How to Promote Entertainment Apps -

How to Promote Entertainment Apps

Most of us like to use Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store because of two reasons. The first one is when we are stuck in any problem and need an immediate and reliable solution; the second reason is when we are suffering from boredom and want to occupy our spare time.

In that case, most of us like to browse the entertainment category on our favorite app store. Today we will show all the secrets of entertainment apps. We will also show you some of the most beneficial methods to promote your entertainment apps. And how you can present your creation in front of your target users in the right way. Let’s get started:

Entertainment Apps’ Business Model

Before we discuss the best promotional strategies for your apps, let’s check out what your competitors are doing in the market. Analyzing your competitors is vital regardless of your app type, as you can figure out which is the best method to monetize an entertainment app.

We visited App Annie and witnessed some exciting Entertainment lists in the United States for both Android and iOS users. 

In the free apps on IOS, the first ones on the list were in-app purchases. If you go down a bit, you can easily identify countless apps without paid subscriptions, and we didn’t notice premium items. 

As for the premium apps, the ones that have unique and multiple sets of emojis were the most popular. In top-grossing channel apps, one can easily notice that the channels that let people view their favorite TV shows were on the top. We noticed the same pattern for Android users. 

The only exception that we observed is that people choose sounds and games over TV shows in premium apps. Now, if you look at your entertainment app, you can easily make an informed decision as per your target market’s favorite platform.

Best Ways To Promote Entertainment Apps

Like other categories on the app store, entertainment apps also need your time, vigilance, and a lot of attention when it’s about selecting the best method for promoting them. And we will also provide you some tips to showcase your solution to your users for divertissement.

Prepare and Use Watchlist

Nowadays, smartphones work like a little TV that you can use to broadcast your favorite shows. Due to the abundance of apps provided by TV channels and cable companies, it is not that simple to differentiate your product from the rest. 

Similarly, it is challenging to come up with something new and unique for your audience. That’s why all this comes down to the overall interface and design of your entertainment app. 

Furthermore, an ideal mobile application interface inspires users to use your entertainment app and provides your users a great viewing experience. 

In that case, we liked the IMDB marketing strategy that offers its customers all the information they demand and enables them to organize the most popular shows and movies as per their preferences.

Moreover, customers can write their opinions about a movie and rate the videos. They can view the latest news and exciting insights right from personalities’ lives in the same app.

It’s Show Time

It is vital to begin your app’s promotion by finding the right time to reach out to your target market. Whenever users have spare time, such as when they are on the g, having coffee, or waiting in a line, they like to browse such apps to get rid of boredom. 

In that second, they usually navigate to the app store and hunt for an exciting entertainment app. 

All you have to do is make sure that your app appears on the top of the page in the search results. A perfect solution to market entertainment applications is App Store Search Ads. This unique and useful tool is designed to guide and help users when they don’t know how and what to choose.

Besides, it allows app developers to present their apps in front of users if relevant to the users. If you don’t know how you will do it, no need to worry as you can easily find many tutorials for Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Moreover, it goes without saying that your entertainment app’s page should be user-friendly so that you can maximize the returns. In this case, Netflix is a perfect example and provides you all the inspiration when you are optimizing your entertainment app page.

Is the App Funny?

You need to know that users who look for entertainment applications want to enjoy and laugh a lot. You need to provide them the funny and lively atmosphere that they are looking for. To provide them with what they want, you need to study their behavior and consumer reports, and only then can you offer them an unforgettable personalized experience through your app. 

Furthermore, you should consider the user’s demographics when you develop and promote your entertainment app. From user’s language to age and gender, every characteristic should be taken into account, and it directly impacts the app’s success and final outcome. 

Due to this reason, the YouTube team paid attention to kids’ needs and provided the right environment for the children so that they can have an enjoyable time. 

And for all entertainment apps developers and owners, it is a perfect example. The way the YouTube Kids app is made around educational content is fantastic and motivates parents to participate with their kids in learning and exploration.

Show and Share Your Emotions

As mentioned above, emojis are essential, especially for smartphone users. People love to express their feelings and want a personalized experience with your app. 

In this regard, we will advise you to write loads of content but using fewer words in a whole different style as it appeals to the users and they demand this type of apps. Social networks or messaging apps give users appropriate environments using compelling images rather than using normal words and text. 

Try to analyze the charts displayed by App Annie, and you will notice that each emoji app addresses to a particular group of users. CatMoji and Dog Emojis are perfect for animal lovers or ARIMOJI for Ariana Grande’s admirers; these apps are ideal for many user profiles. 

Our advice is to analyze the competitor’s app thoroughly, study your target audience and match your new entertainment app’s features with user’s requirements.

Upgrade to Paid

Encourage your app users to upgrade their normal subscription to the premium one. Many media and entertainment apps start off appealing to their new customers by offering them a free version of their mobile app. 

While the app’s free version should offer plenty of value for users, the paid version of your mobile app must provide more value and unique features to diehard users that they will desire.

In simple words, mobile apps must pinpoint their users and promote the paid version. Try to highlight the unique features and benefits, and upgrades that the paid version provides.

Furthermore, you can offer deals and lucrative discounts to push users towards a premium version of your app.

The Right Time

You need to adopt personalized marketing campaigns in specific times and activity trends. Media and entertainment apps are mostly used during the morning and at night. You should know what time your target audience is using your mobile app and then try to engage with them appropriately.

Entertainment apps should also promote and provide their Morning Pump Up playlist to users who want to jumpstart their day. At the same time, you can also send a push message to your users, encouraging them to view and download the morning news.

What your Users Want & How they Want it

Propose exciting content to your users as per their past behavior data. Entertainment mobile applications can significantly boost engagement by changing users’ minds and show them new content that appeals to them.

You should have access to the user’s stats, and data so don’t hesitate to use it to your benefit. You can also use your app for this purpose. Apps should always be aware of their end users to understand their demands, interests, and tastes. 

In other words, you need to understand what your target audience loves and then provide them with more relevant and meaningful content as per their preference and taste.

For example, you might have noticed that music apps know the user’s favorite music genre, and on its basis, they suggest users new artists or songs.

YouTube is another excellent example of an entertainment app that suggests to users relevant and engaging content as per their exact needs. YouTube knows that if you watch videos about Star Wars, it will show you details about the series artist and more details about them.

Furthermore, speaking of YouTube, keep in mind that it also efficiently utilizes your watch history. You can do the same on your entertainment app. You need to use a push message promoting a video that appeals to users and content that you think they will likely enjoy.

New Features Galore!

Let people know about your new entertainment app and its unique features. When you know that your mobile application contains unique and exclusive features that can make users go crazy, don’t think twice and show them all those features in an adequate way.

Try to determine in which section users spend most of their time inside your entertainment app. Similarly, you need to review which elements of your application are more admired by the users. 

Once you understand what aspects of your entertainment app your target users enjoy the most, you can easily and timely update them about new releases that will excite them and drive you more engagement.

For example, think about Snapchat’s swappable stickers and selfie filters. These are fan favorites, and Snapchat sends a push message when it releases a new filter or sticker to capture user attention.

The Push Messages For that Extra Zing!

When promoting your new entertainment application, keep users about what their family members and friends are doing with the app.

For all apps, regardless of their type or goals, engagement remains a vital metric that no developer or owner can overlook. Entertainment apps have a massive and unique advantage as there is always a buzz around and plenty of things that users want and prefer.

Entertainment apps can drive massive engagement with users just by highlighting what their family and friends are doing or up to. 

As an entertainment app owner or promoter, you must acquire the benefit of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to enhance the engagement. Remind your users that they can miss out on important things if they don’t log in.

For example, Facebook’s mobile app does this job in an efficient manner. The app reminds users when their family or friends comment on any post, upload new pictures. 

Similarly, users can invite each other to join a game, and there are several actions that they can perform and boost engagement.

In the End

Entertainment apps’ promotion is simple if you plan things well before time. This is because entertainment never goes out of fashion, and everyone wants it. Users are always looking for their favorite stars, movies, TV shows, and they want to know about them.

At the same time, many of us like to play funny games and love to share our thoughts in a unique way.

When promoting an entertainment app, it’s vital for you to take care of your users and need to focus on their preferences and the right segment. Just by giving them what they demand, you can convert them into your loyal customers.


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