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How to Promote Weather Apps


Undoubtedly, almost every mobile user has installed a weather application on their mobile phone. Gone are the days when people used to Google search weather on a daily basis. Factually, one of the top apps that are installed immediately after getting a new phone is the weather app. Therefore, the people who wish to make money using the weather app need to create the application strategically.

Definitely, earning from the weather app is not a piece of cake, especially when there are tens of thousands of other competitive weather apps, each with a unique interface and multiple features. Hence, weather app marketing requires a lot of insight, planning, and innovation. If you are still wondering how to maximize revenue from your weather app, the following blog is exclusively for you.

From what strategies do you need to adapt to make your weather app the one that people download in their mobile phones to compelling the users that your weather application is all that you need and convincing the potential users that your application is the best weather app on the market, the article answers all the questions as mentioned earlier that might pop-up in your mind for your weather app promotion. Thereby, read thoroughly.

Business Model of Weather Apps

For your users, the weather app plays a significant role in their lives and is a deciding factor in their plans for the next day. Hence, from the interface to the features, everything should be to fulfill the needs of your users. The best weather app is the one that not only has a pleasing design but is effective in its use and simple for any non-tech-friendly user to use.

Considering this, getting your app on the list of the best weather apps for 2021 and promoting it to a wide range of audiences is a difficult task but an accomplishable one. All you need to do is work on the business model of the application. Please have a look at multiple competitors in the market and observe the strategies they have adopted. You can offer applications on different app stores in paid and unpaid versions. Furthermore, a pro tip would be trying to make your way to make it to the top of the list.

You can follow the following quick tips to generate good revenue and make your applications place on the phones of more people:

  • Utilize the User Data to Your Benefit

One way to get a highly effective cost per mile (CPM) is to use the location-based data of your users and provide it to the advertising agency you are partnered with. What happens by doing this is that the advertisers are able to send ads to the clients depending upon their respective areas. Therefore, create your weather app design in such a manner that you get the users’ data to send to advertisers for better monetization.

  • Pick Your Monetization Partners Careful

To monetize the application, you need to get someone from the outside via some monetization partners. Often, the focus of business models is to get partners that will fulfill the promise of generating high revenues. Remember that this should not be your business model’s only objective. It would be best if you also focused on the other factors, including the quality of services, demand availability, etc. while selecting the partner. 

  • Offer a Matchless Experience to the Users

Believe it or not, weather applications have the highest retention rates out of any other type of application. The reason behind this is that if your application seems like the best weather app for your user, there are high chances that he is not going to switch to any other weather app anytime soon. All in all, every user adds an increased level of lifetime value to your business. So, either you get a lifetime user for your weather app, or you lose a user forever. The choice is solely yours. Hence, it is totally your responsibility to mold your business model in such a manner that your main priority is to offer an excellent user experience. Watch how things turn in favor of your weather app gradually.

  • Try Different Marketing Ideas

Another top-notch strategy to include in your business model is to know how to market a weather app effectively. People do not spend a lot of time on weather apps. However, the way they market their application matters. With the increasing digital trends, the way people sell their business is advancing innovatively. It is to say that you can market your weather app by including some infographics instead of boring pictures. Moreover, you can consist of some short clips with attention-grabbing background music to get your app in the minds of people.

How to Promote Weather Apps?

After discussing the right business model for the application, the next important thing for you is to know ways to promote the weather app strategically. To encourage one’s application among a wide audience, certain steps are necessary to undertake during the development phase of the weather app, considering its significance in the lives of people.

Following are a few tips and tricks on how to make a weather app famous among the audience:

1. Deliver the Correct Information to the User

Nonetheless, your users serve as the basis for the growth of your business. No users equal to no interaction. Therefore, to promote your weather application to a great audience, you need to take care of the concerns of your potential users. One of the best ways to grab a lot of attention and get promotion for your weather application is to make an app that is simple, easy, and delivers facts to the viewers. For a weather application, the users expect you to provide accurate data regarding the weather.

Moreover, all those who download your application expect that you will offer the information regarding the weather in a very clear manner. If your application is nothing but a mere confusion for the users, nobody is going to keep it in their phone for longer than a few minutes.  Hence, the creation of an app that delivers all the information regarding the weather in a clear manner is mandatory to promote your app on a bigger scale. In addition to this, your data needs to be checked and verified before it reaches the audience. If the user finds out that your application does deliver correct information at any time, you are going to lose your potential clients forever. Therefore, keep accuracy, correctness, and easy-to-use interface as your app developments’ utmost priority.

As far as development is concerned, take your time to make your app an ideal one. Although there is no such thing as a perfect weather app, you can try to make your application among the best weather apps. For this, you can get the list of the most popular weather apps of the present times, have a look at their features, and observe what strategies have made them everyone’s favorite. Another trick to promote your application is to create an app just like your user wants. You can search what users look for in a weather app and then develop it accordingly.

Moreover, to retain the clients, you can ask for their opinions and make necessary changes in future updates similarly if you are looking for new users, including exciting features and that no other weather application has included in their app. For instance, you can show real-time weather on your application, support multiple languages, offer weather updates every minute, include more personalization for the users, add exciting animations, etc.

All in all, your focus should be on planning the development of the weather app in such a manner that it offers solutions to all the weather forecasts problems of the potential users. Importantly, the information should be accurate, well-researched, and easily available. A user should never take more than ten seconds to understand your application. One pro tip is to include a simple guide for the users so that they get hands-on some exciting features without wasting much of their time.

2. Set Target Audience for Your Weather App

Definitely, the previous section might have got you scratching your head and thinking if you could ever be able to promote your weather app to as much audience as you want to. Well, go easy. The trick here is to know how to proceed with your business in order to make a place for your application on the phones of people. Irrespective of the tens of thousands of competitors in the market, your focus should be on your respective target audience. Factually, the target of your competitors might vary from yours, and for the promotion of your application, you need to know who the target audience is.

Businesses, especially start-ups, often ignore the significance of identifying the target audience and setting marketing goals. It is a fact that all those businesses that put their target audience are likely to convince their audience more in comparison to those who do not have an identified target audience. Hence, do not generalize your application and its promotion for everyone. Specify your target audience and focus on them alone. All the businesses that are growing exponentially today are because they began with a small target audience. Some people say that this is not a good way as your audience will be limited then. Well, putting the whole focus on a limited amount of people will help your weather app gain more loyal customers. Undoubtedly, generalizing the target audience would market your app to more people, but it will also reduce the chances of people becoming your users.

The benefits of determining a target audience will be abundant for your weather app. One great advantage is that you focus on these set targets when you set your target audience according to age, gender, and other factors. Eventually, you develop the weather application like your target audience needs. Additionally, as a growing business, you easily manage your target audience by focusing on a specific one. Another great advantage is that you work on the problems and solutions related to the weather app in the most precise manner. When the target audience is specific, the planning of the application development and promotion gets more detailed and accurate, just as per your potential users’ needs.

So to set your target audience for weather application, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Firstly, identify your customer base at hand. You need to know who the people that have installed your weather application are already. Also, another essential factor is figuring out why your clients’ are opting for your weather app out of multiple available app stores. Precisely, identify and find out common interests.

Secondly, look over the fence for your competitors. Observe how many competing brands are developing weather apps and how do they differ from yours. Furthermore, see what type of clients do they have and why. Then, work on which niche you are going to target.

Thirdly, list down all the features that you have included in your weather application. Now, add the unique benefits each component brings to the users in terms of the weather forecast. Finally, look for all the people who have needs that the features of your weather app might fulfill.

Fourthly, consider the demographics and psychographics of the audience that you are most likely to target. You must include different factors: age, location, gender, interests, lifestyle, personality, information sources, etc. Once you are aware of all these factors, you can easily find a way for your weather application to fit into the lifestyle of your target audience.

Lastly, evaluate all the steps mentioned earlier and check if the target audience you have selected is serving the purpose of your business. Also, ensure the drivers of your set audience, fulfillment of their weather app need, simple and easy access, and affordability before finalizing the target audience.

3. Personalize Your App According to the User

Weather apps today have become so significant that almost every person has one installed on their phone. Also, it is one of those applications that the user has always had a turned-on notification for to receive regular updates regarding the weather conditions. What good would it be if you receive alerts and messages according to your interest, region, and profiles? It would be amazing! Exactly this is how your user feels when you offer them a personalize weather app experience.

A personalized experience for your audience means a lot more than mere customization. Factually, personalization becomes mandatory when it is about applications that people depend upon to plan for their upcoming days, like the weather app. One of the excellent ways to grab the attention of potential users and retain the attention of your current customer base, you need to utilize impressive techniques like personalization. Not just this, by adopting the strategy, your weather app is likely to become your users’ ultimate partner that they turn to on a daily basis.

So what happens when you offer a personalized experience to your users? How is your weather app promoted vastly by the personalization of your weather app for your audience? Following are some of the top benefits for you as a business:

  •  Your audience remains updated regarding any upcoming updates, alerts, and changes in your application.
  •  You stand out from the competition are retain more users than otherwise.
  •  Your audience cannot resist staying away from your app and keep reaching out for it to avail personalized experience that is tailored to their needs.
  •  You make the users feel like they matter and offer a better user experience to them.
  •  Your weather apps engagement will rise exponentially as the user will get an app according to their needs and wants.

Now, how to personalize app is the next question that might pop up in your mind, so this is what you need to know to personalize your weather app:

  • To create a weather app according to the audiences’ preferences, collect the data of the users. The data can be regarding the users’ age, gender, profession, location, likes and dislikes, activity, devices, etc.
  • To get personalization details and free your users from the hassle of the lengthy registration process, offer them a sign-up option using their social media accounts.
  • To receive more interaction on the weather app, include relevant and engaging personalized push notifications regarding the weather conditions.
  • Send your users personalized recommendations according to their profiles to give a nice touch to your app personalization. You can also give them some personalized offers to keep their engagement.
  • To build trust using your personalization among your audience, make clear statements regarding the data you are collecting along with the purpose.

4. Produce Relevant Content in Your App

How would you respond if an application that is expected to tell you if it would rain tomorrow in your town or not tells you about the rainfall in nearby cities that you are not concerned about? Undoubtedly, it would be a huge turn-off. So is in the case of the potential audience of your weather app. Keep in mind that they are all here to get information and updates regarding the weather in their respective area, therefore, offer them data accordingly. Most of the time, the users rely on weather applications to make huge plans, for instance, whether to set their wedding in the afternoon, if in the afternoon then should it be indoor or outdoor or more formal planning regarding setting meetings or formal lunches/dinners. In fact, vacations are also planned on the basis of weather applications.

This is to say that your weather application should offer users the content they are looking for. You already have their personalized data available with you. You can use it to provide them with relevant information regarding the weather. For instance, among numerous exciting apps, an app offers the service of pinpointing at any point in the map available on the application. It gives information regarding that specific area, irrespective of how micro the site is.

All in all, your user should never feel like he is missing out on something when they use your app. Moreover, to enhance the experience and include more relevant content in the weather app, try getting suggestions from your clients. You can conduct surveys regularly to know what new features your audience wants to see in your weather app.

The Bottom Line

Believe it or not, in an era where the world has been operating digitally, weather applications role is extremely significant. Surprisingly, the competition in the niche is tough as there are entrants developing mobile weather applications now and then. Considering this, operating as a weather app business is not an easy task. One has to strategically plan, develop and market the weather app to observe significant revenue generation, growth, and credibility. Promotion is undoubtedly a crucial stage that relies on the business model of your company.

Therefore, try to make your app as user-based as you can. As your whole purpose is to serve the interests of your audience based on weather, so make sure you fulfill all their needs. Ultimately, your application has to be so revolutionized, personalized, customized, and innovative that when the audience searches for ‘What is the best weather app?’, your application appears among the top ones.

Also, focus on your weather app strategies. If the plans are not in accordance with the interests of your clients, then reform them. Your app needs to be the ultimate go-to for all the weather-related updates, forecasts, alerts, and recommendations.


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