Hiring a Mobile App Marketing Company: When, Why & How -

Hiring a Mobile App Marketing Company: When, Why & How


Users have changed their consumption habits. The smartphone is the device through which we access the Internet the most, which has influenced the creation and development of mobile applications or apps. For any company, it is essential to define a digital strategy and identity, which involves having a presence on the Internet through a web page and opening up to the virtual world with social networks. However, this is not enough.

Companies have to adapt the changing market to avoid losing their market share and invest in the development of a personalized mobile application for their business. Thus, mobile marketing has become one of the most important and current marketing strategies in business investments.

Why do you need a mobile app?

Mobile presence is essential today. Smartphones and tablets are two primary channels for content dissemination for customers. For this reason, it is crucial to “be” on the users’ mobiles.

Within the mobile marketing sector, there is a reality that is booming in recent years. And it is that more and more people are using a mobile device to carry out a search or a query on the Internet.

This new scenario makes today’s companies need to invest a certain amount of money in mobile app marketing. Only in this way, having a suitable positioning for mobile applications is how you can fully exploit the potential of an online store or website regardless of its characteristics.

The applications facilitate the extension of companies to the mobile field. Having a good mobile website is indeed important, but mobile app companies help complement the mobile strategy. Besides, apps are usually more accessible and more comfortable to use than a mobile website. They allow the use of the device’s functionalities –such as the camera or geolocation- and most of them do not need an overly powerful internet connection, as is the case with web pages adapted to mobile devices.

Mobile app companies provide a presence in a mobile environment that grows by leaps and bounds. Also, having well-positioned apps in the most popular mobile application stores – such as the Apple App Store and Google’s Google Play – can increase organic searches from mobile phones, contributing to the improvement of SEO positioning.

Why you need a mobile app marketing company?

When you develop your mobile app, you need to prepare a launch & growth plan. There are millions of apps in stores. But how to succeed? It would be best if you had a plan that fulfills with mobile app marketing essentials.

The best mobile app marketing agencies are experts in the field of digital communication since they must develop a mobile app marketing strategy which has specific elements, which are considered when calculating the ROI of the action. The latter helps you measure the return on your investment, and so you will know if it was efficient or not.

1.- The mobile app marketing company knows perfectly the service or product that its client offers as if it were its own. This optimizes the client’s investment.

2.- It must also have a team of creative professionals, specialists in digital advertising, graphic designers, web programmers, among other highly trained professionals.

3.- Create strategies that guarantee the success of the company. Knowing different strategies and different app categories is an asset.

How to find a mobile app marketing company?

To achieve proper positioning within the App Store and Google Play, it is not only necessary to optimize the content and labels of your mobile application on each platform. It would help if you also carried out strategies to increase your downloads until you lead your category and see how many organic downloads you can get.

Something that you should take into account when choosing the most convenient alternative for your project is if the company is local, national, or even international. There is no valid answer to all projects.

On the contrary, if what you need is a mobile app marketing strategy tailored to your company, a project with very specific functionalities and that also adapts perfectly to each of the app marketing strategies, differentiating for each of the ad networks, you will have to choose a somewhat larger company, perhaps national in scope, with sufficient resources and experience.

In addition to agencies, businesses have other options: hire the services of individuals – who may or may not be professionals – from focused companies that are not exactly agencies or do it within the business itself, or the classic “better than my nephew/friend who knows the Internet and charges me cheaper or free.” Some go so far as to say: “I can do it alone. After all, it is very easy.” Working with freelancers or doing it yourself is always an option but it usually doesn’t bring the same benefits as working with a specialized mobile app marketing firm.

Here are the benefits of working with a mobile app marketing agency;

●    Professionalism and Responsibility: Something that characterizes good digital marketing agencies is professionalism and responsibility. When you hire one, they will surely treat each project as if it were for themselves.

●    An Agency Works Based on the Needs of Your Company: This is because these companies are better served by having satisfied customers who see an impact in terms of good ROI (return on investment) and goal achievement. Thus, they will have loyal and happy clients with their services.

●    You Will Have a Team That Supports You: The agency is made up of a group of people. When you hire the services of an agency, you do not hire a single person, but a team.

●    It Allows You to Dedicate Yourself Fully to Your Business: Hiring a mobile app marketing agency allows you, as the owner or administrator of your business, to dedicate yourself fully to it. In this way, even if you are aware of the work carried out by the marketing firm that you hire to carry out your online strategy, it will not be necessary to be after them all the time.

When to hire a mobile app marketing agency?

Companies need a mobile app marketing agency at every stage. So, it would be best if companies hire a mobile app marketing company at the early stages of their app’s development. This helps to be consumer-focused and have a more reliable marketing strategy.

And according to a recent study published by The Manifest, 68% of companies with a mobile app have a long-term and fully documented app marketing strategy. 30% of companies have a short-term plan, and only 2% do not have a plan! The same study claims poor planning can result with the death of the app.

Final Thoughts

As the number of apps on the market skyrockets, the challenges for app marketing continue to grow.

While some miraculous overnight successes will emerge from time to time, it is very rare and it is currently crucial to the success of every app to have a mobile app marketing plan in place.

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