Advantages of Using Youtube Ads for Your App -

Advantages of Using Youtube Ads for Your App

Every report and study available on the market will tell you that video ads are one of the most efficient formats for increasing your user base. And it makes sense because new customers have a better understanding of what your app has to offer after watching a video. Therefore, the uninstall rate is considerably lower. So, we like video ads and we also like social media. What is the result? YouTube Ads.

What is a YouTube Ad?

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It has been a while since we discussed in detail about YouTube Ads, but some things changed during this period. So, we will summarize here the main characteristics of this technique and we will focus further on the reasons why you should consider this channel for attracting new users.

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According to the position on the page where the ad is visible there are two solutions:
In – Display – near the player, above the recommendation section.
In – Stream – inside the player, before, during or after the current video.


If we talk about the options provided for viewers to close the video then we can select:
Skippable – this type of ad allows users to close it after 5 seconds.
Non – skippable – with this kind of video, users need to spend between 15 and 30 seconds without the possibility to close it.

Why To Choose YouTube?

We will highlight why YouTube is a great solution for you when it comes to present your app to the world.

Advanced Targeting Options

The most efficient technique for gathering valuable users is to show your app to the target audience. What is the point to show (and to pay for) it for fast food lovers if your app promotes healthy habits?

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Target by keywords, related websites, location, age, interests.

When you want to select the right category of users who will find your app useful for them, YouTube offers you a great number of choices according to demographics, interests and preferences. The snippet displayed above describes all the options you can choose from when you want to select the group of people who will watch your ad.

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Ads are based on people’s Google Search histories.

Moreover, YouTube allows you to show your ad according to the topics searched before by potential users. This is one of the features added by Google at the beginning of this year. If you discover a pattern which reveals that customers look for something related to your app then you can be sure that your ad attracts them to the app stores.

Budgeting Options

It is very hard to decide if this strategy worth the investment of your financial resources, but YouTube ads provides some benefits which can convince you to give it a chance.

Don’t have to pay for ad if it is skipped.

In case you select skippable ads and the viewer doesn’t watch the clip until the end, then you should know that you won’t pay for that view. In the end, the effect generated by the ad is what counts the most.

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Different length options can be chosen according to the budget.

If you want to promote your app with a YouTube ad you will discover that the payment is set according to the length of the ad. If you want to show more, than you will pay more. Keep in mind thought that with all the money in the world if your video is boring and done in the wrong way the results won’t be the ones you wanted.

Channel Conformity

The video content makes the difference between YouTube and any other social media channels.

Since YouTube is a video channel, people are likely to continue watching the video while your ad comes up.

The best part is that people come to YouTube for watching videos and the transition between the searched video and the ad is more natural than the adaptation from text to video. The channel presents the same rich content in the ad as the one displayed in the search results.


When you use Google AdWords for creating your video campaign things are getting easier with every step completed.

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Create custom combinations.

The point with Youtube ads is that you are in charge for the appearance of the video and the budget you spend. You can create your video according to your needs and to your target audience. If you need guidance for setting professional videos using your smartphone, you can go to the official website and to follow the advices presented for creating a video. YouTube Director is a free app which can help you with the process. Don’t forget that more tips for optimizing your video campaign are available on Google Support page.

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Get detailed insights.

In the same time, Google offers a strong folder of articles which can teach you how to create representative video ads for your brand. Additionally, with YouTube Analytics you can keep track of your campaign because this tool is the easiest way to measure your results.

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It is applicable for mobile app marketing by linking ad to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Google offers multiple methods for promoting your app according to the purpose of your campaign, as you can see in the screenshot presented below, but only the first two are apropriate for the strategy presented here. In case you select Universal app campaigns you can add a YouTube video link for showing your ad also on YouTube. If you want to increase the number of downloads with Mobile app installs, you have the opportunity to link your ad to the main app markets for a direct access to your app store page.

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Oh, YouTube – a never ending story. We can discuss this marketing technique over and over again because it represents one of the most efficient methods for promoting your app. Whether you go for a preview video uploaded on your YouTube channel, or you prefer a YouTube ad with more targeting options or maybe you consider YouTubers as a great solution for your strategy, YouTube represents, without doubt, a valuable source of loyal users.


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