regard to app development phases which are pre-launch, beta testing, launch and post-launch.


Examine email service providers and pick the one fitting for your expectations. Working with a web-based email provider offers you easy and quick solutions. Also, it helps you getting rid of dull view thanks to ready-made design opportunities and providing subscribers with an enjoyable experience.
Then, create a page with an email signup form. The aim of this page is to establish a ground to collect subscribers. So, it would be effective to add the details of your app and beautify the page in the sense of design. If visitors are impressed by these details, they will probably sign up for email updates.
As well as adding an email subscription form to the landing page, you can add the form into your app so that you can collect early adopters to inform updates or share news


Before Beta Testing: You’ve created a landing page with an email signup form and started to collect subscribers. You are ready to send an email inviting subscribers to review your app in beta several days before beta testing. Your email should explain the download and install steps and ask for providing feedback.
After Beta Testing: A few days After beta testing, again you can send an email to request feedback.


Before Launch: You’ve gathered feedback and updated your app accordingly. You can inform subscribers that you are about to launch the app one week before launch. Encourage them to share this news.
Launch Day: Again send an email to announce the launch! Don’t forget to add the download links belonging to all stores.



Several Days After Launch: You can send an email to thank your subscribers and motivate them to leave a feedback on the store page.
Regular Emailing: After this point, you can send regular emails like a summary of the weekly news or send an email when there is an update.

Other Methods To Collect Emails

Adding an email sign-up form to the landing page and your app is a great way to collect emails from people. There are other ways to enlarge the email list actively.

Collect email address at events: The best place you can contact with hundreds of people is events. An event could be about digital marketing as well as app development more specifically. It doesn’t matter the subject. If you catch something about your app, you can attend and talk about your app with attendees as well as exchange business cards.

Offer something valuable: Give people a reason for subscribing to your website or blog. The most common way is to build a blog and feed it with insightful content. Then, send a weekly newsletter to keep them up-to-date.

Offer something free: Offering free things or discounts is the best way to attract many people. For example, if your app is paid, you can offer a discount people who sign up within three days.

To grow your email list, it is important to be active and keep them and yourself up-to-date. Just be patient. You will see how email marketing affects your marketing efforts in a positive way.


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