Boost Campaign, Burst Campaigns and ASO

The Natural Synergy Between Boost Campaigns and ASO

Consumers downloaded over 204 billion apps in 2019. An unsurprising statistic. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that digital, mobile, apps, market-competition and all the other modern buzzwords affect our ability to perform efficiently. Marketers and advertisers are frequently hunting for ‘growth hacks’, or strategies to maximize impact with minimal input. We are going to be discussing exactly that, the combination of ASO and boost campaigns. If executed effectively, the sum total is more effective than the individual parts. 

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What are Boost Campaigns? 

A Boost campaign also referred to as a burst campaign, is an aggressive process of spending large amounts of money on any given advertising campaign, designed to gain installs or conversions. Usually, the aim is to acquire users quickly, in a short period of time (usually 24-48 hours). After this, the campaign aggression and volume tapers out. The benefits of boost campaigns are:

  • App gets a prominent place under the ‘New Release’ menu in app stores
  • Sharp growth within a matter of days
  • Increases your organic and inorganic downloads with qualified and engaged users
  • Improved visibility in search engine results
  • Organic uplift
  • Increased app exposure and traffic

Before Starting Your Boost Campaign…

The Natural Synergy Between Boost Campaigns and ASO

Boost campaigns, due to the short window of growth, must be planned appropriately, and with precision. It is also important that your app, marketing materials, and ASO optimization are complete and bug-free. Why? this might be the highest level of traffic and exposure your app will receive in a long time, perhaps even in its lifespan. Additionally, it is important that you’ve tested your app’s ability to handle a large amount of increasing traffic in a short timeframe. This is critical, as paying for large volumes of traffic your app cannot handle will not only render your boost campaign unsuccessful but also potentially harm your brand long-term. Whilst perhaps not a boost campaign, an example of the negative impacts of a product unable to handle large volumes of traffic was the Anthem release in 2019, by Electronic Arts (EA). Like many game releases, there were some initial speedbumps. However, gamers did not offer EA and Bioware any grace and the launch was damaged, and the game went onto mediocre success. 

What is ASO?

ASO or App Store Optimization is the process of making your app more visible and discoverable by users on any application store, especially on Google Play and the App Store. It is the app’s equivalent to an SEO strategy for the web. Surprisingly enough, whilst SEO is a search term yielding a large search volume on Google, the same interest is not true for ASO, with many small-medium apps neglecting this facet of marketing altogether. Considering the sheer volume of app competition and that 65% of app downloads come through organic searches on the iOS App Store, according to Apple, ASO should certainly not be neglected. Some simple goals and outputs of ASO are:

  • To rank higher than competitors in the App Store, Google Play and other application stores. 
  • To rank specifically higher for researched keywords on the App Store, Google Play and other application stores. 
  • To increase download conversion rate
  • To decrease advertising costs through increased conversion

Keyword ASO Vs Conversion Rate ASO

There are two main branches of ASO, keyword optimization and conversion rate ASO. 

  • Keyword optimization: In this method, an ASO marketer optimizes the important and relevant keywords in an app’s metadata to rank them higher in any application store on those keywords. 
  • Conversion rate optimization: The aim is to increase conversion upon landing on the app store page, or from previewing it from the application store’s search results. There are a variety of methods to achieve this, however, it generally involves auditing, testing and strategizing the use of all assets related to the app store page. This includes visual and video assets, app name, category, and copy. A/B tests are a popular testing method to gain insight into the best combination of app asset combinations, geared to conversion. 

How to Execute an ASO Strategy

Keyword research and market research

Keyword research is an essential step of any good ASO strategy. Make sure to search for all keyword variations: longtail, short tail, and various keyword combinations. In addition to this, look for keywords with less competition but higher search volume as it enables your app to connect with your potential audience with less effort. 

Google play store optimization and A/B testing

The next process is to embrace optimization of your app’s on-meta-data (such as title, developer name, description, icon, screenshots, feature graphic) and off-metadata factors (out of your control but you can influence them like installs volume, ratings, and user reviews). To launch your app, you will need to implement the Google Play Store optimization to work on different elements of your listing, to improve both visibility and conversion rate to install. After that, to carry out A/B testing, you need to create 2 different versions of your listing, and then compare them against each other.


The process of ASO never stops; the market, as well as the Google Play Store, keeps evolving, so it is necessary for marketers and advertisers to be updated with the current market, search algorithm changes and competitors. 

The Synergy Between Boost Campaigns and ASO 

The benefits of ASO and of boost campaigns are enhanced by executing both of these strategies in tandem. Firstly, ASO can assist the effectiveness of your boost campaign, through increased visibility, and most importantly, conversion on your aggressive media buying campaign. Then, after the 24-48 hour boost campaign is complete, there should be a marked increase in organic uplift, due to the increased traffic, downloads and conversions, which the App Store and Google Play favor highly. Therefore, the boosted campaign will have a lasting positive effect on your ASO strategy, through assisting the app’s ranking. In the example provided above, App Samurai boosted their client’s organic uplift by 160% after the CPI boost campaign was executed.  

However, as mentioned above. Not only should ASO and boost campaigns be executed carefully, with planning and precision, but additionally, to launch them in tandem requires additional attention to detail. Your ASO strategy should be complete and tested prior to commencing your boost campaign. 

Final Thoughts About Boost Campaigns and ASO

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, marketers and advertisers will continue to ramp up their app-centric marketing efforts. ASO is the mere foundation of this, and boost campaigns are an effective user acquisition tool. Use them together and see how simply combining these two effective strategies, with a little finesse, can amplify your app downloads, conversions, and visibility. 

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