How You Can Easily Advertise in Mobile Apps Today -

How You Can Easily Advertise in Mobile Apps Today


There have been many technological developments that have transformed our lives and societies. The invention of mobile devices is merely one technological drop in an ocean of innovation. Today, you cannot walk down the street without seeing this rapid technological shift being held in the palm of people’s hands. Since Steve Jobs announced the now prominent App Store in 2008, our lives are now supported daily by these minute software applications. If you’re wanting to crack this mobile marketing medium, and get your product, service, MVP or IP out there, onto people’s apps and mobiles – here is how you can easily advertise on mobile apps today (and we’ll throw in a few mobile marketing statistics in for good measure too!).

Mobile Marketing Statistics Tell a Story!

Mobile marketing statistics reveal much of our societal evolution. As such they have mapped out the fast rise and expansion of mobile. Currently there are billions of mobile device users in the world and they use millions of applications. Let’s have a look in detail.

According to Statista, currently, there are 13.09 billion mobile devices in the world! That might sound like another mighty statistic, however, compare it to the number of people in the world: 7.7 billion. That means that the number of mobile devices owned nearly doubles our world’s population.

Here is an another mobile marketing statistic that shows the number of mobile applications in leading app stores, again by Statista. There are more than 4 million applications in Google Play and Apple App Store alone:

The mobile marketing statistics above are enough to emphasize why you should advertise in mobile applications. Billions of mobile device users and millions of mobile applications available for you to advertise on. It is one of the most common mediums for modern day advertisers to pursue their brand awareness, acquisition and ROAS goals. 

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Easiest Way To Advertise in Mobile Applications

Now that you’ve decided to advertise on mobile apps, you can consider which format is best for you. You can check out our blog on different mobile marketing and advertising formats here.

Thinking about which format, platform, campaign type, etc is important, as if you don’t align with the correct ad partners or mobile app ad networks, your mobile marketing and advertising effort and money might be in vain. But don’t worry. App Samurai is here for you.

In the mobile advertising industry, usually the buy-in is either too high for most SMEs and developers, or to coordinate with multiple ad-traffic sources is too complicated and tedious. With App Samurai, both barriers are removed when you simply create your campaign in our state-of-the-art online platform. If you advertise with App Samurai you can reach global audiences and acquire engaged users easily and effectively. With our user-friendly dashboard, we can connect you with over 190 ad networks to find the best channel for your product or service. 

If you’d like to know more about how App Samurai can help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals, click here to get started!


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