Marketing Essentials For Your Mobile Indie Game -

Marketing Essentials For Your Mobile Indie Game

We won’t tell you how hard is to be an independent developer because you know that very well. Taking into account all the success stories from other game developers, you would believe that you are the only one who faces a lot of challenges when you want to present your creation in front of your audience. But you are not and we are here to help you.

How To Market Indie Game Apps

It is pointless to go over the struggles of each indie game developer because there is one above all others. How to promote your app when you don’t have a high budget for this purpose? You will be glad to hear that there are plenty of solutions and we are going to enumerate some of the most useful ones.

Make A Website For Your App

You shouldn’t stick only with what Google Play Store and Apple App Store offer you for presenting your app. It is about combining in-app efforts with mobile web in order to gather users from all mobile corners.

Make A Dedicated Landing Page

In case you created an indie game studio you probably have a website for your business but you must create a special page for each game you build. We talked before about the key elements mandatory for a landing page so you already know what you have to do.

Put App Store Links

In the same time, you probably know that a website where you talk about your app must include visible links to the app store. Otherwise, what is the point to make users curious about your game if they don’t know what to do next?

Create A Blog

A very efficient method to attract customers and to win their trust is to share your thoughts on a blog. Create a story around your app and describe how you came up with the idea, the development solutions you integrated and other engaging aspects which will increase the interest to your work.

Give Importance To Creatives

It is important to highlight inside this helper the benefits provided by high-quality visuals. These elements are very useful when you create your website or you want to connect with your users.

Make A Spectacular Trailer

A trailer offers all kinds of engaging hints about your game but you must follow some guidelines. First of all, you need to keep it short and attractive. If you have professional reviews or good quotes from customers don’t forget to add them. And also a clear Call To Action is crucial in the final stage of the clip.

Use Gripping Screenshots

It is one thing to tell users about your game and it is a different story to create a special feeling with some sophisticated pictures which will do all the talk for you. Put them along with your game description whenever you will have the chance.

Show Your Uniqueness

Be creative; don’t follow the path described by others. Add your personal touch and adapt the rules according to your style. Always original ideas received extra attention from users.

Gather A Fan Base

Another important step is to pay attention to the communities created for games because being a loyal member of these channels and posting frequently on these networks will offer you long-term results.

Participate In Indie Game Communities

In this sector you have a plethora of opportunities, just take a look at the list published by PixelProspector. You can join subreddits created on Reddit like Indie Games Subreddit or Play My Game Subreddit. Don’t forget our advice about promoting an app on Reddit. In the same time, you can use Facebook Groups. Indie Game Developers and Indie Game Players And Developers are just two of them. You can find many others that support indie game developers. Let’s not forget about mobile game forums and we can send you right now to GameDev, DevMaster or TouchArcade to check the latest discussions about this great domain (but don’t forget to come back here to finish our guide for promoting mobile indie games).

Get Featured On Product Hunt

You already know that Product Hunt is a great place where you can meet your target audience. Remember that it is crucial to choose the right category for your app and that you should post as early as possible. But never ask for upvotes and always use a personal account.

Post Regularly On Twitter

This solution comes very handy especially if you already used Twitter to keep in touch with your friends. Don’t forget to add some hashtags like #gamedev, #indiedev or #indiegame when you talk about your game or when you share insights from your work. Not only that but you should engage in conversations for making sure that you are creating a solid community.

Share Your Game Before Launch

Offering some snippets from your game, before you upload it on the market, will increase suspense and users will be more eager to download it. Keep in mind to allow them to sign up. This way they will be notified when the game will be released.

Localize Strategically

When you want to reach a wider audience it is very important to know all the details on how to create a smart localization strategy. After reading our article you will discover that there are more elements involved in the process than you initially believed. It is not only about translating the app!

Utilize Press Release

Press is a powerful tool when you want to send the right message to your potential customers.

Make A Press Kit

If you want to discover how to approach a reporter, you should know that a press kit is essential for summarizing all the necessary information about your game. Get all the details you need from one of our previous blog posts.

Create A Wish List

When you want to use press coverage for marketing your game you will need email addresses from authority sites in the field. Take your time and create a list of the most important ones.

Contact Directly With The Press

The final point is to convince experts to talk about your app. It is not enough to compose a general message and to send it to all the people on your list. You are the one who represents your studio and in the same manner, reporters are also real persons. So it shouldn’t be so hard to communicate with them.

Final Thoughts

How about that? We just highlighted some of the (almost) free methods available for you to promote your mobile indie game. And we didn’t even mention about other important opportunities like the ones created by App Samurai when you just need to sign up for winning free ad credit for your app. Come back to our website whenever you have the chance to discover all the surprises prepared for you.


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