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How To Promote Lifestyle Apps


It is said that all apps are created for improving users’ lives, but a certain category is focused on changing the way users think, dress, eat or complete various activities. We are talking about lifestyle apps and we will present you some efficient methods for revealing their characteristics in front of their customers.

Business Model

Let’s see the list displayed by App Annie for the top lifestyle apps, in United States for iOS users, these days. It appears that in the group of grossing apps most of them are dating apps, but all of them are free with in – app purchases. On the other hand, if we take a closer look to the paid apps, they have really interesting titles. If the Secret To Money and Disaster Prediction App really do what they say, then a few dollars won’t be a problem when users will reach the wanted results. Going further, you can observe some apps for babies and it is a known fact that new parents don’t pay attention to money when it comes to products which will help them in this stage. Now it is your turn to decide if your creation has the power to become an addictive app for convincing people to buy different items inside it or maybe it is a life changer and in this case you can go for the paid model.

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How To Promote Your Lifestyle App

You know that lifestyle apps teach users how to act on different occasions. We will do the same thing here but we will concentrate our discussion on your relationship with your app.

Set Your Goal

In order to create a successful lifestyle app you need to answer the following question: “What is the purpose of my work?” Remember, your app must do one thing and to do it in the best possible way. This is the only path for achieving what you want. After finding the answer, you have to say it loud and clear. Start your app description with the reason why users should download your app and what makes it different from the other hundreds available on the market. Create a phrase which will become your motto and add it also on your app landing page and in your press kit. There are countless dating apps on app markets. Why a huge number of people choose Bumble? Because “On Bumble, women make the first move.” Users who like this idea already know that this app is for them.

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Be Creative

Now, you know that your app is unique. So, open your mind! With all the advices in the world, you have to be aware that there isn’t a one – fit – all secret for marketing an app. You created it and you are the only one who can select the best way to present it. The condition is to find innovative solutions and to take into account your users’ preferences. Don’t copy the strategies of other app owners. Just build your brilliant plan. Read our thoughts about Guerilla Marketing and start from there. People won’t react anymore after seeing the same ad type for the millionth time. Your app is different, so should your campaign be. While Tinder owners used a debatable method to promote the app, the platform became an impressive tool for other companies to bring their products in front of potential users. You will be impressed by the examples shown in the article published on Sprinklr.

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Think Positive

If people want to hear bad things and hopeless news they would open the TV. But they downloaded your app because it motivates them to improve their lives. Present your app in a brighter light and encourage users to build a better future. For this stage you must take advantage of the new technology which appears in your domain. Just like Ikea did with its new Catalog. “Make room for life” is a great combination between furnishing your home and preparing your mind for happy thoughts. Yellow couch with pink walls increase this impression. And we didn’t even mention about the AR option for iOS 11 to try virtual elements and to understand how they match with the atmosphere already created in your house.

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Focus On What Is Important

From the plethora of techniques available for promoting your app it is very hard to choose the one that fits your style. For this reason, you must concentrate your energy on the right strategy for inspiring your users with your brand. Building a story around your app will be more efficient if you invest in impressive pictures and amazing videos. Social media networks and representative websites in your field will help you demonstrate your point. We want to highlight here the fact that Stylebook is an app loved by users even if they have to pay for downloading it. When you think about it, you will understand that it is less expensive to organize your closet with the help of this app than to buy more clothes.

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Enjoy The Entire Process

Keep in mind that there isn’t such thing as the perfect app and this is the reason why Apple and Google encourage developers to update their apps. Make it better and better while you communicate with your users. You have the chance to learn more and to improve your business. In the same time remember that marketing your app shouldn’t be a tedious procedure. You need to take advantage of every occasion and to consider it as a growing experience. You found a great idea for your app, you built it and now it is the time to brag with it. Be happy with what you have achieved so far and enjoy the results. You don’t need to Countdown!! until the day your app reaches success. Just have fun!

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If you follow the steps described above you will enjoy the results sooner than you thought. Remember that mindful planning will change the way your users will receive your lifestyle app. In the same time you need to adapt every step to your brand. Trust your product and your abilities to present it to the world!


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