What To Choose: Incent vs Non - Incent App Installs -

What To Choose: Incent vs Non – Incent App Installs


We never got the chance to talk about a dilemma which appears when you prepare an app install campaign. Should you reward your users for installing the app? Or, is it better to make sure that they downloaded your app because they really loved it, not for receiving a bonus? Let’s take a closer look at this issue from various points of view.

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What Exactly Is An Incentivized App Campaign?

To make it clear from the beginning we will say that incentivized app campaigns are those strategies where the user is rewarded for completing a certain action, like downloading the app. The best part with sponsored campaigns is that you will get many installs in a short period of time. At first, you would believe that it is what you wanted but how about retention? How many customers will continue to use the app after your campaign?

What Exactly Is A Non – Incentivized App Campaign?

Non – incentivized campaigns allow you to acquire users who are really interested in your app and not attracted by a specific reward. In this case, you can be sure about the high lifetime value of these customers. But how many of them will agree to download the app without receiving something instead? Even though organic traffic sounds better, how efficient is it?

What Is The Best Solution?

Now that we explained the terminology, we will show you how you can figure out the best solution for your strategy. But, don’t jump to conclusion yet. It is better to pass through a couple of preliminary stages for a better understanding of the general situation.

Step 1.

First, it depends on your budget. Even with the rewards you offer, you should know that it is less expensive to go with incentivized app campaigns, especially when you own a game and you are able to provide virtual currency or premium features. Due to the fact that it promises loyal users, non – incentivized app install campaigns require more financial resources. This can be very tricky if you don’t keep an eye on your budget and the other one on your analytics. Instead, if you carefully calculate every step you make, you can build a smart strategy that will allow you to gather users which are really interested in your product without losing a lot of money.

Step 2.

Secondly, you have to set a clear goal and to consider the period of time until you accomplish your purpose. Deciding the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for optimizing Return On Investment (ROI). With this idea in mind you will have a better image of the entire situation. Incentivized app campaigns will boost your app store rankings and it will get you in the top of your category. Here is the key point. If you have a great app, then it will remain there and potential users will be influenced by the number of downloads for installing your app. If your app didn’t reach perfection before uploading it on the market (well, it can happen!) at the end of your campaign you will have nothing – no money and no users! If you want organic users which will download your app only if they are convinced that your creation improves their lives you won’t gather a really high number but you can be sure that those users will maintain their activity inside of your app even after your campaign. Keep in mind that LTV is very important for the success of your business. The condition is to present your app in its real form and to share relevant insights without lying to your audience. If they are aware of what your product has to offer and you build a trustful relationship with them, then you will achieve outstanding results. Otherwise, you will get in the same position explained earlier – no money and no users!


It is interesting to discover that your app is the single factor which will determine the final verdict. If you have an objective perception of your creation and you accomplish the required (read mandatory) stages before presenting it to its audience than you can be sure that any method selected for acquiring new users will bring you satisfying results. Just be honest with yourself and prepare your app to meet its target users for receiving impressive reviews. Going further, we can advise you to combine the costs of rewarded app campaigns with the engagement offered by non – rewarded app campaigns. If you establish a certain action inside your app after which users will receive their prize you will be sure that they used the app before deciding to uninstall it. This way you will obtain a high number of downloads and a high retention rate at the same time. Nevertheless, if your app crashes or if it has a complicated onboarding flow not even all the rewards on this planet aren’t enough, for convincing your customers to use it. With a flawless app which does what it says in a simple and intuitive way you will be prepared to conquer the world. Well, not the entire world just a specific part interested in apps similar to the one you promote.


We can say that it is a tough decision to make when you need to choose between incentivized and non – incentivized app install campaigns without a basic knowledge of these terms. But we are proud to see that you have the answer already. We just made it easier for you by giving all the details for each method. Now you have the power to determine the most suitable plan related to your budget and your ultimate goal. It wasn’t that hard, was it? At the end of the day, you will be glad to discover that the solution is to reward your users for completing a specific task inside your app and not for installing it. In case you encounter other difficulties on your way to meet valuable users, keep in mind that you can talk to us and our experts will help you immediately.


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