What is Preinstalled or Preloaded App Campaign? How to Use for App User Acquisition? -

What is Preinstalled or Preloaded App Campaign? How to Use for App User Acquisition?

App user acquisition is an essential strategy to get users to install and engage with your app. The goal of user acquisition is to make a profit by acquiring users to cost less than the revenue they generate. How can you acquire users with preinstalled app campaigns? In this article, we will talk about user acquisition and OEMs.

What is Preinstalled or Preloaded App Campaign?

Preloaded apps are one channel for advertisers to be the first ones on a device before their competitors. With OEMs, you can highlight your app on the users’ screen in an ideal placement with a full view during device installation and increase your daily install volume up to 5x. As app marketing has become performance-based over the years, qualified leads became the real performance measurement rather than just the quantity of your users.

User Acquisition Channels

The most common user acquisition channels advertisers use to attract users to their app are social media channels, google, app stores, mobile ad networks, and OEMs. Social media channel’s targeting and acquisition capabilities are high. However, the competition from other apps can be very high. App store optimization can be very effective, but it is a long-term user acquisition channel. It takes time to increase your ranking. How can you use OEMs to make an effective user acquisition campaign?

How to Use Preloaded App Campaign for App User Acquisition?

Using an On-Device Media Inventory, you can benefit from 5 times more daily installs than Facebook, with dramatically lower costs per installation over a 90-day period. Running app acquisition campaigns directly on mobile devices through OEMs enables advertisers to reach users directly and gain high-quality installs at scale.

User Acquisition Strategy

Having an effective user acquisition strategy benefits from growing your app in an optimized way. First, you need to diversify your user acquisition channels to reach new and engaged audiences. It should be done to turn off channels that are not performing well and direct that budget to new channels. You need to look over your user acquisition data to measure the best and least-performing channels.

Building a strong user acquisition strategy focuses on acquiring qualified, high-value users in a cost-effective way. App Samurai can help you reach 67% of Android users that you cannot reach. With App Samurai’s On-Device Ad Placements, you can increase your brand awareness among competitors and your customers by being on new devices. Get more details for your app.


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