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How to Promote News Apps


We love that nowadays, there’s an app for almost everything. The app’s effectiveness is just exceptional, and mobile app developers are still trying their best to innovate the apps at a staggering pace.

Similarly, in this media-driven era, there are countless new apps on the market that you can use and remain updated about current affairs. The apps help us to discover new things in a more engaging and interesting way.

But things are a bit complicated for news app owners and developers. This is because there are around 4 million mobile apps available on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

So, people have more than enough options for almost all services. As more and more mobile apps are being made, it’s vital for app owners and marketers to create effective marketing strategies that specify their mobile apps.

Let’s show you how you can promote your news app.

App’s Business Model

To understand the news app business model, you have to spy and analyze your direct competitors. In this way, you can easily figure out which monetization will be the best for your news application. So let’s do that and start the process from the Apple App Store.

Keep in mind that you need to check the appropriate app category and as per the audience’s demographics. For this case, we will look at the News category for the United States users. Furthermore, most free news apps don’t offer in-app purchases. Instead, you will find them in the premium section.

Besides, you will come across various products that include casts and other premium features. For Google Play Store, you need to browse the News and Magazines category, and things are almost the same as iOS devices. You won’t find many free news apps, but you will have plenty of options for paid news apps with prominent features.

However, we noticed that some news mobile apps that are paid on Apple App Store are free on Google Play Store. At the same time, the top-grossing apps were from popular channels, and most of them were in-app purchases on both these app markets.

Hence to reach a wider audience, we will advise you to offer users your app for free, but you can charge some amount for extra facilities.

Now that you understand the news app business model and what your competitors are doing let’s check out some of the best ways to promote and advertise your news application.

Best Ways to Promote News Apps

If you are facing problems in convincing people to use or download your mobile application, here are some legit ways to market the app and how to maintain it as a valid source for discovering the most important news!

Personalized UX

The thing that needs your attention right from the start is to provide people valid and practical reasons to download and use your news app. Think of it like this why others will download your particular app instead of popular ones.

The first reason can be personalized features! Inside your news app, people can receive or view the news as per their preferences. You can achieve this personalization from a website, but it will be extremely complicated.

Going further, it is also not that simple to read everything at a glance, and people often bookmark the publications and articles so that they can read them later in their spare time.

Moreover, when you are always moving or don’t have sufficient time to recite all the published information, it is a strain reliever to know that you can read the articles later during the break. That is the main reason why Pocket (also known as Read It Later) was designed.

The other benefit of such a news app is that people can view the news even when they are not using the internet or don’t have a working internet connection.

So, it is the best example to follow, and your news app should allow people to read the news when they get the chance and as per their schedule.

Push Notifications

Almost all of us want to see the news relevant to our interest, but at the same time, people like to know about a story as soon as it occurs. Breaking news is the ideal way to attract people, but you need to ensure that you manage this complex thing actively and adequately. Attacking people with all kinds of notifications about everything or minor incidents is not the ideal approach; neither is it a long-term solution.

Instead, you need to provide the details about major and relevant events and alert them only when something important is coming or happens. Remember that people downloaded your news app to access the content that you assured to provide.

So, it is your responsibility to assist them in choosing the types of news with a significant impact and provide them necessary details related to those topics through your messages or notifications.

An appropriate example is CNN’s official news app, which focuses on videos, and its officials provide a report from all over the world.

Localization Services

Discovering what’s going on in the world is a hobby of many people, and it is helpful, but sometimes people just want to learn what’s happening in their city and surroundings.

Maybe they want to know the weather forecast or want the details about any particular event in the city, but using the same news app. People residing in a small village or rural areas live a simple, but they want to discover the stories related to their particular city.

The point here is to maintain a perfect balance of the effects caused by breaking news but with relevant and pleasant stories.

Watching the latest news updates is often associated with coffee breaks because that particular time gives users a chance to catch the crucial novelties. And News Break app can do the job for you by attracting users and providing them a few relaxing minutes.

Press Coverage

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to know what’s going on in the city, but for others, it is more important to discover the news that is according to their specific interests. Moms and dads want to learn about parenting and want to figure out the latest trends in education.

Similarly, pet parents prefer the news about cats, birds, and dogs. And many of us like to remain updated about the tech world. The point is that the general topic does not appeal to normal users that much as they are not as per their taste.

Furthermore, bright or catchy titles are excellent, but sometimes your news app should use captivating headlines and act as a handy companion for those looking to discover more. This allows you to share the app on particular blogs and forums.

Think about this and remember that users will appreciate your app more if it offers them the content they need with all the relevant details associated with the story. For example, the Economist app includes various features and provides users all the business and finance news and events.

Try to Create User Personas

Before launching your news app in public, a core objective is to discover and identify your target users, what they value, and their pain points that your app addresses. There are many user groups for a mobile app with a unique user journey.

User personas contain all about your users, such as demographics, background, preferences, interests, and pain points. User personas also answer the central user goals and the hurdles that they are currently facing.

In-depth user personas offer you the perfect foundation as per user journeys and allow you to customize every aspect and feature of your mobile app according to your user’s preferences and needs. Everything right from branding to the app’s content to functionality, features, app’s platform, and monetization strategy should relate to your target audience.

By thoroughly defining your target audience with precise user personas, you can properly and easily answer their queries, and it is also essential for your app’s promotion and marketing strategy.

For example, you need to define these things to understand your target market:

  • What are their actual pain points collectively?
  • Which mobile operating system your audience uses the most? iOs or Android?
  • What types of posts or content do they like to engage with online?
  • What should be the ideal voice tone for your target audience?
  • Are they following any popular and reputable influencers on social media?
  • What platforms will be ideal for you if you opt for paid advertising?
  • Do these people pay for apps or make in-app purchases?

You can appropriately design your news app and make adequate marketing decisions to attract the target audience to your news app by answering these questions. If you don’t research thoroughly about your target audience, you cannot deliver a product that suits and answers their specific needs.

Perform a Detailed Competitive Analysis

Your brand new news app will definitely face competition, and it will be tough. So we recommend you to create a list of your top 5 direct competitors and include details like price, monetization model, ranking, user experience (UX), and notable reviews.

Then you need to compare your app with theirs and ensure that your app doesn’t include any of their weaknesses or poor features. Avoid all the things that users negatively reviewed in your competitor’s app.

Instead, you need to consider what features can make your mobile application stand out over your competitors. These points are important for your entire app promotion.

Use Mobile Communication Channels.

Another technique you can utilize to promote your news app is connecting with your current users directly on their mobile. Whether it’s in-app messaging or notifications, or mobile-specific funnels can provide you smooth access to your users.

You can reach out to them and point out a new feature you have recently included in the app or prompt them with handy tips. Then you can seek their feedback about the app and request them to share the app on their social media, or ask them to refer the app to a friend. These are effective ways to engage your users and promote your news app.

Leverage In-App Tracking

You can properly learn and understand your users’ behavior, needs, and demands with in-app tracking. Are they uninstalling your mobile application at a certain level? How often does the user log in, and the exact duration of their stay? Are there some features that your users utilize the most?

Plus, you can easily identify usability issues that you should answer and resolve. All these things are vital for your app and help you retain the users on your app.

There are several in-app tracking programs and tools that you can use. You can also install a software development kit (SDK) that enables you to use and connect to your mobile app data.

Many programs have valuable features such as custom tagging and behavior tracking that provide you the accurate information about your app. Then you can enhance the user experience, and eventually, you will see a notable increase in app downloads.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for this time, and we hope that it answers the query. Above, we have talked about how to promote news apps and the best promotional methods available. All these tactics are effective and make your news app more popular among users.

Lastly, focus on what’s more important for your target audience and know their preferences!



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