How To Promote Productivity Apps

We run out of time! This is the feeling we get every day. It is in fact an irony because due to the evolution of technology we have machines and more important, apps that do all things for us. But we still don’t find time to stop for a moment and to enjoy life. Because the more activities we finish, the more ideas we have for the next hours. We don’t even sleep anymore and we keep asking why a day isn’t longer than 24 hours. And what should we do? Downshifting is a real trend right now, but because it is not an option for everyone, some of us develop apps as a solution for this problem and others download more apps thinking that somebody discovered the secret of productivity and he transformed it into an app. Well, if you find yourself in the first category and you don’t know how to present your app in front of people from the second group, then this is your chance to discover in a fast and efficient way how to do that.

Business Model

Let’s observe now the most recent list offered by App Annie for American users when it comes to apps from Productivity category on iOS devices (first image) and to analyze also the situation for Android users (second picture). In the first case Google occupies the first 3 positions for free productivity apps, followed by Yahoo Mail. Email strategies are mandatory and these apps help users to keep their messages organized. As you can see, the most preferred apps are the ones that save something like time, passwords, photos and different types of files. Meanwhile top grossing apps are the free ones which require some fees for unlocking special features.

Image Source: https://www.appannie.com/en/apps/google-play/top/united-states/application/productivity/

How To Promote Productivity Apps?

Did you ever occur to you that you can use the same strategies displayed in your productivity app when you build a plan for marketing it? Let’s explain.

Start Now!

Start marketing your app now! It is very important not to postpone this moment. You can’t say that it is fine if you promote it tomorrow, next week or after you see that users don’t make a queue to download it. Remember that taking care of your app is not like a diet that you need to start on Monday or the first day of month. It is never too early to talk about your idea, to see if it is worth to invest your resources for building it, to do a market research, to observe your audience and to connect with them. Customers won’t know about your revolutionary method for helping them to get more things done in 24 hours unless you tell them about it. Just keep in mind that marketing and development form a great team for the success of your app. And if you can’t manage to do all by yourself, in order to grow your productivity as an app owner you can ask for professional help. There are great services (like App Samurai) specially created to take care of your business. Dropbox is a great example which proves that allowing users to discover your app from the beginning is a good solution for attracting them.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropbox/id327630330?mt=8

Stay Focused!

As it happens in your daily life, you don’t have 8 hands to do everything once; and neither your users. Keep your app simple, don’t occupy the screen with all kinds of useless stuff and invest in a clever user interface. Even for more complex apps you must choose only an activity every time and to allow customers to complete it. Have you heard about Pomodoro Technique? You most certainly did if you are building a productivity app. Users need to focus on a single action for a period of time and after that a little break is allowed until they start again with the next task. You can even display a relevant ad between these segments. When using Keeper app, customers know that it allows them to manage all their passwords. That’s it.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keeper-password-manager/id287170072?mt=8

Save Time!

Well, to save time is the main reason that makes users to download your app in the first place. Your entire strategy needs to concentrate on these two words. Customers don’t afford to read a long description inside your app store page or to browse through different activities of your app until they discover the one they need. If they spend more time to measure their productivity than the period required for getting things done then your app does nothing. You should act fast and to convince them that your app will allow them to finish their to – do list before even writing it. If you check the partnership between Evernote and Google Drive you will understand our point.

Image Source: http://socialmarketingwriting.com/productivity-tools-focus-social-media-marketing/

Stay Away From Social Media!

Yes, you heard that right! Don’t show your app on social networks. We never thought that we will write this phrase here, on the blog, but social media channels are the best friends of procrastination. That means people avoid completing mandatory tasks and they open their social accounts. After that they get lost in messages and comments posted on these networks and they never achieve the goal set in the first place. Since you built a productivity app, it is a sure fact that this is not the place to meet your target audience. Instead, concentrate your efforts on blogs and websites specially designed to teach people how to focus more on what they have to do. Just like Instapaper was recommended on alifeofproductivity.com along with other apps in this category.

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/instapaper/id288545208?mt=8

Final Thoughts

Well, it was a fast and efficient article indeed. We discovered that we need to focus on what is important during development stage and also when we promote our productivity apps. Keep in mind that time is precious for everyone and if you manage to save it in a smart way then your app will reach top grossing apps in … no time!

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