Everything You Should Know About Sequential Ads -

Everything You Should Know About Sequential Ads


Every app owner faces a lot of challenges when he wants to present the app to the right users. There is a moment when he decides to create an ad campaign. For a while, everything seems to go in the right direction but soon problems start to appear. People get tired of the ad or the content isn’t relevant for a big number of viewers. You start losing money and you are far from reaching your initial goal. This complex issue generates disastrous effects. In this blog post, we will present you an amazing solution called sequential advertising.

What Is Sequential Advertising

Sequential advertising is the process of presenting ads in a special order according to a predefined frequency for the target audience. It is focused on users’ previous actions while your job is to create a story using great creatives. Because we all recognize the importance of storytelling for the success of our businesses and the results obtained after we attract customers inside the narrative flow, it is not hard to imagine the effectiveness of sequential ads. It is time to forget about boring formats and to engage users with innovative ideas.

Image Source: http://dianadaia.dk/sequential-storytelling/


Aims To Use Sequential Ads

When you create your strategy focused on sequential ads you need to decide what you want your ads to do.


Usually, sequential ads are served to the people who already shown an interest for your products. You can create a group of customers who discovered your brand but they didn’t convert so far.


After your customers saw the ad a few times already it is time to entertain them with something else. Create a different atmosphere but maintaining the general theme.

Create Brand Awareness

Sequential ads are also suitable for reaching new users.  We are talking about the moment when you want to let them know that you are there to help them whenever they need your service.

Image Source: https://blog.adstage.io/2017/05/10/facebook-sequential-advertising/


Benefits Of Creating Sequential Ads

Let’s tackle every problem and observe how sequential ads are the response in every situation.

Improved Conversion Rates

For a better understanding of this procedure, we will say that the ad will be divided into 3 segments and users need to pass through all these stages. After people viewed the first part which presents the brand for a certain period of time, the next one that touches a pain point is displayed. Next, they will see the third which convinces users that they found the right product.

Image Source: http://cultofdigital.com/ad-sequencing-on-reach-and-frequency-campaigns/

Prevent Ad Fatigue

It is pointless to go through the damages created by ad fatigue, again. We just want to make you notice that showing different ads designed within a timeframe will remove the feeling that your team created this ad with the unique purpose to bore its viewers to death.

Image Source: http://pandoraforbrands.com/solution/dynamic-display-ads/


Reaching Qualified Users

When you display the ad for those customers who already proved their interest for your app, it is a sure fact that they are in a situation when they need your app. We want to highlight the most important concept when you want to achieve new users and that would be to go for the ones who will continue to use your app after downloading it.

Increased LTV

This is the corollary of the previous statement and it says that gathering qualified customers means to increase retention and in the same time to reach users with high lifetime value. This is the only way to convince them to convert. Moreover, you can look at ad sequencing like a second chance to make people engage with your app.

Can Be Used On Almost Every Channel

There are plenty occasions when sequential ads seem to be a great choice for the plan you built for your app. Let’s observe the techniques provided by some of the most popular social networks.


The ad platform offered by Facebook allows advertisers to create up to 50 different ads for the same audience and to schedule them according to their needs. You will find an entire guide about setting a sequential ad campaign on Facebook Business.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1794229870813433

Also, if you are interested in discovering more about The Value of Storytelling on Facebook for Marketers it is important to read the entire article. We will leave here the chart used by Facebook for proving the efficiency of sequential ads.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/value-of-storytelling-on-facebook



In case you are searching for a fun approach for your campaign, then Snapchat is the answer. The company announced at the beginning of this year that it will add a sequential messaging tool to its Discover channel. Focusing on contextual targeting, this service will help marketers to crop a 30 seconds video into 3 clips of 10 seconds each. This process makes sense because Snapchat was built on the idea of storytelling since the beginning and other features launched by Snap prove this point.

Image Source: https://reportgarden.com/2017/01/19/googles-twitter-fabric/


Maximum ROAS

The ones who choose ad sequencing will observe a higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), because targeting certain users will increase the chances for customers to interact with the ad. It is a big difference between showing the ad to everybody and selecting only the ones that match the buyer persona.

High View Rates

People tend to ignore the ad not because your app isn’t valuable, just because the same ad is brought again and again in front of their eyes. When you eliminate the effects of ad fatigue you will be surprised how many viewers will be interested in your ad.

Adds Personalization

Creating a story with your ad makes viewers to feel special and to pay attention to your promotional content. When your ad doesn’t seem that it attacks them, instead it proves that it is there for offering an interesting experience, customers’ reaction is different.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important characteristics of sequential ads. Their purpose is to bring users interested in your app in a more enlightened atmosphere. Consider this technique for your ad campaign because it offers advanced features for attracting loyal users.


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