How Storytelling Can Help You To Promote Your App

This article is a story. Everything has the power to generate a story, especially a mobile app which represents an entire adventure for users. Storytelling is the art of building a narrative around an element, in this case your app. This method like many other techniques is the proof that marketing has a lot to do with psychology. If you get into your users minds your app will remain there for a long time. We will expand this idea further because it is necessary to understand that creating a story around your app has the same level of importance as building your brand.

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Why To Use Storytelling For Marketing Your App

If it is not clear yet why it is so important to paint an epic picture for your app, the answer is simple: people love stories. Besides that, there are other reasons that will convince you to consider this technique for the growth of your creation.
Easily Consumable
With storytelling you provide for your users a lighter way to understand your message. One thing is to say that your app is the best in its category and another thing is to prove them by sharing a smart story.
Captures Attention
Stories give a human aspect to your entire brand. People don’t like statistics; they just want to discover in what way your app is related to their everyday lives.
Encourages Consumer Loyalty
If you split your story into episodes users will become curious and they will open your app for more. Increase the sensation of surprise for engaging your users.

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Developing A Captivating Story Around Your App

That being said, it is necessary to highlight the best practices you have to follow when you decide to compose an amazing story for your app.

Understand Your Audience

The starting point for your strategy is really obvious. You must begin with your users and you have to discover what feeling you should create for convincing them about the value of your app. The first few seconds are very important in your presentation. We could say that they are essential for the success of your story. We discussed before the importance of onboarding and splash screen and we recommend to read again those articles because these are the main stages when you grab (or not) users’ attention. Hopper, the app that helps users finding the best deals for their flights definitely does a great job.

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Create an Emotive Content

Telling people what they would like to hear is a method to connect with them. Giving a personal touch to your brand helps you to bond with your customers and to create a relationship with them. For this reason your story should have at list a character or a hero, someone who will remain in users’ minds. Help them resonate with a strong element in your story. The best example here is Monument Valley 2 where players are eager to discover the universe of Ro and her child solving puzzles in an impossible geometry.

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Choose The Right Tone

It is essential to speak your customers’ language. If your app is funny then make them laughing out loud and if your character is serious then you should keep a humorless note. It is about introducing users in the right atmosphere and making them aware about the entire picture described by your app. For fitness apps it is very important what to say in order to encourage users to continue with their workout, just like in case of Seven, the app that promises to keep you in shape with only 7 minutes of exercises every day.

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Embrace Local

Humans tend to relate more with the elements that help them to remember certain places. If you provide them the feeling that they are part of the story you are on the right path for success. Present the journey of your characters by adding local factors to the adventure and allow users to continue the story. Just take a look at Findery, a very interesting app where “every place has a history” and offers the right environment for users to describe their favorite destinations. In the same time it takes storytelling to another level.

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Make It Newsworthy

If you build an interesting plot then it won’t be hard to win reporters’ attention. Press coverage is part of the big plan for attracting more users in the middle of your app’s action. This is the only way you can be sure that your story becomes a bestseller. In this case your app is well received by your audience. Here is what authority sites wrote about Trello, the app that helps users to manage their projects.

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Be A Didactic

Customers like to see their time well invested. Teaching them something useful is one of the most important steps of the entire process. Add hints and encourage customers to use their imagination and their knowledge to complete different tasks in your app. Be careful, not to ask too demanding skills and to make them feel like they are being tested. Just engage them in a smart way as you can see in Duolingo, language learning app where Duo the owl helps users in their efforts for learning new words.

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Prepare Your Creatives (Short Video, Texts, Gifs, Captions)

Everything we discussed so far is worthless without images that emphasize the entire sentiment of a great story. Creatives will allow users to visualize what you describe with your app. Clips that intrigue customers, funny animations that amuse them and high quality pictures which will reveal different moments from your app’s activities are mandatory for the success of your strategy. You can see in Kitchen Stories app great food stories that make you go right in the kitchen to test those recipes.

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Well, this is the story of the best practices for storytelling. It is important what story you create, but more important is how you make people believe in your story and in your brand. For our next article we prepared different methods that can help you to present your story in front of your audience with the power of social media. If we made you curious then don’t miss our next chapter.

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