3 Engaging Feedback Channels To Create Exceptional Mobile User Experience -

3 Engaging Feedback Channels To Create Exceptional Mobile User Experience


We always speak about the bond between brand and customer. Better saying, the link between app owner and user. Now it is time to detail this concept for the sake of your app. The relationship between you and your customers is the keynote which defines the success of every strategy you manage. There are many solutions for sending your ideas to users, like in – app messaging and push – notifications, but now we are talking about two-way communication, when users answer to your questions with their feedback.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Feedback?

Let’s begin by highlighting what is the point of seeking feedback from your customers.

Grow Retention

A survey published by Apptentive reveals that almost 90% of customers that receive a response to their feedback continue to work with that company. Why to stick with the rest of 10% when it takes a little work to solve one of the biggest concerns of every app owner, which is retention rate?

Improve UX

You can implement many features for your app, but which ones really worth the effort? Users know the answer. If you want to invest the right resources into your app listen to them. They will be impressed if they are part of the brainstorming process.

Increase Ad Revenue

With users’ feedback in your hand you are able to create more targeted and personalized ads. Using the information collected will help you to develop the right strategy for monetizing your app.

Increase In – App Purchases

If you know what are users’ requests you will manage to provide exactly what they want. Showing the right products at the right time will help you increase app conversions.

Encourage Referrals

It is known that satisfied users tend to share the app more. Provide them this feeling by showing how important is their opinion for the success of the app.

Improve App Ratings And Reviews

Another conclusion from Apptentive states that 77% to 80% of potential users take a look over reviews before installing an app. Furthermore, the percentages of the respondents who are influenced by reviews are impressive. Create a path for receiving bad reviews before they get published on app store.

Make Use Of Multiple Feedback Channels

The great thing with the evolution of technology is that you have multiple chances to discover users’ opinions.

Different Advantages

Keep in mind that every method complements each other. There is no such thing like the perfect solution. Every channel has its advantages and disadvantages, but mostly the benefits provided by each one will help you decide what works for your app.

Reach More Users

Feedback channels create the opportunity for users to share their thoughts. With multiple solutions you can be sure that you can reach every segment of your audience.

Provide Flexibility

Multiple channels offer users the preferred environment for expressing their ideas. Allowing them to set the terms for discussions will increase the value of the message.

Utilize 3 Feedback Channels

Let’s cover the most important solutions for connecting with your customers.

1. Social Media

The nature of social media is to allow the communication between two persons. Why those members of discussion wouldn’t be the user and the responsible of the app. If you ask yourself the key points of this channel, here they are.

Image Source: http://www.apptamin.com/blog/getting-feedback/

High Response Rate

On social networks everyone is more willing to express his opinion on any topic. It gives you the great benefit of discussing about your app with different people.

Informal, Candid Comments

Social media determine the interaction between you and your customers in a unique style. People on social channels are ready to share thoughts about every aspect of your app. You just need to start the discussion and wait for all types of answers. Find their focal point and apply the result to your app.

Target Engaged Users 

There are many chances that your most valuable users are part of your online community. Challenge them to detail their perspective on the most useful features and to spread that attitude to their contacts.

2. E-Mail Surveys

E-mail marketing was, is and will always be one of the most useful channels to stay in touch with your users. But what are the characteristics of questionnaires sent by e-mail?

Image Source: https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/share-survey-via-email

Low Response Rate

There are few users who pay attention to e-mails coming from businesses, unless they trust the brand. So, you can be sure that the responses you get are coming from already engaged users.

Detailed Feedback

Being already familiar with the app, the ones that do answer to your e-mails will share all the information required and beyond. Take advantage of this opportunity and assure them that their responses are being heard.

Engage Offline Users

In the same time customers will help you determine your app’s major flaws and this way you will know how to engage other persons who are not using your app as often as they should.

3. In-App Chat

In-App Chat is an innovative method to communicate inside the app. Besides the user to user conversations, this feature provides user to brand discussions for feedback and customer support. It is not that handy to implement this service but the following advantages will show you if it is a good investment of resources.

Image Source: https://www.getapp.com/customer-service-support-software/a/helpshift/

Very High Response Rate

Being a channel where the conversation is live, it represents a good source for collecting information about the app. In the same time users will be impressed by the fact that you take time to ask about their opinions.

Actionable Insights

Because the communication happens inside the app, eventually between activities user’s answers are influenced by the experience he had before “chatting”. With this frictionless solution he can continue using the app after the conversation ends.

Ask Short And Simple Questions

Remember not to become boring and never increase the length of discussion more than it should. Respect the time users allocate for giving you their feedback.

Be Personal

Don’t forget to select only the questions related to that specific user, because the point is to increase his engagement not annoying him. Show him that you recognize his preferences and act like you are one of his friends.

5 Tips To Communicate Better

Now that you know where to communicate your ideas, let’s give you some tips to approach your users.

Look Alive!

Your app is not the only one which needs constantly improvements. Your connection with customers requires frequently upgrades. The main result of this action is to grow users’ interest for the app and consequently to increase retention rate. Show them that you care about what they have to say.

Be Swift!

After you receive a feedback from a user, the next urgent step is to answer it, and not only with words. You need to accomplish his requirements. This way he will notice that you value his opinion.

Follow up!

After gathering the wanted responses don’t put an end to your communication. Continue the dialog with high quality messages for a long term relationship. Don’t forget to thank them at every step for their help to improve the app.

Image Source: https://www.kayako.com/blog/the-proper-way-to-ask-for-customer-feedback/

Keep It Real!

Defining what message to communicate and the right time to do that is the key of the entire process. If your question has nothing to do with user’s experience inside the app, the result will be opposite of what you wanted in the first place. Follow users’ behavior and make your move. Use their names whenever you have the chance.

Act On It!

Now that you have all this information in front of you, there is no time to wait. Act according to users’ demands. Show your gratitude, improve your app, and release updates! With valuable data in your hands there is no excuse for not knowing how to get in front of your competitors.

Final Thoughts

It is vital for the success of your app to build a relationship with your customers. And we are talking about listening to their feedback, because what users have to say is equally important as your messages towards them. After applying the practices you read above prepare yourself for a better image of your entire brand in the eyes of your customers. And that is a really big deal!


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