What Are The Best Tips For Writing Amazing App Store Descriptions? -

What Are The Best Tips For Writing Amazing App Store Descriptions?


The app store description is one of the most significant aspects of your app. If you don’t grab potential customers’ attention with your opening sentence or paragraph, they will leave before they read anything else.

How do you write a compelling app store description? What are the signs that yours is effective?

We’re here to help! We’ll share some tips on how to write app store descriptions that are unique and powerful.

Best Practices for Amazing App Store Descriptions

What makes a successful description? Although there isn’t a clear-cut answer, creativity is abundant! Consider some key points if you are writing about your app store page for the first time, consider some key points.

The tone should engage readers and keep them reading so they can learn more about how this product works – you never know what might catch their attention next! Following are some tips for writing a fantastic app store description.

Keep It Short, Simple, and Sweet

The first sentence is usually the most striking, as users can read it without tapping to read more. Instead of using technical terms or industry jargon, use simple language. Let users discover the app’s minor features independently instead of over-describing them in detail. A short list of the app’s main features will be more than enough.

In addition, you should avoid using too many numbers and special characters when describing your application or game, as this will only complicate things for the user. Try to write about your product’s value proposition that will appeal to users and encourage them to download it. Adding clear CTAs will also help!

Focus On Your App’s Features and Also On The Value You Promise

While you can easily list your app’s features on one page and describe how you’ve combined them, people are more interested in its essence.

Make it clear to your users why your app is the best solution for their specific needs and how it will improve their daily lives.  To show users that your mobile app stands out from the rest in your category, you should prove that you designed it exclusively to cater to their needs. You should also never mislead users about your app.

Localize If Needed

If necessary, you can consider localization. Users must understand your description, keywords, app previews, and screenshots. Google Play provides automated translation, but they recommend working with professional translators to avoid mistakes. App Store doesn’t have an automatic translation, but you can add languages and localized metadata to the App Information page. Localization makes it possible to reach a wider audience.

What Are The Best Tips For Writing Amazing App Store Descriptions? -

Don’t Overload it with Keywords

Your app description should be filled with only a few keywords. For Google Play Store, stick with SEO best practices and Google Play Content Policies to avoid keyword spamming. Apple also warns app developers against excessive keyword usage in an attempt to improve search results.

Describe the Problem and Solution

Customer-centric products are always one step ahead of others. In some cases, the pain points of the customer are obvious. However, in other cases, you must make your users think about their needs and show how you offer a solution. In cases where issues are not shared or obvious, provide your users with reasons why your app can help them.

Include App Screenshots

Videos and screenshots are fantastic ways to showcase your app. In Apple App Store, the first three images are shown in search results, so make sure to highlight the best features of your app. Each screenshot should be about a different feature and the value it provides. You can upload up to 10 screenshots. In Google Play Store, it’s recommended to add high-quality screenshots showing other supported platforms such as a mobile phone or a tablet.

Be the Consumer, Not the Publisher!

When writing your app’s description, try to adopt a consumer mindset instead of a publisher one. This will help you look at your writing from another perspective. Also, observing how your competitors write their descriptions can be helpful. 

It might not seem like much, but writing a compelling app description can make getting new users much more effortless. Review other apps in-depth and learn how they describe their features; then try to do the same for your own! 

Bonus: Promotional Text and Promo Text

In Apple App Store, a promotional text area appears above the description. Limited to 170 words, promotional texts can be updated anytime, unlike the description. This feature is a way to announce the latest updates, upcoming features, and more. 

In Google Play Store, there’s a promo text for you to write a short, one-line description about your app.


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