Growth Hacker Marketing: Free Strategies To Increase App Downloads -

Growth Hacker Marketing: Free Strategies To Increase App Downloads


The truth is that App Samurai helps startups to grow. For every app you own you will be able to acquire a great number of users and not any kind of users. We are talking about customers who keep turning back to your app and they bring their friends with them. We gathered bellow a list with the most important tips for creating a relationship with users and to make them trust your brand.

Growth Hacking Strategies

It is a general misunderstanding related to the entire activity of promoting your app. With a smart marketing strategy you don’t need to break the bank and we will prove you that with our following hints on how to manage your campaign in the best way.

Creating Mobile App Referral Campaigns

Referral programs for mobile apps are those who describe the win – win situations when your users are happy with your product and you are glad that they spread the word about you. But how can you make this wonderful dream to become true? The solution is to go back to our article about Building In – App Referral Campaigns and to apply the strategies explained there. Besides all the steps required for creating a referral program, you will find interesting ways to do it. Stop losing time and win your users’ consideration.

Getting The Best Out Of Mobile Web Traffic

A great way to increase mobile app downloads is to combine web domain with app zone. To do that you need to create a brilliant landing page, to select a sensational call – to – action, to take advantage of smart web banners, to allow your users to send a link with your app on their smartphones via SMS or email and to use retargeting ads. Don’t forget to track and measure everything. More details about that you will find in our article with those 5 Clever Ways To Drive More Traffic From Website To App. Enjoy!

Going Free For A While (If You Have A Priced App)

If you own a paid app you can offer it for free for a limited period of time. Those of you who launched a free app, this is available for you too. You can give your users a product inside your app at no cost for a day or so. Instead of spending their money to make an in – app purchase, they will receive it gratis.

Make sure that your giveaway keeps maintaining its value over time. For example, think about offering a new character or a premium feature on the house. The essential movement in this situation is to alert media. Without public exposure, your campaign will remain worthless. Be generous for a while and watch what happens.

Hitting The Top At Product Hunt

Well, an account on Product Hunt is a must have for every developer. Where to promote your products if not in the most important place where everybody is looking? Yes, that is Product Hunt. As with every respectful website there are certain rules you have to follow in order to enjoy a great experience overall. To help you, we created a list with Do’s And Don’ts Of Product Hunt Success. You will discover there that you need to create your own account, not to use your company’s since the personal aspect is very important for Product Hunt. After all, you represent the product.

Using Reddit For App Promotion

Let’s say that Reddit is somehow the opposite of Product Hunt when it comes to marketers. While on Product Hunt you are encouraged to advertise your app, on Reddit you will be banned if you do. Even so, Reddit is a great website from where you can gather a huge amount of installs even if you don’t promote your app in the classic way. If you select the most appropriate sub – reddits and you are active providing useful content you will build your karma, which means that you will receive a lot of benefits. If we made you curious, we announce you that our previous article explains everything in detail.

Building Relations With Social Media Influencers

If you wonder when you will have time to promote your app and to build it, we will answer that you can ask for professional help. There are very skillful persons, able to talk about your app and you can be sure that they are listened by millions of people. Yes, you guessed that right. We are talking about social media influencers. And if you convince at least one specialized in your niche about the value of your app, then you can sit back and enjoy the results. You can find everything in our article which covers the best places you can find influencers. As a bonus, we have a special blog post about YouTube Influencers. Yes, that’s phenomenal!

Getting Featured on App Store

Getting featured on app store is very difficult, but having your app on that list will reveal more benefits than ever imagined. A really helpful article is provided by Growth Tower with various methods on how to be selected by the app store manager which handles your app category. You will need to read it to discover the most important steps you have to make before searching on Linkedin for one of the persons in charge with selecting the featured apps. And no, you can’t convince him without having a worthy app.

Don’t Separate User Retention And Acquisition Efforts

Well, this is the ultimate secret (which is not a secret anymore for our readers) of a well-designed marketing campaign. You need to create a complex strategy in order to receive the best results. Paying attention to both user acquisition and retention will offer you a more controlled campaign and it will provide only users with high lifetime value. Which is our main goal, isn’t it? We described everything in detail, while we created a plan for a better understanding. Our only advice is to not overlook great opportunities for reaching success with your creation.


Growth hacking is a method focused … well, on growth. You must get really creative and to study your analytics to stay one step ahead of your competition. Whether you chose channels aimed to bring your users closer to you or you manage to get featured on App Store, keep in mind to concentrate your efforts on both user acquisition and retention because that is the only sustainable strategy for your business.


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