How To Promote Simulation Apps

Today we will discuss simulation apps and we have two situations in mind; the games created for entertaining players with realistic effects and the apps meant to help users handle delicate issues. Either way, when you own this type of app, it isn’t easy to make your product visible without a smart strategy. Let’s build one!

Business Model

We’ve been talking a lot about real – life simulators lately and you have a pretty good idea about the most efficient methods available for promoting this type of apps. But let’s focus a little on the monetization options for this category. For a better understanding, we should take a peek at the most popular games on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is good to know that this type of games is suitable for all kinds of solutions when it comes to choosing a business model. While free – to – play apps convince some users to try new games, other players prefer to pay once and to enjoy the entire experience without in – game ads and all kinds of items that need to be bought. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a paid app with in – app purchases. If you know your users and you consider their requirements you can make the best decision. Just remember how Design Home or Gardenscapes did it! Speaking of simulation apps, Game Dev Story allows you to manage your virtual game company. Try it and see how it goes!

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Top Simulation Games on iOS App Store 

Top Simulation Games on Google Play Store


How To Promote Simulation Apps

From driving cars to building empires, these games offer everything but it is really difficult to stand out in this competitive market. Let’s see how to conquer your audience.

Perfect Port

Many sim apps come from PCs. If this fact can be considered an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, it really depends on the way they were adapted for small screens. For this reason, users are eager to compare the mobile app with the game they used to play on PC. If you manage to intrigue players and to engage them with this new style then you have a promising product. Take for example The Sims Mobile. Everybody knows the version for desktop and it was really challenging to recreate the same experience for mobile devices. Actually, there were a few attempts of other development teams before but without too much success. Going back to the official version and reading users’ opinions we discover that this app is even better than Sims 4 which means that the experts behind the game did a great job.




The purpose of simulation games is to … well, simulate snippets from the real world. And that fact needs to be obvious for your game if you want to attract users. Focus on special animations and graphics and use real-life models for your vehicles. Add more diversity when you create the missions and allow users to play it in an intuitive way because they will feel frustrated if the levels are too challenging. Avoid the situation when they announce that it takes too much time to win a level and because of that, they will uninstall it. On the other hand, do you know all those app store reviews that start with: “It’s a good game but I have some suggestions…”? With Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is hard to say that because it has everything we mentioned above and more. And the best part is that it is suitable for all ages and it can be played without the internet connection.


Promo Video

When we talk about simulation games we realize that it is very hard to describe the atmosphere captured by the game. But there is a way that shows users how great your app can be. And that solution is making a video about your game. This is the perfect opportunity to show the gameplay and to demonstrate that your app’s worth users’ attention. If you trust your skills you can do that promo video by yourself, otherwise, it is better to ask a professional to create an impressive video for you. And of course, there is also another solution. The one implemented by Mojang, the company behind Minecraft is to allow users to play with the app and to promote their own creations. There is an entire community built around this idea. The conclusion is that you get to save money and you have plenty of benefits. Not to mention that you connect with your users in a special way, observing their point of view about your game.


Special Effects

What is a simulation app without the feeling that you are living in the game? And the new technology has the power to create this sensation. Some apps in this category offer the right environment for users to enjoy virtual reality headsets. Your app needs to provide various features that help users imagine that they are in the middle of the action. Let’s say that you are afraid of spiders. A well – designed tool that allows you to face your fear is all you need. Another example is when you want to ride a roller – coaster but you are too scared to try this in real life. What can you do? You take advantage of virtual reality and you enjoy the entire experience without taking any unnecessary risks. Of course, you can adapt this idea also for mobile applications but VR devices offer a more realistic feeling. Just take a look at VR Roller Coaster For Google Cardboard and you will understand our point.


Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, simulation apps provide a lot of advantages for all users who want to experience real-life adventures from anywhere, anytime. There are certain techniques you need to implement in order to convince the audience that your app will recreate the right atmosphere which allows them to practice their skills. With a little help from users and applying innovative technology, everything is possible!


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