How To Make Your App A New Habit For Your Users -

How To Make Your App A New Habit For Your Users


Imagine two different roads. The first one is occupied by people who deal with different issues but they keep solving them in the old (and boring) fashioned way and the other one belongs to the developers who built the apps as an answer to those concerns but they are having difficulties attracting users. Let’s find the intersection between these two routes.

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7 Steps To Become A Habit For Users

During this process, you need to win two battles. You have to solve users’ problem with your app and you must convince them that your app is all they need for solving their problems.

Decide Your User Base’s Problems And Desires

First, you need to focus not only on customers’ dilemmas but also on their preferences. In what way they are willing to listen to your message? This is the stage when you have to find the right approach and to define the proper style and language for communicating with them.

Offer Facilitations On Daily Life Chores

Next, you must make their life easier in case they will use your app periodically. We will give you here some famous examples but feel free to find the solution that will change your users’ methods to complete mandatory tasks.

Save Time

We just discussed productivity apps and we highlighted that the biggest challenge is to find more time to accomplish all our plans. On the other hand, there are apps that can help us with this situation. Pocket is one of them allowing users to save the articles they want to read in a special place for later when they afford to take a little break. If you are one of those people who can’t focus on their work because they are too worried that some interesting content is published then you understand what we mean.

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Save Money

With a different app icon, but the same story, Mint is the budget saver for millions of users who consider that is really painful to keep track of their finances. It is a real headache to remember when you have to pay your bills and when you pay more than you should. An app that takes these worries off users’ minds is a winner among all other competitors.

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In the same manner, Groupon is there for its users whenever they need to find the best local deals when they want to make a purchase. The app promises to save up to 70% on best products and this is the main element that attracts its customers.

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Ease Mental Efforts

We are living in a stressful world and this fact is reflected in every move we make. Having an app like Headspace that teaches us how to be mindful allows us to reduce anxiety and to concentrate on what is really important. The best thing is that it requires only a few minutes every day for providing amazing results. After all, who has time to meditate when there are so many things to do every day? More details you will find in one of our articles.

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Ease Physical Efforts

Another provocation when we leave home is to find a car that takes us wherever we want. And, of course, to do that as fast as possible. In this case, huge companies like Uber and Lyft, built great apps and continue to improve their systems for offering the comfort we deserve every time we need a ride. For more information feel free to read again the success story behind Lyft app.

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Clarify The App’s Aims And Actions

For creating a new routine you have to follow users’ behavior and to tailor your app according to their needs. It is important to focus on a single problem and to solve that problem, but it is crucial to consider the way you solve it. Make sure that users understand the entire procedure and what it takes to reach their purpose. This brings us to the following key point.

Make An Easy – To – Use App

Remember that even if you promise an app that will change users’ lives, you won’t reach any results if they struggle to use it. If they get lost inside your app or they need to reveal too many information from the start, it is a sure fact that you will lose them along with your time and your money. Create an amazing user interface and make your app as intuitive as possible because there are big chances that not all your customers are tech geeks. Take a closer look to our advices about building a great onboarding.

Reward Your Users

Some gamification elements will amplify the sensation that your users are on the right path for accomplishing their goal. Show them their progress and allow them to enjoy every little victory during this period of time. Small bonuses or virtual currency will increase the enchantment and they will convert your creation in a go-to app whenever they will need to solve a specific problem.

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Let Your Users Invest In-App By Their Own

When you managed to attract loyal customers it is time to make sure that they bring their friends on board. Convince them to spread the word about your app and don’t forget to reward them with something valuable for their effort. Even if they are happy with your product it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will invite the persons they know without receiving something in return.

Create Memories

For creating a new habit sometimes you need to rely on old habits. Which is the only channel preferred by all types of users? Emails. Some of them opt-in for push notifications, others are always connected to different social networks but email marketing is there forever and it won’t disappear anytime soon. All customers open their email inbox daily for receiving the latest news, various offers or to communicate with their contacts. So, what are you waiting for? Introduce your brand and in case they already installed your app remember them also the reasons why they did that.

Final Thoughts

Well, validating your idea, onboarding, impressive UI and UX, gamification, referral programs and email marketing are only a few methods for making your app an essential part of the tools frequently used by your customers for solving their monotonous chores. We just proved you that your app could become a colorful point in a monochrome world for your users.


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