Beginner Guide to Creating Playable Ads -

Beginner Guide to Creating Playable Ads

With the increase in the use of mobile applications, the concept of marketing and advertising is changed. Isn’t it? Advertisers can use playable ads to attract potential customers. Due to its popularity in mobile games, people expect that it’ll also be helpful outside the gaming sector.
Now the question is what playable ads are and how to create them. Remember, they’re new to the advertising circle, so it will require advanced knowledge to make them. Moreover, playable game ads require some trials as well. So, if you don’t know much about playable ads but want to create them for your business, this article is for you.

What Are Playable Ads?

It is a process in which you have to create a scale down version of your app by ensuring that it contains all the essential features. This is to give users access to try and test the app before buying it. So, playable ads help users to gain access to a sample app before installing it.
Nowadays, playable ads are the most powerful tool for marketing. Some people are finding them useful because they help increase engagement. There are multiple applications of playable ads, and we’ll discuss them in the later sections. Do you know about Google snippets? They give insight to users about what’s inside the blog post. Similarly, the app snippet encourages users to install the app.

Why Playable Ads?

The best use of playable ads is to advertise mobile games. They’re used on other mobile games to get the attention of a player base. In this way, you can target an audience that enjoys mobile gaming. Now the days are gone when you were able to create a static image to gain customer attraction.

If you want to give users a better insight into the product, you need to create playable game ads. The best thing about these ads is users can try them before buying or installing the app.

How to Create Playable Ads?

Many people want to know how to make playable ads. The answer is playable game ads creation requires knowledge and experience of programming. Moreover, it also requires creativity and detailed strategy for creating an attractive ad that can increase engagement. Key features and exciting visuals should be at the forefront of the ads.
Remember, avoid using false buttons just to get more downloads. Retention of users should be the primary goal. You can create playable ads in two ways:

1. Interactive Video

In this approach, the developers integrate the video footage with HTML code. The interactive video can be the best choice if the playable ads are 3D or cinematic. Remember, this approach requires heavy files and can cause a high network strain when you choose this approach.

2. HTML Video

In this approach, developers create playable game ads from scratch. The intent is to replicate the in-game user experience with HTML code. It is more accurate and the best way to increase engagement.
Before choosing any approach, you need to find out the best route for your game because some games have restrictions on playable ads when using HTML. They want the file size to be small. Furthermore, in the second approach, you get more control because you build an app from scratch. It will be time-consuming but can produce some excellent results.

Html 5 Playable Ads

This type of ad captures the user’s attention by providing entertaining and unique content. Now, you can build custom playable ads for your brand. You can pair HTML 5 playable ads with app descriptions or icons to get the user’s attention. Use HTML 5 playable ads to increase conversions rates, CTR, and install rates.

Facebook Playable Ads Specs

By following the below-given specs, you can successfully run an app campaign:
• The ads must be responsive because they’ll be played on different devices
• The extension for a  playable game ad should be in “HTML or htm” format
• Playable game ads should be in portrait mode
• The playable ad code must be in JavaScript
• The file size shouldn’t be more than 2 MB
• Ads must avoid any HTTP request
• There shouldn’t be any redirect
• Add a playable source file
• Redirecting to an external network is prohibited
• Be creative and customize your ad before placement

So, after following these Facebook playable ads requirements, you can run an app campaign without any hassle.

Facebook Playable Ads

If you want to promote your mobile app or game, then you need to create a Facebook playable ad so that users can review your app by watching ads in News Feed or Facebook stories.

How to Create Facebook Playable Ads?

Another critical question is how to create Facebook playable ads? Do you also want to know the process? If yes, then keep reading this guide.
• First of all, you need to create a campaign. For this, you need to go to Facebook Ads Manager.
• While selecting the campaign objective, click on App Installs.
• Before uploading the Facebook playable ads, you need to select the app. For app selection, you can either use the app URL or name.
• Find players and customers interested in your game and increase conversions.
So, this is how you can create Facebook playable ads.

Creating Playable Ads

Well, now your concepts about playable ads must be clear. Let’s discuss the best practices for creating playable ads.

Use Simple Ads

Never assume that the user will be familiar with your game. The best approach is to consider the users ignorant of your game. When the ads pop up over a game, there is a strong possibility that the user is seeing it for the first time. They don’t know whether it’s worth trying or not.
Users can test your app within 30 seconds with playable ad games when you use intuitive and simple mechanics. When you keep it simple, you get results. Simply put, the tutorial should be simple and clear to understand how to play the game by just watching the 30-second tutorial. Your Call-to-Action (CTA) button should be simple so that they can quickly understand.

Make Interactivity Apparent 

When a user sees your image, it should be clear that it isn’t static. As mentioned earlier, the days of relying on such ideas are gone. Now, you have to create interactive ads. The ad should be clear so they can understand what they must do.

Promote Further Engagement 

How can you measure or promote further engagement? Ideally, you can do it by calculating the number of downloads. If your ad isn’t appealing and the user feels that features are useless, there is no chance that the user will take action.
The best approach to get the desired results from playable game ads is to start the download process with entertaining stuff and end the process with an inspiration quote. It can be an exciting feature or other mechanics that can force the user to take action.

Optimize Your App Store Entry

If your goal is to increase conversions, then this step is crucial. You can change the title and description and use screenshots to optimize your app store entry.

Add Game’s Feature

Perhaps it’s the best thing you can do to make your ad valuable. Ensure that your playable ad is the highlight of your game. No doubt, you need to create a simple version of a playable ad, but still, you can make it attractive and valuable by giving insight into features.

Use animations and screenshots of features so that users can easily remember your game. By adding animations, you can make your ad unique.

Timing Is Important

No doubt, playable ads give users insights into your game, but they can’t help them compare your game’s experience with others. So, the timing of ads plays a crucial role. When you don’t place ads at the right time, you won’t get results.
There should be a CTA button to convince the user to take action. If the user moves on without taking action, then your ad is useless. You need to spend time at this time and test the ad timing. When you optimize the CTA, you get the desired results.

Showcase Your Ads Interactivity

Some ad formats are not interactive, so what will you do in this case? In this case, it’s the user’s responsibility to interact with your playable ads. If you don’t do this, you might lose a potential customer.
You can attract users to take action in the first few seconds, but when you use a static image in that time, you miss the trick and lose users. Therefore, it’s crucial to use engaging visuals and animations to make your ad’s interactivity evident.

Optimizing Playable Ads

When you create playable ads, you can sit to see results. You’ll have to optimize them to get results. It’s crucial to improve the click-through rate, and you can do it by A/B testing. In A/B testing, you’ll have to create multiple variants of playable game ads. After that, you’ll expose them to your target audience to see which ad variants produce the best results.
After identifying the best ad variant, you can then use it for a large group audience. No doubt it will be time-consuming and expensive, but it can give your conversions in the end. You can do A/B testing in 5 steps for optimizing playable ads.

1. Develop a Hypothesis 

Developing a theory is difficult unless you analyze and research the data. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your audience’s interests. This will help you choose the correct variable for testing.

2. Divide Your Audience

You can get the best results from A/B testing when you divide your audience into two groups. But ensure that the audience has the same behavior. When the audience is both groups will be similar, you can test the variant’s impact quickly.

3. Analysis 

As mentioned in the previous step, you’ll run two campaigns to see which variant performs better after dividing the audience into two groups.

4. Make Changes

To get desired results from playable ads, you need to make changes based on the above analysis.

5. Develop and New Hypothesis and Repeat the Process

This time you will choose a new variant and develop a hypothesis and repeat the process. It will ensure that your playable ads games are effective and you can get conversions.

Final Thoughts

No doubt playable ads can be time-consuming and expensive to create, but they have shown some good results in the past. They have made their name in the game sector, and we expect them to do the same in other sectors in the coming years. If you still have any questions regarding this guide or related to playable ads, you can use the comment section to reach us.


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