Ultimate Plan For Attacking Mobile Ad Fatigue -

Ultimate Plan For Attacking Mobile Ad Fatigue


Hey, marketing soldiers! You came at the right moment. Here, at App Samurai we are preparing our weapons for fighting another ad enemy, Ad Fatigue. Don’t you know who is it? Well, it appears when a certain ad is seen so many times that users get tired of it.

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Causes And Complications Of Ad Fatigue

Troops, gather around because we have a plan. First, we know that one of the reasons why Ad Fatigue attacks us is the frequency of the ad. When we launched our campaign, we observed amazing results. After a short period of time, people are bored to see the same creatives again and again. Our CTR goes down while CPC continues to increase. So, are we going to wait and see how our ad is slowly killed? No way. Here is what we have to do.

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The Best Techniques To Avoid Ad Fatigue

We will revive our ad even if this is the last thing we do in this campaign.

Optimize Your Ad Continuously

First, let’s improve it based on three important factors.

Audience Size

We decided the target audience at the beginning, so we need to determinate how soon the ad will become annoying.


We know our budget and this fact allows us to understand how many people watched our ad.

Creative Number

We need to increase the number of creatives once in a while. Adding new and fresh elements for impressing viewers will give us a convenient advantage.

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Use Different Ad Structures

Let’s think about it for a moment. Maybe we did something wrong, which made Ad Fatigue more powerful.

Variate Display Ads, Video Ads, Search Ads, Etc.

Perhaps the format we chose isn’t suitable for convincing customers that our product is what they need. There are so many options. We need to analyze all of them and to find the right solution for us. Because focusing on efficient techniques is a smart way to take care of our budget.

Image Source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/08/18/mobile-ad-strategies

Make Different Ad Placements

Or, we should reconsider the space where we display the ads. This one depends on the platform used for our campaign, but we can find a better place for improving our performances.

Utilize Different Visuals

Let’s face it, maybe the images or videos shown aren’t the most compelling for our business. No wonder that we are being attacked by this beast. We need to come up with some interesting elements.

Image Source: https://www.slideshare.net/MMIAgency/uhd-ama-influencing-todays-consumers-through-social-advertising

Do A/B Testing

It is time to revise our strong points and to make some modifications according to our advisers. Let’s start simple. We will change a few elements, like background color, headline, Call To Action, etc. and we will see what happens. All these little things offer great potential for positive impacts. Replacing components one by one will allow us to observe the best combination for our ad.

Image Source: https://www.slideshare.net/WishpondTechnologiesLtd/how-to-create-a-targeted-facebook-ad-audience-using-power-editor

Adjust Frequency To The Target Size

We know that our audience size influences the number of times an ad is shown before being affected by Ad Fatigue. How would you feel if you would be asked to check your backpack over and over again? You would get so angry. The same thing happens to viewers when they notice your ad several times. We need to be careful with this aspect because less is definitely more in this case.

Rotate Target Audience Groups

We have to stay relevant for our dynamic audience. If there is one thing we shouldn’t do is to set an ad and leave it as it is. In the same time, we need to create different groups of viewers focused on various attributes and to make sure that each person sees an ad at least once but no more than 3 times. And under no circumstances can we afford to display the ad for somebody who already clicked on it.

Spin Your Ad Schedule

We also need to pay attention to the moment we display the ad. If we rotate our creatives and we make them visible in specific moments of a day we will obtain the wanted results. Implementing different concepts is a great idea for giving new strengths to our ad.

Track Metrics And Do Analysis

If you wonder how we can know all that, the answer is simple. We measure every move we make and we focus on understanding our viewers and their preferences. So, let’s make this happen!

Image Source: https://www.slideshare.net/jessicatams1/ab-testing-optimization-for-creatives-in-user-acquisition-erdem-inan

If The CTR Decreases Hopelessly

After trying all the above we want to see major improvements. In case the results aren’t valuable, it is time for big changes.

Create A New Ad Concept

We must reshape the way we present our product. We won’t accept our audience to be affected by ad blindness syndrome and to lose our money in the same time.

Image Source: http://451heat.com/2012/01/13/are-your-facebook-ads-tired-3-quick-tips-to-combat-ad-fatigue/

Shift Your Campaign Objective

Remember, failure isn’t an option. We have to reconsider our point of view and to show our promotional content from a different perspective. If we constantly improve the way people receive our message we are on the right track to win this fight.

Differentiate Value Offer

If we want to impress people with our product (and we do!) we need to offer them something beneficial. Showing a special offer or a discount will convince them to pay attention to our ad. If we provide value instead of trying to sell something by any means, we will gain more than with any marketing technique.

Final Thoughts

Good job, everyone! It was a hard battle but we beat the monster. Our weapons were strong enough to win against Ad Fatigue. Remember, there are some vital elements which influence the way people interact with our ads. If we adjust their frequency and we optimize them according to the results obtained from viewers, there are big chances to reach our purpose. The secret is to constantly refresh our ads. So, in case of Ad Fatigue will come back again, we know what to do.


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