How To Promote Mobile Role – Playing (RPG) Games -

How To Promote Mobile Role – Playing (RPG) Games

What are your preferences when choosing a mobile game? Would you prefer action, an interesting storyline, and some simulation elements? Then you probably like Role-Playing Games. From tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs) to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and everything in between, all these genres attract players of all ages. But what features are more appreciated and what can you do to improve your marketing strategy in case you own an RPG game? You will find out by the end of this article.

Business Model

First of all, we should discuss your monetization plans. Take a look at the most popular role-playing games on Apple App Store and Google Play and tell us what you see. You probably observe that some apps follow the freemium pattern, especially Android games, but there are also plenty of games offered for a fixed price. On both app markets, these creations offer in-app purchases and even some paid ones have certain items that come with a cost. Analyze these lists really well and try to discover which business model is the most suitable for your strategy. Think about your app and your players and in what way they interact with your product.

RPG Games on Google Play Store

RPG Games on iOS App Store


How To Promote Mobile Role – Playing Games

We want to show you the most effective techniques you can use for increasing the popularity of your game and we will demonstrate with real examples that those methods really work.

Portable Games

Even if your game moved from consoles and PC right in your users’ hands this doesn’t mean they will continue playing it unless it has amazing features and great graphics. So, even if your audience appreciates your desktop game, you should be very careful when you want to recreate the same experience for small screens. It is mandatory to provide high – quality elements and to make sure users continue to engage with your app. Take, for example, Titan Quest which brings a classic game in front of mobile users in a unique style. Additionally, you can check the features implemented with the same purpose in mind: to attract mobile players.


Role Playing games are a special category of apps for which the narrative factor matters the most. This doesn’t necessarily mean that users won’t interact with the characters. Remember, we are talking about mobile games, not novels. But the way, the story is told makes all the difference for RPGs. It really depends if you choose to make your game more realistic or you want to create a strange world. You should communicate with your users and see if they prefer knights and monsters or if they will appreciate a more real-life experience. In the first category, we can include The Bard’s Tale which impresses users with its interesting plot.


We said before that many Role Playing Games come with a price. The challenge is to convince users to pay that money before trying the game. They will do that only if they receive strong recommendations about the app. And do you know who has the power to make a huge number of players to pay attention to a game? That’s right, influencers! Of course, you can’t really measure the results of such a campaign but you will have visible results and you will notice an increase in the app install rate. Guess how Summoners War reached the fantastic milestone of 90 million downloads. Its creators built a strategy based on influencers. Read the entire story in the article published by VentureBeat which highlights the importance of releasing new content and updating your app.  And that is equally crucial as spreading the word about the game.


In – Game Events

With every game category we discuss on our blog it becomes clearer that the purpose of mobile games is to allow users to interact with your creation and to offer them valuable assets while they enjoy the gameplay. There are plenty of ways to increase their engagement and to make them part of the action. You can run all kinds of campaigns and offer them special prizes. Very often, virtual bonuses make players coming back into your game representing a very good retention strategy. We can give you an example which proves our point. This year, in May, The Alchemist Code reached 5 million installs and that represented the perfect occasion to share this success with players by offering them all kinds of events during the entire month.


App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is an essential strategy for increasing your game’s visibility. Of course, it is available for all categories of apps and games but we should mention it here again because you will observe great result if you create the perfect app store page. And speaking of which, you should start by finding relevant keywords for your creation. After that, add them to the app title and app description. Be careful with the rules set by both platforms when it comes to the number of characters allowed for presenting your game. As Gummicube highlighted in an article “RPG” is a high – volume keyword which can help you rank higher in the app store. Just search for RPG games on Google Play and see what you got. Everybody’s RPG appears first in your list. Why is that?

Final Thoughts

Role-playing games aren’t just simple games. They can’t be played while you wait in line at the grocery store. They offer a complex adventure and they require your full attention. With an entertaining story and amazing characters, they provide a great experience for players who appreciate this genre. And the same thing is required for app owners who want to promote their RPG. They need to take into account all the characteristics which attract users and to find a unique way to integrate them into their creation. Well, it goes without saying that marketing your game is mandatory for reaching the wanted success!


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