How to Increase or Improve Your App Downloads with YouTube -

How to Increase or Improve Your App Downloads with YouTube


View video-related articles, and it will show you the importance of videos for businesses, landing pages, social channels, and even conferences.

But that’s not the end of the debate.

If you look closely, all top-rated apps have a common feature, the video ads, and you will find in all apps from various industries, and these work really well.

But here is the thing:

Videos are ruling the online platforms and landscape as they are more engaging than other forms of content. This is because videos feature a combination of vibrant visuals and top-class sound.

Video Ads are awesome, and you can also use them to increase your app downloads and to promote mobile applications. And users are loving them than the other mediums.

Although the process requires some of your time, money, and more effort, all this is worth it in the end. Video ads are also highly popular on YouTube, and rightly so. You can use video ads on YouTube to build a healthy connection between brands and consumers.

Stats About the Video Ads

A recent study by Statista predicts that by the end of 2021, spends on mobile video ads will be four times higher than what it was back in 2015.

Similarly, an infographic circulated by Google shows that mobile video ads have much higher visibility, up to 83%. At YouTube, over half of all the engagements and views are from mobile.

So, all these things can really help you and your mobile app. It is also evident that you can increase your app downloads with YouTube and promote the mobile application via video ads on YouTube.

This read exactly shows you how to do all this stuff in the most effective way.

We will cover the following topics in this read:

Importance of YouTube for Mobile Apps

Since its launch, YouTube has become a popular media channel where you will find millions of users engaged in the videos every day. That’s why it is the best platform to promote your smartphone applications, and you can easily increase your app’s download via YouTube.

All you need to do is add or upload a high-quality video about the app along with its features, or you can use YouTube’s ads service.

However, you need to know how to make an appropriate video that gains user’s attractions and enhances your app downloads.

Below we will discuss some useful and creative techniques that can make a huge difference between an unskillful video creator and a real brand promoter. So, keep these elements in your mind if you want to increase your mobile application’s download via YouTube:

Highlight App’s Prominent Features: Consider the most prominent features of your app and use them in the video in a way that they gain user’s attractions instantly and at a glance. Besides, keep your focus on the issues that your app solves for users.

How does the app work? People like to watch videos about apps to determine how to use it. This significantly enhances the onboarding flow and keeps users engage and even more.

It Shouldn’t be Boring: It’s vital to think from the user’s perspective and maintain your focus on the big picture. If you go into unnecessary details, you simply cannot hit the target.

Try to Keep It Short: Time is money for you as well as for your users. Don’t waste their time and try to keep the ad to the point and short. Similarly, engage your prospects with the video and lure them into discovering other details about the app.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors: Determine what your direct competitors are doing and perform a thorough analysis to find their plus points and weaknesses. If they are not using a video for their mobile app, it’s a plus for you, and you will have the edge over them.

However, if they are using the video on YouTube for the app, watch it closely and try to analyze it in detail so that you can make a better video than your competitors.

Be Honest with Users and Your Skills: If you are a skilled video creator, you can effortlessly create the one for your app. If you are not, hire a professional and get the desired results.

Don’t Forget to Promote the Video: We understand that you have created the video to promote your app on YouTube, but verify that people are watching it. Similarly, if you have a business website or blog, include the link in the video’s description.

Link to Your Mobile App: YouTube offers amazing services to its users. For example, it allows you to add a link to your mobile app page on the app store in the description box so that users can download the app instantly.

Use optimized Videos Only: Just like the requirement of app store optimization, your app video should be fully optimized for both YouTube, Google, and other search engines.

The process is exactly like the ASO. It is vital for you to pick and add the relevant keywords, especially in the video’s title but keep things natural and try to maintain optimal flow; don’t blindly stuff the keywords.

Similarly, ensure that the video’s description contains the right and relevant keywords for higher rankings in the YouTube search and Google search.

YouTube Ad Types for Mobile Apps

It is crucial to understand YouTube Ads and their types so that you can use the appropriate one for your mobile application. First of all, we will suggest you to enable your video monetization. After that, select only one type of YouTube Ads that you think is the right one for your mobile app.

Here are YouTube ads types that you can use for mobile applications:

Display Ads: Mostly, display ads are displayed on the screen’s right side near the player. However, you can also find them below the player if the viewer is watching on the big screen. Remember that this ad type is only available for laptops and desktop PCs and has dimensions of 300 x 250 or 300 x 60.

Overlay Ads: These YouTube ads are semi-transparent, very much similar to images or text. The ads have the dimensions of 468 x 60 or 728 x 90, and these are only available for desktop screens for 20% of your video. Usually, this ad type is displayed on the player’s lower side.

Skippable YouTube Video Ads: These YouTube ads are displayed on the entire video player. Unlike others, they are suitable for PCs, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and TV. These ads are shown during, before, or after the video, and users can close the ad after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable Ads: These YouTube ads have two versions; the long one and the short one. Users cannot close these ads after 5 seconds, and the duration of the ad varies from 15 seconds up to 40 seconds. They can also appear before, during, or after your video on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.

Bumper Ads: These ads are just like non-skippable YouTube Ads, but these are much shorter. Usually, the duration of the ads is only 6 seconds.

Sponsored cards: As the name states, these ads contain cards that usually appear on the screen’s right side, and you will see them on PCs and mobile devices.

How to Make Effective YouTube Ads (Some Best Practices)

Google follows a simple concept known as TrueView. It is an ad format where you have to pay only when a user views your video for up to 30 seconds or more or clicks the Install/download button. TrueView ads can be an in-stream ad, and usually, these are videos that you will see on YouTube app or video discovery. The ads have small images with three lines of script on the YouTube app.

If you want to design this type of ad for your mobile application, follow these simple steps.

First, you need to pick a campaign type Video – For Mobile Application Installs. Next, you should track app conversions whether you are using an Android app or an iOs app.

Then, pick your Target CPA bidding strategy. Create an ad for each type and keep testing them for one month to determine which the best for your app is.

Because the users can skip these ads just after 5 seconds, it’s vital to keep them engaged from the beginning. Your ad should be creative and appealing so that users view it till the end, and it should encourage users to download your application.

If your target audience is from other countries, ensure that your ads are translated into the appropriate language so that users can read and understand them. To translate the ads, you can use YouTube’s language tool.

Content Strategy Matters for YouTube Ads

This is the most difficult task for many users. The first step is to decide what type of video content is right for your ad and how you will create it. So, here are some content ideas for you:

Content Ideas for YouTube Ads

If you are thinking about what kind of videos you should make, here are some questions that will help you in the process:

  • What kind of videos are people using in your niche?
  • What types of videos are the most popular for apps?
  • Why is your app above the others, and what makes it different?
  • Can you show individuals using your mobile application in the ad?
  • Can you record interviews of the people that are already using your app?
  • Tutorial videos are effective on YouTube. So, you should think about using them if possible.

The chances are that you might already have creative ideas in your mind right now. Right them down on any place, so you don’t forget.

Things to Consider

Before you create a YouTube ad for your app to enhance its download, take a step back and keep these things in your mind when doing so:

  • How much time do you have to create videos?
  • What is the level of your video production skills?
  • How can you offer value to your users? Which features make your app stand above the rest?
  • Will your videos be popular on YouTube?

Of course, you don’t precisely know which content strategy will suit you but keep trying and be consistent. And soon, you will get your desired outcome.

Try to realize your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your target audience. Both these things will shortlist the type of content you need to create for your ads.

Promote Your App

Most publishers and developers neglect this feature, but this is the most important factor to work upon. Plus, promotion is the only reason that you are creating video ads.

So, we will advise you to pay attention to these factors while promoting your mobile app:

  • Design a beautiful intro or splash screen with the app’s icon or your business logo.
  • If needed, add watermarks to your video.
  • Discuss your app and its features whenever you find it suitable.
  • Design an outro screen that encourages users to download your app.
  • Add short links in the video.
  • Don’t push users too hard to download the app. Similarly, never go beyond the limits when promoting your app, as it will have a negative impact on the overall customer experience. But ensure that viewers watch your video completely and know that your app is available to download.

In the End

Not all mobile apps are the same, and every app is different. Luckily, you can efficiently promote all mobile apps on YouTube, and you have various ways to do so.

Furthermore, you can design a video regarding your mobile application and upload it on YouTube for users or set a budget for YouTube ads. It depends on your overall budget and promotional strategy. But, without any doubt, you can increase your app’s download with YouTube because it will be in front of millions of people.



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