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    How to Drive App Installs with Instagram Ads


    With over 500M community members, Instagram has grown to become one of the best and largest social media platforms for mobile ads. Through ads, businesses and individuals share their campaigns with an intensely engaged audience in a high-quality and creative way, especially with the global availability of these Instagram app ads.
    With the introduction of Instagram ads, businesses and brands are now on the same level playing ground to getting more customers and maintaining their existing ones. Advertisers can make payments for their ads to be featured in Instagram apps. Businesses have used Instagram ads to drive visitors to business websites, and eventually, increase downloads of their apps.
    With over 85% of top business brands making use of this one of a kind mobile user acquisition, Instagram, the social network, has truly cemented itself as one of the biggest pillars in mobile ads. Businesses and personal brands are seeing a surge in their revenues through Instagram app ads. In the coming years, as can be seen from the statistics, Instagram will be a place for many ad gurus.

    Instagram Ads Types for Mobile Apps

    Instagram ads are available in two styles;
    Image Ads: These are the traditional ads where businesses and personal brands tell their stories through beautifully crafted imagery. Instagram offers a simple, clean, and creative canvas to make your images stand out.

    Video Ads:

    With Instagram’s video ads, businesses can now share videos of up to 60 seconds long that come with a good power of sight, motion, and sound.

    Carousel Ads:

    Carousel ads are meant to add a layer of depth to the traditional Instagram image ads. These ad types allow people to swipe and have a look at additional images. There is also a ‘call to action’ button where people can follow a business or personal website to read more.

    Instagram Call to Action Campaigns for Mobile Apps

    There are different numbers of ‘call to action’ with Instagram ads. For most Instagram app ads, there is the ‘Install Now’ campaign, which is mainly used to increase downloads for business and individual apps. When users click on ‘call to action’ buttons, they are taken to the App Store, where they can download the said app directly.
    There are other ‘call to action’ buttons including the ‘Use App’ button. There are equally up to 10 other ‘call to action’ buttons that give businesses the opportunity to make their choices among the CTAs. This is to ensure a business or individual brand uses the ‘call to action’ campaign that goes well with their brand of app.

    The Performance of Instagram App Ads

    App install costs are booming, and a lot of the big players in the industry have confessed of the low-cost app install advantages of Instagram even over Facebook. See for yourself.
    2Just at the end of 2015, when Instagram ads were introduced not long before that, a survey by Nanigans revealed that the 10 largest mobile app install ads spenders saw a lower cost per app install on Instagram than on Twitter.
    Many brands have also seen major hikes in their Instagram app installs. Look at how some of these brands made it with their ads on one of the world’s best and fastest growing social media platforms.
    Poshmark, for instance, experienced a 37% increase in the number of app installs and could reduce ad costs considerably, by 28%.
    Through Instagram ad videos, Snail Games had a 339% increase in app installs and equally had an increase in in-app purchase rates.

    The Advantages of Instagram Ads

    For app Installs and downloads, Instagram app ads play a major and important role.

    • Use of the terrific targeting plan of Facebook: To ensure the creation of relevant and niche focuses ads, Instagram can use the extensive and unmatched ad targeting of Facebook to increase app installs.
    • An engaged stream of users: Instagram has a large audience who is very engaged and highly coveted with a staggering interaction rate of 4.8 on average. This is higher than that of Facebook by 0.72 and of Twitter by 0.25.
    • Instagram comprises the younger class who are known to be app lovers with some becoming real-time Instagram junkies. These youngsters are app lovers and are more likely to take advantage of the ‘call to action’ buttons to install your app.
    • Native style advertising: ads on Instagram naturally fit into the organic photo stream of the user. There are not sidebars that will give divided attention to any user.


    Tips to Win More App Downloads

    One way to win more app downloads is to know your audience and how best to craft your message to suit them. Ask yourself these questions. Who are my audience? What type of Instagram ad would they most likely take action on? Is it a video, image, or carousel ad?
    Ensure your Instagram app ads come with high visuals to ensure viewing is not a problem for users.
    Make use of image captions and comment dialogues to clearly and creatively express you and sell your app brand.
    Instagram has grown into a platform where your app downloads can be increased tremendously with the right marketing and ad campaign tools.

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