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    What Are The Best Ad Formats For Mobile Game Advertising?


    Let us guess you own a mobile game, and you want to monetize it, right? Well, lucky for you that we just thought to make a list with different types of ads available for this category of apps. Stick with us, and you will make the right decision by the end of the article.

    Varied Types Of Mobile Game Advertising

    Having so many options is good and bad at the same time, but a short discussion about the main solutions for adding ads inside your game will help you a lot.

    Around Mobile Game Ads

    You can display the following ads before the game starts or between different levels like a little break. 

    Playable Ads

    Playable ads are much appreciated because it allows users to have fun while you increase your revenue. We already mentioned before, that 2017 is the year of this type of ads. Here are 8 Quick Tips To Create Compelling Playable Ads.

    Expandable Ads

    Expandable ads are created with the purpose to reveal more information about a specific brand without leaving the game. With rich media elements, you have the opportunity to increase users’ interest.

    Static Interstitial Ads

    Interstitial ads are static images really efficient if and only if they don’t interrupt users’ experience. You need to analyze the situation and to find the right place to display them because they occupy the entire screen and users can close them instantly without paying attention to the product.

    Video Ads

    Video ads are similar to static interstitial with the only difference provided by the informative content which is enhanced by video format. Plenty of studies prove its efficiency due to the various options to place them.

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    In-Game Ads

    This type of ads refers to the content which appears right in the middle of the action.

    There is a general misconception regarding mobile game banner ads generated by the wrong methods used by some advertisers to annoy users with ugly and irrelevant content. Mobile game banner ads can be a solution for your game if you follow the rules because it is effortless to design and to integrate them inside your game.

    Incentive Ads

    Rewarded ads are one of the most efficient formats in the mobile game advertisement because it offers some valuable items for your players. It is harder to implement them since you need to integrate them into your gameplay. Choose the mobile game advertising platform carefully. But it is worth the entire effort if you manage to create the right atmosphere around them. 


    If gamification is such an effective strategy for almost all types of apps, why not considering it when it comes to promoting a product by advergaming?

    Product Placement

    Adding elements from games in the advertising world is a technique that enriches customers’ experience. You can transform your game into space where users can also play with different products in ingenious ways.

    Critical Features The Best Ad Format Should Have

    And now let’s discover where to look when you are about to choose the ad format that fits your game.

    High eCPM Rates

    When you want to select the type of ad which will help you monetize your game it is essential to think about eCPM rates and to go with the ad which will bring you more money for one thousand impressions served. After all, mobile game advertising revenue should always be higher than mobile game advertising cost. For this reason, you can select the most engaging types like playable ads or video ads.

    Not Interrupting Game Experience

    Well, we have an entire article with Tips For Effective In-App Ad Monetization With Great UX which will help you to find the right balance between increasing your revenue and allowing players to enjoy the game they love. No matter what ad format you select, you shouldn’t attack users with promotional content. This should be the number one rule of your mobile game advertising strategy. Offering useful information and maybe some bonuses are the right way to act.

    Taking Place In Natural Points

    Imagine that: You are having a blast with a fantastic game, and right in the middle of the action an interstitial ad ruins everything. The best solution with this type is to wait until users complete a level or when they seem to require a little timeout.

    Not Excluding People From Game

    Whatever you choose you to need to be careful not to determine users to leave the game. There are big chances that customers interested in the product presented by your ad will search for more information about that specific brand. In case you observe this type of reaction, you can add a message which will warn players that are about to access another page far from the game.

    Not Giving Place To Banner Blindness

    In the same time, you have to keep in mind that many users can simply ignore your ad if it isn’t relevant enough. To make sure that you obtain the wanted results you should find the right place for your ad. And we point now to banner ads for which user can develop banner blindness syndrome.

    Pay Attention To Ad Blocking

    People tend to block ads when they become annoying. You must prevent that by any means. Ad-blocking tools usually work with banner ads, so if this becomes a real issue, you need to change your strategy and to adapt your approach to users’ preferences.

    Final Thoughts

    Let’s clarify a few things here. When you want to select an ad suitable for your game, you have to take a little time and to understand all the characteristics of each method. Keep in mind that it is about the results you want to achieve and the resources invested in each technique. And we are not talking only about money. Rewarded ads followed by video ads seem to be the winners of this dilemma, but there are many factors which will influence your decision. Think about all the features listed above and choose the one approved by your target audience. They are your inspiration if you allow them to help you.

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