How to Promote Puzzle Apps ?


Do you love solving puzzles? Have you ever wanted to develop your puzzle app? Maybe you are looking for a way to promote your already existing puzzle app. There are so many mobile puzzle games that it can be difficult for users to decide what they should play. Developers don’t know how their game might stand out in such a crowded market, and new apps continue popping up every day.

If you are also facing these issues…

Well, read on, as this blog post will teach you how to market your own puzzle app. Along with this, we’ll be providing some tips on how best to get the word out about your new game.

App’s Business Model

The best way to monetize your game is by either showing ads or using a freemium model. The first option may seem like the easier of two, but this can backfire and lead people away from what you want them focused on, and no app owner wants this to happen. Be you need to be careful when using paid ads, especially about their frequency.

Similarly, you should know how to display them in the right places without disturbing the app’s interface. Or else you will lose your money and potential users. There are many ways to monetize your game.

One of the effective ways is through purchases, but if you want people’s attention, then your puzzle app needs to be impressive, or they’ll just spend their money elsewhere.

Another way would be asking for payment before playing- this might work well with some while others may not have much patience when it comes time to pay up.

Finally, there could potentially even become one final solution: offering beta trials where users who subscribe will get access ahead of release so that feedback can help shape future versions. To help you, we examined and analyzed the best puzzle games on both popular markets, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you are looking for inspiration to design your promotion strategy, we recommend observing the Heads Up! Blackbox, Mushroom 11, Inks, or Monument Valley have the best strategy.

How to Promote Puzzle Apps

Now it’s time to discuss how you can promote your new puzzle app in the best way possible. Below you will find some useful techniques which will help you to promote your app. Best of luck!

Is Your App Awesome and Includes All the Necessary Features?

The hints for this stage are challenging, fun, and physics-related. In order to successfully market and promote your app in a way that will gain attention from users, you should make it awesome.

When creating an “awesome” app, you can include various items, such as interesting facts about the game’s content or interface design, creative ways players interact with objects, and much more. For some, it can be difficult, but it is essential for the app’s success.

User-friendly games are more likely to be successful than difficult ones. Find the right balance between overly challenging and too easy, as players want a challenge but not frustration when they play your game.

Your aim should be that users won’t find any bugs in your app. Try to keep their focus on clues instead of errors inside an app. A perfect example of this case is Infinity Loop, a popular puzzle game that many users appreciate. The game is engaging as well as very relaxing.

Which Solution Can Improve Your App’s Discoverability?

The next thing to focus on is a descriptive app title, clear and appealing descriptions of your product with relevant keywords in them. Moreover, try to use high-quality screenshots or video presentations for your puzzle app.

Similarly, try to add impressive preview videos to leave people wanting more. In simple words, pay attention to App Store Optimization, which will help bring customers by showing your app higher on searches.

If you want your game to be found when people open the app store, it needs an excellent discovery strategy. That means making sure they can find all of its best features and most important parts right off the bat so that whatever else there may be in-between doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Furthermore, the best thing is that you will see different sections of puzzle apps and games on both popular app markets. This means you can reach and meet your target users more comfortably.

For example, try to figure out why Candy Crush Saga is still in the top position on both app stores even after many years.

Spread the Puzzle App in the Best Way

You’re doing great so far! You need to be the biggest marketer of your game. When it comes to social media, there are a number of different channels for you. All have their own benefits depending on what audience or personas we want our product marketed towards.

Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, while Twitter is more niche in scope at just 304 million users but offers immediacy with shorter messaging lengths due to its quick character limit.

Instagram boasts 500 million daily active members, which makes sense given how many people post pictures from mobile devices during work hours. Share your app with your friends across all famous channels and inspire them to do the same if they like your app.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of available communication channels for your puzzle app. The same strategy is followed by Puzzledom. The app allows users to discover novelties about the game on Facebook.

What Would Convince Users to Use Your App?

Awards and rewards are the best way to keep users coming back again. Awards can range from free items, points redeemable for real-life goods or services like flights & hotels, accommodation, etc.

In addition, there is an option of giving discounts on future purchases if users recommend your puzzle app to others or on their social media accounts. These strategies are handy for your app’s promotion as well as for users.

And the best thing is that you can do this without spending much. Try to make users feel essential. The best approach is to remain inventive. Keep showing your creative app to the world and engage them in the app and soon, you will get desired results.

The scale utilizes smart concepts and provides players an extra life if they reach a certain level or find special solutions.

Try to Understand What Engages Puzzle Players

It’s important to understand your target audience before you start any advertising campaign. Puzzle apps fall into the category of casual gamers and have specific interests compared to the other types of users.

Mostly, such users are drawn towards simple to play but hard to master games that they can enjoy on the move. In short, give them something to pass their leisure time. That’s how you should show your puzzle app if you wish to appeal to a casual audience.

Puzzle games cater to different types of gamers. Casual gamers don’t care about trends and just want something fun, while hardcore players are skilled enough that they might not be interested in puzzle video games at all.

Create Ad Creatives that Convert Users

With the rise in mobile apps, many developers and marketers are looking for new advertising opportunities that will help them reach out and connect with potential customers.

Puzzle apps have become very popular as they provide an engaging experience while also giving users something to unlock on their phones or tablets at first sight. And this depends on what you offer inside of your puzzle application.

The key here is great ad creatives and ensuring these ads give off just enough information so people understand how it works before enticing them into installing.

Whatever it is, ensure that you outline in video ads. The simplest way to show that is to include gameplay aspects in your app’s ad.

Furthermore, you need to highlight your USP or what makes your puzzle app unique and better than others. This will provide users a valid reason to download and install the app.

Of course, your ad should be attention-grabbing and engaging. Try to add vibrant colors, fun music, play around with various layouts, and give users surprises.

Test Your Creatives

Creatives are like that one friend you have who can’t decide what they want to be when they grow up. They’re always trying new things and haven’t found their purpose yet, but the truth is there’s no way of knowing which creative will bring better results than others.

So you will have to experiment and test the creatives so they don’t hurt your app and its promotion. However, you need to be careful while testing and do all the necessary research before testing.

Testing creatives include various assets, visuals, ad formats, layouts, copy, etc. The best approach is to use and test multiple versions of your ad and then review the results to determine which one performed better.

Utilize Multiple Marketing Channels

It’s easy to just rely on one marketing channel, but this will only leave you with limited success. Make sure that your app is being promoted in other ways and on all available marketing channels.

Puzzles are all about solving problems, and advertising is no exception. Puzzle app advertisers must utilize multiple channels and different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. You can also use Reddit, Quora, and Email Marketing to reach your audience in the most creative way possible.

Facebook and Instagram paid ads are evergreen and perfect for your app’s promotion. However, you should also think about TikTok to promote the puzzle app as the network is becoming quite popular for all types of advertising.

Many mobile gaming studios have successfully promoted apps and mobile games via this new and effective platform.

Master the Art of App Store Optimization

ASO is an effective way to improve your app’s visibility and get more downloads. It works in many ways like search engine optimization but instead focuses on improving the quality of content for apps rather than websites or blogs.

A significant part of ASO includes market research. For this purpose, you need to determine how your competitors are promoting their puzzle apps. Then you need to find and use the right keywords. Similarly, you should remain updated about the current market trends.

App store optimization is an essential component to the success of your mobile application. You should split test all important ASO components such as title, icon, and keywords in order for you’re able to get more sales from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Influencer Marketing

Try to collaborate with famous people and influencers in your niche/sub-niche and seek their help to promote your new puzzle app. The key here is to discover the right influencer for your mobile app. This can be very easy or very difficult and mainly depends on your niche. Look out for other similar apps and approach content creators and marketers that covered/streamed these apps.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! We have reached the end of this post about how to promote puzzle apps. And your reward and trophy here are the new and valuable customers. You should keep these users engaged with your app and impress them by offering great features and functions. The point is to increase user engagement and ensure that they don’t abandon using your puzzle app for a new one. But, for now, enjoy your victory!



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