How to Promote Beauty Apps -

How to Promote Beauty Apps


Beauty and the cosmetic market has enhanced incredibly in the past few years, and all of us want to look like superstars. The beauty and personal care industry’s worth is around US$1.127 billion, and to date, the numbers are growing constantly and vigorously. 

However, there are many hurdles for beauty businesses and brands, not just in the eCommerce world but also with the changes in customer behavior.

Nevertheless, the digital world has impacted the evolving beauty industry to a raised and more connected level. It has become simpler than ever before to communicate with users worldwide through various channels, content, and mobile apps. 

If you want to keep your beauty business update, try to incorporate these promotional strategies in your marketing activities:

Furthermore, if you are a beauty app owner and you want to promote beauty apps in an effective way so that you can attract your target market, read further as we will be discussing the best techniques that will help you promote your beauty app or product.

Business Model

Let’s start by determining the right channel to monetize your app. For motivation, we will analyze the well-known beauty apps in the United States. The first thing to note down here is that on Google Play Store, all beauty apps are listed in one section called Beauty. 

However, you will find beauty and personal care apps in the other categories, such as Photography and Shopping. On the other hand, the Apple’s Store has these apps in the lifestyle section. 

So it’s not that simple to analyze an accurate pattern that iOS developers use to monetize their personal care and beauty apps. 

However, while analyzing the lists of beauty apps on the Google store, we noticed that only a few apps were in the paid section, and the majority were free to download. Hence we can say that the most common are free apps with in-app purchases. 

However, this also depends on your app, its features, and how to promote it in front of users. Let’s discuss this idea in detail below.

Practical and Effective Ways To Promote Beauty Apps

Below we will present you practical tips and tricks that you can use to enhance the visibility of your beauty app.

Beauty Spot

As with other sections, there are numerous beauty apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now the first and obvious question that comes instantly to mind is can we make our app stand out of the crowd? If yes, how. 

This is a common question that developers and app owners ask, and rightly so. But don’t worry, it is possible, and we will show you how you can promote your beauty app in the correct way.

Furthermore, it is simple to reach top positions in both major app stores, but there are some requirements that you must follow to make your visible to more people and put it at the top ranks of search lists. In this regard, your best and safest bet are the evergreen search ads. 

Fortunately, both popular app platforms Apple and Google, allows you to use these ads. You just need to fulfill some requirements and complete some steps, and if your beauty app is the relevant and correct solution for users, they will see the app over others in the relevant category. 

The only difference you will have to face is that you need to pay charges for this position, and a little “Ad” tag will be visible stating that you are using paid promotion for the app.

Moreover, it is vital to remember that even if people find your beauty app and visit your app store page, it doesn’t guarantee that they will use or download your app. Hence you need to ensure that the app store page is appropriate so that you can reach your goal. 

As an example, we will recommend to analyze the Cute Beauty Shopping app by Wish Inc. The app is attractive and allows users to purchase several beauty products and offers them attractive discounts at the same time.

Beauty On Demand

So many different things are expected of us in so little time. Unfortunately, some problems can’t be fixed with an app. If you need beauty help but don’t have the time to go out or wait for professionals, then there is a solution! 

You can hire someone who will come to your house and fix any problem that arises from staying home – whether it’s last-minute party makeup or emergency skincare treatment before work. Isn’t that handy?

If you have a beauty app, it will be beneficial for your users because they can get their makeup done without leaving the house.

If this appeals to you, we assure you that it will make your beauty app stand out from competitors. Collaborate with beauty experts or hire them to provide in-house beauty services through the app.

If you observe beGlammed beauty, you will understand how beneficial this feature can be for your new beauty app.

Beauty Marketing

We know our customers are awesome, but it’s important to note that not all of them want a full-fledged service. A core group just wants more information about beauty products or the latest trends in makeup and some others who only need tutorials on how they can look their best this season. It’ll be great if you could promote your app as well while making sure everyone knows what you’re up to!

Be there for your users, especially when they need solutions to their problems. Provide the necessary information with practical and suitable solutions. You can also use a website with your app for this purpose. 

However, if you are not up to a business website, just provide users how-to articles and step-by-step guides related to beauty and personal care and publish them on your beauty app. Take a look at Beautylish that provides tips and tips for makeup.

Beautiful Solutions For All Budgets

Try to make your beauty app affordable for all consumers. During the process, you will find all types of users. You will encounter customers who can pay easily for premium subscriptions right from the start. 

At the same time, you will also meet the people looking for special offers, discounts, or bonuses to consider your beauty app. If you reach your target audience on festivals and special occasions, you can easily convert them into your loyal users. 

However, you need to know their preferences and favorite products because this data will provide you power and control.

Similarly, your beauty application should act as a real and trustworthy companion that provides users the best solutions. Sephora is a highly popular brand that you can analyze and take inspiration from. Just observe at Sephora app thoroughly, and you will understand what we mean.

Build a community to build for your mobile app

Cosmetic and beauty businesses must leverage the internal desire of users, especially youth and Millennials, to connect and share their experiences with others. 

In this modern and socially driven era, building community is vital for every business and also for mobile app owners. Try to build an engaging community of customers and fans through social media platforms or similar online forums. 

As a beauty promoter and marketer, it’s vital to find your brand voice. Inspire and encourage users to share their feedback about your app and its features. Similarly, request them to share practical and valid beauty tips within those groups. 

You can also share special promotions only for the group members, or you can work with beauty professionals to help your users solve their beauty and personal care issues. 

During the course, remember that your aim is to promote your beauty app, retain customers, and reinforce their connection to your mobile app by developing fruitful relationships.

Add testimonials and reviews to your app page or product web pages.

No other advertisement mode is effective than the satisfied and happy customers. A testimonial and user reviews are some of the most strong influences in a user’s decision-making process. 

You can also shorten your user’s research process and impact their decisions by providing and showing them all the information about your app and excellent user reviews by your other customers. 

Did someone write a positive and satisfactory review about your beauty app? Great! Just add that link on your landing page or app page and see the magic happen.

Show Them the difference.

Your website, app, or online store must reflect who you are about your brand. That’s why it is necessary for you to include all the information and details that both your users and the media need. 

If possible, create a dedicated press page where you can post company updates, news, and brand mentions such as customer feedback, stories, interviews, press articles, reviews, awards, etc. This might look obvious to some, but remember that it is vital for your business’s success and makes a significant difference in leveraging social proof of your app and brand’s value.

For example, observe and analyze how famous natural beauty brands such as Youth To The People and Mad Hippie are showcasing their stories. You can also follow this pattern while promoting your beauty app with your business assets, including your logo, graphics, and user reviews. Give the media what it needs and make it easy to access for users and media.

Micro-influencers are the fastest way to reach the customer’s heart.

Influencer marketing is higher than it was ever before, and there are significant changes occurring in the influencer industry. Customers love to interact with real-world people and like to know their everyday hurdles and struggles. 

This is why micro-influencers have been getting extremely popular in recent times. An influencer who understands how to develop communities based on faith, loyalty, and authenticity will win gain the attention of users in no time. 

If you want to examine the potential influence and engagement on social media websites, you can easily get the details by using Social Blade. 

Picking the right influencer to promote your mobile application cant get simpler than this.

Find relevant users via social listening.

Social listening can be defined as the practice of monitoring your business’s online presence by finding and examining online conversations about your brand, its products, app, competitors, and more. 

There are many social listening software that you can get and use to determine your social listening score. Apart from it, these software will show you the popular industry trends and threads so that you can work on those and start engaging with your target market.

Work together with hotels and spas.

Try to form a simple but holistic approach to beauty by joining forces with other businesses and companies, tangential industries like hotels, spas, and fashion businesses. These partnerships will help you to build brand trust and trustworthiness and provide you new promotion channels. 

For example, the famous Polish cosmetic brand Alba1913 is working with Poland’s most popular hotels and promoting its entire line of cosmetics, its social media channels, and business websites. By working with such related industries, you can gain access to numerous marketing channels without spending much.

Final Thoughts

Let’s admit that beauty solutions are widely available, and they are easy to access than ever. For all users looking for these types of facilities and app developers and owners working day night to reach those people, they all can meet and greet each other in mobile space. 

If you have a beauty app and you want to promote your beauty app, it’s all about searching for the relevant users and providing them the right solution. And this guide is a savior for you!


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