How to Promote Shopping Apps

What could be better than shopping? Using a smart app that can do everything for you. Actually, it won’t try all those clothes for you and it won’t carry your bags to the car but it will help you a lot during the process. You guessed that right, today we will talk about amazing shopping apps. How to build one? How to market a shopping app? We are here to answer all of your questions.

Business Model

First of all we need to check other shopping apps already available in the lists provided by App Annie. We will analyze the best apps selected by users from the United States. While on Apple App Store we can observe more intruders that have nothing to do with shopping than on Google Play Store there are certain patterns on both app markets which require our attention. In the free section famous retail apps occupy the first positions. Special tools like QR reader apps and shopping lists are gathered in paid area. And for top grossing apps in this category we have both paid and free with in – app purchases apps. It is easy to find the right business model for your shopping app if you consider the features offered by your creation.

App Store Top U.S Shopping Apps

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Google Play Store Top U.S Shopping Apps

How To Promote Shopping Apps

We are constantly helping app owners to engage their users with our tools and our article about retail apps but let’s see what we can do more to make it easy for the creators of shopping apps to reach their target audience.

Making The List

The first step is to take care of your app and your users in the same time. An intuitive app is the perfect solution for all types of shoppers. Organize your products in such manner that allows users to find easier and faster all the wanted items. Start with the onboarding flow and continue with a user – friendly interface. This is the only way to demonstrate that you created the app with the purpose to help users with their purchases.  We highlighted that when we presented you the story behind AliEpress which used mobile ecosystem to attract customers for the online store. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of apps in Shopping category and some little details will bring your creation in front of your users. Mapping customer journey is very important in this stage. For example Shopping List Voice Input is really appreciated by its users because they can make their shopping lists without writing or typing. Speech To Text is a useful feature in many situations. We also need to mention that it is very easy to implement this type of solution.

Best Offers

Everyone wants to buy more and to pay less! That’s a requirement which will make the difference in your strategy. You can attract users with special offers or with certain sales personalized according to their preferences. You probably remember how Flipp did it and you can also adjust this technique to your creation. In the same time there are various ways to convince users to pay attention to your messages. Rich push notifications will remember them about your app and location based services will enhance the entire experience because this method is more suitable for those retailers who want to promote their physical stores. Nevertheless shopping deals represent a magnet which attracts all customers. Maybe you want to take a peek to the way Wish mentions the opportunity to save money with every possible occasion. Amazingly, some of the products are (almost) free, though users will have to pay for shipping.

Christmas Is Almost Here

Let’s not forget about special events which influence users who want to buy gifts for their friends and family or to prepare exquisite dinners. If their homes are decorated for holidays, why not doing the same thing with your app? Transform your app store page and make sure they notice every festive element you add to your creation. This way, you obtain better engagement and retention rates but you also convince users to spend more money inside your app. In the same time, inspire them with various blog posts where you can present how – to guides for a perfect holiday. Meanwhile, check our infographic which will help you to improve the visibility of your app during this time of year. Take a look at the way The Christmas List brings joy to its users while it helps them to make their shopping lists for Christmas.

Complete Purchases

Let’s recap. You created an easy – to – use app, you tempted customers with special bonuses and you added a few ornaments during holiday season. You did great so far! But something is still not working. Users added their purchases into their carts and left them there. It is time to talk about conversion. The best weapon to fight against cart abandonment is retargeting. Don’t forget to measure your results while you apply this method. And there is another factor that will influence the success of your shopping app, the payment system. Target app has this facility highlighted in the first paragraph of its app store description. Remember that if users struggle to pay for their purchases or the shipping costs are too high then there is no wonder that even the most loyal customers started to ignore your app.

Final Thoughts

This is it, our useful guide with the most efficient way to make your shopping app a habit for your valuable users. To summarize a little the ideas presented above we advise you to pay attention to the way customers use your app, to engage them with special offers for their favorite products, to add joyful decorations during holiday events and to make it easier for them to complete their purchases. And keep in mind to communicate them every improvement you make to your app in order to maintain their interest. That’s about all. Take advantage of this season because it will be the most wonderful time of year for shopping apps!

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