How to Adapt to Shorter App Names On App Store

What Is New in App Store

This statistic from Statista shows that starting with June 2016, on Apple App Store are available more than 2 million apps.
Taking this into consideration, on September 1, 2016 Apple announced that will be some improvements in Apple App Store starting September 7, 2016. One of these improvements is to look for quality apps. If an app follows the market’s guidelines then it will remain, otherwise it will be removed.

The other change that will be made is to limit the length of app names to 50 characters. Being known the fact that search is the most used methods to find apps on App Store, Apple wants to help its users and to reduce the number of characters in app names because some developers have used a lot of words to name their apps to affect the search result, even with some descriptions that are not related to the app. This is useless for users because not all the app name is visible on App Store.
The apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately form app store. If your app doesn’t meet the requirements you will get a message from the App Store team to inform you that you need to update the app within 30 days. However, the app name will still be associated with your app and it will remain in your account so other developers won’t be able to use that name. While it will no longer be visible on app store, the app remains functional for current users and they can make in – app purchases. Still, App Store recommends you to update it to be functional for new users too.

  1. Choose a simple, preferably short name. People will remember it easier so, it won’t be difficult for them to spread the word about your app.
  2. Add only one or two of the most important features to the title. You have to understand that users don’t have time to read all those features of your amazing app and you have available only 23 characters before they press the “More” button.
  3. Make your app’s name unique. Stand out of the crowd.
  4. Never add pieces of other famous app to your app name. The name will be much longer and your users will be disappointed. And, of course, your app will be removed from App Store.
  5. Find the best keywords related to your app and add them without passing the 50 characters line. Studies have shown that keywords are important in choosing a name for the app. There are a lot of tools available for you to find the best keywords, like Sensor Tower, Search Man and others. Use them to increase your chances when users search for an app in Apple App Store. 
  6. Don’t include special characters into your app name. The app name is used by Apple to create the app’s URL.
  7. If you localize your app try to find short synonyms of your app in other languages. It’s great to have a localized app but pay attention to word’s length in those other languages. Choose simple and easy to pronounce words.
  8. Stick with the name you choose. If you keep testing your app name, your app will never be famous. Choose the right name and enjoy the results.


It’s a great thing that Apple looks to make improvements in Apple App Store and more important, that will be an ongoing process. Those who try very hard to create an amazing app must remain and enjoy the results of their work, but those who just throw random apps with stuffed names on the market that are never updated and no longer function should be removed from the market.

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