How To Promote Beauty Apps

Questions for users: Do you need glamorous makeup products? Do you want to call a team of experts to help you look like a movie star?
Solution for users: Look into your mobile device! There are plenty of apps which can solve these problems.
Question for app owners: Do you have a beauty app? Do you want to know the most efficient methods for attracting your target audience?
Solution for app owners: Read further! We are about to talk about the best techniques that can help you promote your product.

Business Model

Let’s start by finding a way to monetize your app. For inspiration we will look through the most popular apps of the moment in the United States and the reports presented by App Annie will help us with our dilemma. While on Google Play Store all beauty apps are gathered in a single category called Beauty, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find apps that can help you with your makeup in other places like Photography and Shopping.  On Apple App Store this type of apps is included in the lifestyle category. So it’s a bit hard to observe a pattern for the way iOS developers monetize their apps. But we still can focus on the lists displayed for Android creations. As you can see, there are just a few paid apps. The most common model is free app with in – app purchases. It really depends on the features and the products you offer. Let’s expand this idea further.

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iOS top lifestyle apps

Google Play top beauty apps


How To Promote Beauty Apps

This is the section of the article where we present you our tips and tricks for increasing the visibility of your app.


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Beauty Spot

As with all other categories, there are literally hundreds of beauty apps on both major app markets. The first question that comes to mind is how to stand out of the crowd with all these popular creations that attract users before they can see yours. Actually, it’s relatively easy to reach top places when it comes to app stores but there are a few requirements you need to follow in order to put your app in the top of search lists. You guessed that right, we were talking about search ads and luckily, both app platforms Apple and Google, offer this type of solutions. You just need to complete some steps and if your app is the right solution for users then they will find it before all the other apps in the same category. The only differences are that you must pay for this position and a little “Ad” tag will show that your app is advertised. It is important to remember that even if users discover your app and open your app store page it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will download it. You have to make sure that your app store page is perfect in order to reach your goal. As an example we have here Cute – Beauty Shopping, the app owned by Wish Inc. which allows users to buy beauty products and to save their money in the same time.

Beauty On Demand

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. One of the biggest issues of this century is the lack of time. This generates more problems and causes a lot of stress. While there are apps that can help you increase your productivity, what can you do when some things don’t depend on your efficiency? Well, in case of beauty emergencies there are experts ready to come to your house and to solve your concerns from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that great? On the other hand, if you own an app that provides on-demand services, there are some things you should know about this category of apps. First of all your team needs to be ready whenever your clients require your help. Secondly, you have to allow them to reach you after just a few taps. If they struggle to complete long forms and to share more personal information you won’t see the wanted results. Thirdly, you should set your prices according to their budgets. If you check beGlammed you will understand why all the steps listed above are so important.

Beauty Content Marketing

Even though what we’ve said above sounds great, not all customers need or afford these types of services. There are other users who want to know more about beauty products or the latest trends in makeup. Others just want to follow certain tutorials that reveal the secrets of a lovely look for this season. It is important to make your brand known and to promote your app at the same time. Be there for your customers and listen to their problems. Try to offer them as much information as possible and help them to select the right solution. A good idea is to have a website that matches your app’s theme and even a blog which offers how-to articles and step-by-step guides for a complete service. Of course, you can publish this content in your app but for reaching a wider audience you can combine both mediums. Just like Beautylish offers the best tips for obtaining the perfect makeup.

Beauty Products For All Budgets

We want to highlight here the importance of making your app affordable for all types of users. While there are customers who can pay for premium products right from the beginning, there are also users who need some special offers or bonuses to pay attention to your app. If you reach your audience on special occasions you have more chances to convert them into loyal users. You have to discover all their preferences and to know their favorite products because information gives you power. Your app needs to be a real companion which offers the best options. Sephora is a very famous brand that provides all these solutions. Just take a look at Sephora app.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it! Beauty solutions are more accessible than ever. For all users who need these type of services and for app owners who want to reach those users, they all can meet in mobile space. It’s about searching for the right solution and presenting the best offer for your audience.

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