Boost Campaign, Burst Campaigns and ASO

Rewarded Engagement Campaigns & How they Benefit Your ASO 


As per Statista, the Google Play Store is packed with over 2.79 Million apps. The graph below paints a daunting picture of how taking your app to the top ranks can be tricky. In this case rewarded engagement campaigns, also known as boost campaigns, would be ideal. To know how it works, let’s get started.


Getting to Know About Boost Campaigns

You may have seen boost campaigns as an aggressive marketing strategy. In this type of campaign, one spends a large amount of money on pre-running ad sets. This gives an increase in installations and conversion rates in a short period. These campaigns usually last for 24-48 hours because the main aim of a burst campaign is to get users quickly. 

Effect of Boost Campaigns on ASO

With traditional ad campaigns, you have to wait for users to engage and download your app. But in boost campaigns, you get a high number of engaging users, downloads, as well as app store rankings.



This is because the total number of downloads is one of the important factors for ranking an app on Play Store. So when you get rankings, your organic downloads also increase. It’s like hitting 2 targets with 1 stone! Along with this, boost campaigns also have the power to put your app in Play Store’s top apps chart. 



2 Things to Take Care of Before Starting Your Boost Campaign

Boost campaigns require a lot of investment at a rapid pace. If anything goes wrong, you might lose a huge sum. So before you execute the plan, make it proper keeping these 2 things in mind: 

1. Make Sure All the Tools & App Are Bug-Free

A boost campaign can give a lot of app downloads. Having a single bug in your mobile app, ASO, or marketing strategy might give you a big loss. Let’s say you’re about to run a boost campaign for your app. This app is all about reminding users about their most important tasks. But it never alarms them at the right time. Considering this, they’ll simply uninstall the app and look for some alternative.

#YouShouldKnow – Getting app downloads is one thing, but retaining them is another.  In other words, a tank having holes in it doesn’t deserve water. 

2. Test the App’s Ability to Handle Large Traffic

Even great apps tend to crash with a lot of traffic. If yours does, it’s not a big deal.  Test your app in advance before something like this happens, or the campaign will be of no use. Other than this, it might create a negative impact on your brand name.

One such example was when Electronic Arts (EA) released Anthem in 2019.


After starting the boosted campaign, the app faced connectivity issues. This made people angry and that led to a bunch of uninstalls. 

The Synergy Between Boost Campaigns and ASO 

Although the boosted campaign is great, integrating ASO with it delivers outstanding results. To leverage both, you can first do the app store optimization to give your app the basic reach and downloads. After ASO, start your boost campaign to let your app have an extra boost of 24-48 hours. Eventually, your app will have a lot of downloads. Seeing a tremendous increase in app downloads, Google will rank your app higher. More importantly, you will start gaining consistent organic downloads. 

Here’s an example demonstrating how AppSamurai boosted their client’s organic downloads by 160% after executing the CPI boost campaign.

One Precaution You Must Take Before Launching Boost Campaigns 

Don’t Launch Boost Campaigns for A Brand New App

When your app is new, you might think boosting it from the start would be a great idea. But it’s not because an old one possesses these 2 qualities: 

1. Recognition Matters: Running a boost campaign for an old app is better for rankings as it’s already recognized by Google. 

2. Better Functionality: A new app tends to have bugs. But, an old one is proven and tested by every type of user. 

3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Boost Campaigns

  • Leverage Multiple Ad Networks: Increases the possibility of acquiring unique users with a higher conversion rate
  • Make the Most Out of Analytics & Tracking: Have a full-proof marketing strategy and keep an eye on the boosted campaign when it’s up and running
  • Make Sure You Have Multiple Ad Copies: Don’t show users the same ad, they won’t like it – have at least 10-12 ad copies when running a boost campaign

How Boost Campaigns Benefit Your App Promotion? 

  • Gets you a prominent place under the ‘New Release’ menu in app stores
  • Sharp growth within a matter of days
  • Increases your organic and inorganic downloads with qualified and engaged users
  • Improved visibility in search engine results gets you consistent organic traffic

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