Video Marketing Channels For Your App Promotion

The video is one of the best ways while promoting your app. It is because it helps you boosting engagement, generating leads and attracting more users. If you wonder the importance of video marketing, the blog post published by G2 Crowd shows 60 statistics proving the power of video marketing
Maybe you are in the stage of producing video or you’ve already created one. You should probably have several useful ideas about how to use this video. There are lots of ways and you should plan for it to make the best. At this point, we want to offer you available channels for optimum utilization of your video.

Video On App Stores

If you want to target your app fans with video marketing, your store page is a perfect way to highlight your app’s unique features by adding video. There are several differences between Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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Apple App Store

Apple lets you create 30-second app previews for iPhone and iPad apps. It was introduced at WWDC14 and called an “App Preview”.
Apple’s guideline for App Preview is as below:


Google Play

Google Play allows adding a promotional video URL. Your video is showed up right next to the app screenshots on desktop while you can play it by just tapping the play button on mobile. Additionally;

  • You can localize your video if you target global audience in different foreign languages.
  • Transcripts in different languages are automatically displayed based on user’s language settings.
  • Each view you get from Google Play Store is counted as a view on YouTube. It is awesome!

Alternative App Stores

You can also target alternative app stores like Amazon App Store,, The most famous one is Amazon as you know. While gaining visibility is hard on Google Play and iOS App Store, alternative app stores offer you better visibility, monetization benefits, lower competition and ease of integration.

Video Ads

Video ads have an important role for the mobile world. It is because over half of video advertising is viewed on mobile. Moreover, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads let you add a direct Install Now button with a video thumbnail. If your potential customers like what they see, click “Install Now” button and are directed to app store page.


Facebook advices about video ads are below:


Instagram Video Ads

If you’re already managing ads on Facebook, it will be easy to use your ads on Instagram thanks to Facebook’s power editor. Although not required, it is recommended to use 1:1 (square) ratio ads. You can see the best ad experimentally.
Like Facebook, your video plays with no sound until the user taps on it. As you know videos are autoplay, so the first few seconds are crucial encouraging users watching.

Twitter Video Ads

About a year after we met with mobile app promotion via app cards in 2014, Twitter introduced mobile app install ads with video. Twitter lets you target by location, specific devices, and OS, mobile carriers as well as things like keywords/followers/interests or using your own data with Tailored Audiences.
Like Facebook and Instagram, videos play with no sound and they are autoplay.

Ad Networks

You should have heard of “native ad”. Since they look and let people feel like natural form, they don’t ruin the user experience. And most of the native ads are in the form of video ads as offering better conversion rates. App publishers also believe that rewarded video is the best for the user’s app experiences.
Video ads generally last between 15 – 30 seconds. Yes, you are right, it is short. If you add the essential points including your app name, key benefits or gameplay, and a call to action, video ads carry you to your target point.

  • Keep the text in the video short and big enough
  • Add a clear CTA (Download Now etc.) at the end of your video
  • Comply with video formats
  • Keep in mind that you present your app someone who has no knowledge of it

The App Website/Landing Page

Creating a website is among pre-launch marketing strategies. If you design it user-friendly and add content enough clear and informative, it helps users obtain a good understanding of your app.
You don’t need to wait until launching your app to embed your promotional video. It would be good to add “Coming Soon” version of the video with a CTA inviting people being notified when the app is launched.
I want to give you a few offers:

  • Add headline along with a short description, your promo video and a call to action (CTA) to download the app
  • Put the video above the page or right after the CTAs
  • Choose the thumbnail that integrates with the video content nicely rather than creating a custom thumbnail


Video On YouTube Channel

The first thing coming to mind is YouTube when talking about video. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so we can’t ignore this platform. An engaging or creative video means a good amount of views. A good amount of views mean good conversions and more app downloads. Just a few things you should take care:

  • Title: It should include your app name and some keywords, and should be user-friendly
  • Description: It should include important keywords and a link to your app or website. At the end of the description, you can add other important links.
  • Choose the right tags and add them from the most important one to the least
  • Create a custom thumbnail that is working both big and small

Bloggers And Journalists

As embedding your app on your website, you can consider circulating it to bloggers and journalists. They are really busy with hundreds of emails each day. By sending your video, you can draw their attention as well as ease their job. Just make sure these professional bloggers and journalists are convinced to review your app along with a video link, your video and pitch need to be effectively designed.

Feature In Email

Featuring your app video in emails increases awareness about your app. If you add a YouTube link to your email, it displays a video thumbnail at the end of the email. It is perfect that Google integrates its own products with the other, right! Any email you send, it is good to include the app’s video link to increase app awareness and visibility.

Other Video Platforms

I’ve listed the basic ones. Of course, there are other ways to use your video like Product Hunt, Quora, Startup-Videos, Dailymotion, Flickr, Vimeo, forums etc. Upload your video on these platforms by choosing appropriate title, description, and keywords.

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