7 Reasons Why Developers Should Use App Promo Videos -

7 Reasons Why Developers Should Use App Promo Videos


Do you remember our discussion about app store videos? Even if their names are different depending on the platform your app is uploaded, App Preview in Apple App Store and Promo Video in Google Play Store, promotional videos are simple methods that allow you to present your app. Instead of asking why to use them, the right question is: “Why not?”

Top Reasons For Using An App Promo Video

We will start from the premise that you followed the best practices for creating an amazing video and we will explain how efficient it can be for promoting your app.

It Gives A Brief Description Of Your App

When you want people to understand the purpose of your app, a promo video will do the job in just a few seconds. Potential users will be more willing to discover your creation without the need of reading huge amounts of text. Moreover, if the app provides an interesting experience it is harder to describe it using only screenshots. A short clip is a right way to bring people in the atmosphere created by your app. In the same time, you can upload the video on your app’s landing page. Make sure that you intrigue them with your video in order to convince them to download it.

Image Source: http://blog.usabilla.com/16-inspiring-app-landing-pages-and-8-reasons-why-they-are-effective/


It Provides Precedence Over Other Apps

Let’s put it this way, between an app with a presentation video and a similar app without it, what would be your choice if you were one of your customers? That’s right. A promo video can offer you an advantage in front of your competitors because it shows your users that you took some time to present them your app in a more entertaining manner. And you always need to be a step ahead of your opponents, don’t you?

It Is A Remarkable Medium

With almost every article we discussed how effective videos can be when you want to advertise your app. There are a lot of statistics and charts that show this fact and if you think about it with a few taps, an entirely different world is revealed in front of your eyes without any effort from your side. Additionally, video represents a great channel for reaching special categories of users like Millennials.

Image Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leveraging-app-promotion-videos-george-nader


It Shows Users How To Use The App

For a more complex app, a preview video is almost mandatory for describing users in what way your app can help them to complete the wanted tasks. This is also useful for a game to present the characters or the main levels. Creating a short tutorial explaining to them how to use it and the right path for the wanted activities will make your app more understandable and will provide for its users a better method to handle it. This way, customers will have a more advanced knowledge of the way your creation functions.

It Can Easily Be Shared

When you create a funny or an engaging video nothing will stop viewers to share it with all the people they know. If it is a recommendation from their friends, potential users will watch it without knowing that it presents an app which can be useful for them as well.  This way your video will become viral and it will reach a wider audience than with any other advertising form you could consider. Prepare yourself to count the new users who will realize that they need your app.

It Can Be Used On YouTube And On Other Social Platforms

YouTube is the go-to platform whenever people are interested in a certain topic as we said above. There are various options there, from YouTube Ads to influencers and the possibility of creating your own channel. All these opportunities contribute to a bigger chance of increasing your app’s discoverability. Like YouTube, there is also Vimeo and many other video platforms with the same benefits. Moreover, a smart video would be very useful for every social media network. Now, this is available also for Snapchat with its new tool, Snap Publisher which transforms any horizontal video into a vertical one. The solutions are endless when it comes to sharing your video over the entire Internet.

Image Source: https://snappublisher.snapchat.com/welcome


It Contributes To Brand Identity

One of the best practices for creating great promo videos is to insert your logo or a small icon of your app in the landscape for making users remember your brand. With a high-quality product, you can spread the word about your business and make customers coming back to your company whenever they will need your services. We should mention that a presentation video will help you also to build a story around your app. You know that it is not enough to build an amazing app. It is also necessary to bring it in front of its users.

Significant Examples

To prove our point we will give you some real examples of apps that managed to show their functionality with well-designed videos. Because we have an entire collection of stories about successful apps, we thought we should take advantage of it and to watch their promo clips.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley needs no presentation. It is an amazing game with impressive graphics which reveals an impossible world. How to describe such an amazing experience only with words and a few screenshots? A video is mandatory for making users understand the adventure behind the game.


Do you know Mint, the financial app which helps you to keep track of your budget? What way is better to make you understand why you need such an app than a promo video which displays exactly the main features of Mint. It shows that users can enjoy life even more if they have this app downloaded on their devices.


We hope we clarified all your concerns regarding app promo videos and you will consider this technique as an extra method for attracting valuable users. Feel free to share your opinions and, why not to add your promotional video in the comments section telling us how useful was this article for you.


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