Apps of Cards: 5 Popular Growth Hacking Tips for Apps -

Apps of Cards: 5 Popular Growth Hacking Tips for Apps


Every day, thousands of new apps are submitted on app stores. According to, in 2015, Apple’s App Store had reached more than thousands of apps submissions daily. We can explain this situation only as “huge competition.” When we look for the per user average app using regularly on mobile phones, we can see only 6-10 apps!
Here is the problem for developers and app owners. App stores are listing tens of categories and millions apps, and per user, only use 6-10 apps regularly (this list is including Facebook, WhatsApp with a mail app, as well!).
Do you think what percentage chance you have? Timing is important, Money is important, and Developing is important. However, do you have time for waiting? More tangible question: Don’t you want to get hundreds daily installs every day?


The question is this; “How can you reach your audience and join to the competition battle ASAP?”
The answer is “Growth Hacking.”


Here is another question;
“Are there any growth hacking tips for reaching your audience and joining the battle ASAP?”


1 – Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!
First, you need to know your competitors. Use analytics tools for tracking the rankings, changes on-pages, titles, screenshots, stars, reviews, and keywords. You can find a lot of tools to make these analyses. Also, you must track your in-app activities, such as daily active users, retention rates, crashes, uninstalls, and more. These points are very important, because you can evaluate your growth hacking efforts only with them.

2 – “Power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.”
How can you reach your potential users? Your existing users are your most powerful strike to reach your potential users. They are a lot like real estate. If you put forward the right growth engine (such as Refer your friend, login with Facebook-Twitter, shareable piece of content) they will make your advertisement for free! Do you want proof? Here it is- Uber, Instagram.

3 – Pay attention to the fine print. It’s far more important than the selling price.
Do you use cross-promotion? Your biggest weapon can be cross-promoting similar apps among each other. They should be relevant. For instance, if you have a card game on the store, you can advertise your app on similar games. It works better than a food app cross-promotion.

4 – Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps, you’d hoped I had.
Don’t let your users forget your app. The simple rule, use push notifications! By using push notifications, you can say hello to your users, sometimes. According to Localytics, app users who accepted push notifications, open the app 171 percent more often than others. Also you need to know that 52% of app users are finding push messages to be an “annoying distraction.” Don’t be annoying!
5 – It only takes ten seconds to crush a man’s ambitions.
Believe word of mouth’s power, just like Tinder. You should make PR advertisements. Use content marketing. Also, you’ll get backlinks to your website and make a great endorsement to your search engine efforts.
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