How to Promote Medical Apps -

How to Promote Medical Apps


Marketing medical apps can be difficult. The competition is much higher, and it’s hard to get the word out about your app because there are so many other options for people to choose from. However, there are ways that you can promote your medical app and increase its popularity among potential users. Have a look:

Business Model

As always, first, check out what your competitors are doing on the market. By doing so, you can discover ideal monetization solutions for your new medical app.

When looking at the Medical app category, the Free category is ruled by the popular apps that provide services without any charges, not even in-app purchases. However, we observed that premium and paid apps have unique tools that efficiently convince users to download the app.

However, at the top positions, we noticed that most apps were free with in-app purchases. We were unable to find any special pattern because the monetization strategy differs from brand to brand, and each app owner has a different strategy as per their users and data.

Top Marketing Tips for Medical Apps

Developers who want to impress their audience with the medical app face a few challenges. Here are some of these most important ones, along with recommendations for helping you meet your customers’ needs and requirements.

First, Classify Your App

If you have just designed a phone app, then it is time to get started on the road to success. However, before launching your product on the market, make sure that what you sell does not fall under medical device classification and needs licensing by law or authority.

Think about the risks before entering a market. There could be some chunky fine to soak up if you don’t make sure that it’s worth your time and effort in this competitive world we live in today.

Take Care of Your Users

You need to make sure your app is about more than just making money. It should provide a service for people who suffer from some kind of health problem. And if you do so, users will always come back because of this focus on empathy. Besides, inform your users that they need to visit a doctor to overcome those health-related issues.

Another important thing to remember here is that your medical app should be designed and developed according to FDA guidelines and rules. While Google Play Store doesn’t mention any specific criteria when uploading a medical app on the store, Apple has some specific guidelines and documents that you need to submit.

These guidelines are handy and include the best practices about using and presenting medical apps on Apple App Store. Following these guidelines and rules are a must, and you will have to satisfy the experts from Apple to review and approve your medical app.

At the same time, you need to be extra careful with the data and information that your medical app stores gather from users.

Similarly, ensure that people feel safe while giving their data and other personal details. Just like Good Rx assists people in a convenient and straightforward way to save some money on purchasing medicines. That’s why people appraise the app as well as the team behind the app.

Side Effects of Medical Terms

In general, you need to be vigilant when launching and promoting medical apps. This is because there are several medical terms that are unknown to common people, and you will have to use these terms in a lot of places, even in your app’s description.

This also depends on your target audience, and if you have created a mobile application for the wider public, these unknown and complex medical terms can scare the users, no matter how useful your app is for their lives. To prevent these issues, we will advise you to teach your users how to use your medical app and tell them how it is beneficial.

For this reason, we suggest using a preview video as it will serve you well. We also suggest you create a user-friendly website where you can upload those videos. Explain the app’s features in detail and show your users how to use them in the right way. This way, you can easily form an ideal place for inviting users to download your new medical app.

On the other hand, if you have created your medical app for pharmacists or practitioners such as Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy, you must mention all the necessary information for patients.

The Cure for Monotony

The worst feeling for an app developer and owner is when users roll their eyes saying, “Oh, just another medical app which does the same thing as all the other ones!” With today’s cutting-edge technology, you can make your app stand out. Why not try AR or AI?

These innovative features may offer what is needed for an application like yours and provide a compelling reason why people should download it instead of one in the store. The app needs to be simple, so it’ll be easy for users. The best way is by showing them how much time they can save with your solution and why that matters more than anything else in this world today.

A perfect example here is the Vargo Anesthesia Mega App that includes the features of 17 different apps. Although the app charges a high amount from its users still, people love the app, and it is listed as number 6 in the top-grossing apps on Apple App Store. While on Google Play Store, it is on number 2.

Medical Experts

After developing a top-notch medical app, the other you need to do is to win your users’ trust. This can be challenging if you want to do it by yourself.

Here we will advise you to work with influential people in your specific niche and ask them to spread the word about your app. This way, those people will become your app’s ambassadors, and they will give their feedback about the app to their followers, patients, and other people on their network. Users will pay attention to an app recommended by a credible person, such as a doctor or other medical industry expert.

It is the reality that doctors or pharmacists have a significant effect on people, and they can easily convince users to download and use your medical app. The point is to impress them. For example, study iMedicalApps, a network where you can get reviews for many medical apps and other details and stats. The story defines its utility, benefits, and the reasons why people should use this app.

Build a Persona

You’ve just finished building your app, and now you need to think about how people will find it. The first thing is figuring out who the target market for this application might be because there’s nothing more frustrating than launching a product only a handful of people care about or use regularly.

Whether you’re trying to get doctors on board or need a quick marketing strategy for the general public- your app must have the right persona. The tone should be engaging, so potential customers will want what they see.

Every last word on your app or app’s page should be laser-focused on that persona. In simple words, your mobile app has to appeal to user’s wants, needs, and hopes.

Share Your Story

You can also draft a compelling story about your new medical app and let users know its purpose. Share the positive and human side of your medical app with users. What issues does it answers, and why does it be necessary for the user. Why is your team perfect to build it? Try to form a strong connection with your target audience.

If you have a business website or social media accounts, tell your readers why your medical app is the one they are looking for. Post your app links, screenshots, and videos so that users can know how it works.

Focus on the Result-Oriented Marketing Channels

One of the critical elements of marketing your app is getting it in front of as many people as possible. Paid search, social media marketing, and display ads can all be used for this purpose, but consider taking out an ad on a local radio station or even print newspapers if you want a faster turnaround time.

Try to explore local advertising modes and platforms. In other words, keep your focus on all marketing channels and keep finding and advertising. Measure your performance and emphasis what works.

Tracking Your Efforts

Now that you have started to spread the word about your app, you should be getting traffic and more hits on the download button on the app stores. Once you start to see numbers rolling, start using Google’s Analytics and other tracking tools so that you can track the progress of your mobile application.

Here you need to analyze how people are finding your mobile app, and if there are any issues, find and iron them out to give your users a better experience.

The point here is getting people onto a download page or sales page, and if they are not reaching that stage, there is an issue with the app or marketing strategy.

App’s Security

Security is an essential feature that you cannot afford to overlook. With the recent hacks of major health databases, many people are now more aware than ever before that their information is at risk. People are more concerned about Electronic Health Records used by various healthcare service providers.

If you are related to the medical field, you need to take additional measures for your app and ensure that it remains safe from all threats. As for promotion, security comes in the first position in your pitch. Be clear about the security that your app guarantees and show them to users.

International Regulations

Apart from the expert support that we mentioned earlier, you should appeal and follow the international regulations. If you are creating a medical app that impacts users’ health in any way, you need to be familiar with these abbreviations.

The terms are HIPAA and GDPR. Here the HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This health act is set by the U.S. government and has defined regulations. Apart from health coverage retention in the USA, the acts also guard the integrity of user’s private data, specifically EMR or EHR.

Furthermore, there have been multiple incidents in the Electronic Medical Records of users in recent years. And to further enhance the user’s privacy, the HIPAA act has been followed by another act known as HIP (Health Information Privacy). It is a legal framework and more clear about the fair usage of electronic information and exchange.

Both the GDPR and HIPAA are vital if you are working or related to the healthcare industry. Similarly, both these have great importance in healthcare digital marketing trends. They can offer massive benefits for the credibility of your medical app, and thus they are essential for your medical app’s promotional strategy.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have understood that building your medical app is not enough; you also need to promote it effectively in order for it to be successful and help people with their health problems. And we know how difficult it can be, but don’t worry, if you take into account our observations shared above, you should have no problem promoting your medical app successfully.

Remember that valuable users bring more valuable users, so make sure they stay happy and provide them with excellent customer service and listen to their feedback.





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