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How to Promote Dating Apps


Love is always in the air in this era. Yes, you heard it right; we are all in love with our smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other. Thanks to the advanced dating apps, it has become easier to find a partner according to your preferences. Dating apps form the perfect atmosphere for people who are looking for the perfect partner.

But things can easily become confusing due to the abundance of dating apps on the market. Users are not clear which app to use and what to look out for when using a dating app, and app owners don’t know what to highlight in their creations and how to offer viable solutions for the singles.

If that’s the case, we will share the best methods to promote dating apps. So pay attention to details, and you will know how to do it the right way!

Business Model

But before we share the promotion methods for dating apps, let’s check out the best way to monetize the app and what your competitors are up to. First of all, remember that Apple App Store does not have a dating app category. Instead, you will find dating apps in the Lifestyle apps. 

If you look properly, you will notice a mixture of different apps, including dating apps. And all of these apps are in the Lifestyle category. 

However, you will find dating apps on the top positions mostly. For Android devices, the popular dating apps are not premium; instead, they are free to download. 

This is also applicable to iOS apps. On Apple Store, most of the dating apps are free and not listed in-app purchases. In fact, we noticed only seven dating apps in the paid section, and that makes sense. No one will pay for an app when there are so many alternatives. 

Top-grossing apps state that the best way is to develop a free dating app, and inside the app, you can offer premium items and features when users become interested in your mobile application. Subscriptions will work well here.

Best Ways To Promote Dating Apps

Now, here are some ways to promote your dating app. Have a look:

Focus on the Singles in your audience:

First, define and observe your target audience. The point here is to compete with several popular apps on the market. 

By focusing on the target market, you can find a way to make your app visible to them from the start. Maybe you need a boost campaign, but you don’t have much time as the market is tough. Additionally, we will advise you to focus on social media, and you can use various platforms to show your app to others.

Here you have two options. The first is to use free accounts on social media platforms, and the second option is a lot faster but a bit expensive because you will be promoting your app through paid ads. 

At this point, you should remember that there are some restrictions for targeting options if you are promoting dating apps on many popular platforms.

Help Users Find Somebody Rich and Beautiful

We understand that it is impossible to provide everything for everybody. For this reason, you should specify your special niche. After finding the niche, dating app promotion will be simple and hassle-free. There are many dating applications on the market, but it is not impossible to develop an app for your target audience. 

Study and analyze your potential customers and try to find a way to convert your business into a wingman for all singles who are desperately trying to find a partner, even though a mobile dating app. Remember that users want to meet the love of their life and everyone has their own desires and preferences. 

Ensure that you fulfill your consumer’s demands and your app solves their problems. For example, the Bumble dating app allows females to remove the waiting and prevent potential awkward moments.

Make things Easier For Singles.

Love is complex, and because of that, you should make things simpler for your users. Provide them a valid reason to use and download your app when they are looking for the love of their life. 

When users use dating apps, many people are under pressure or stress. This is because the fear of rejection is always present and too high. 

So, try to remove this aspect and make your audience understand that they will lose nothing when trying your solution. 

Meanwhile, your app should be simple to use with a user-friendly interface so that users can easily find the perfect match and reach their goals.

Furthermore, it is impossible to review or discuss dating apps and not mentioning Tinder. It is the leader in the category of both app stores. Take it as an example and observe its simple and user-friendly interface. 

The Tinder app is simple to use, and they can easily reach and meet new people after downloading the Tinder application on their mobile phones. Just swipe left or right, and you can find the perfect match in minutes! Even some game development companies are using this excellent concept for their products.

Talk about the app! 

Now that you have your dating app, it’s time to talk about it and spread the word about its benefits and success. 

Encourage and motivate the users to express their stories as nothing is more inspiring than real stories by real people. The same technique is used by a famous dating app the The app promotes its user’s testimonials. 

Moreover, the company provides a variety of solutions, and they have various apps for all platforms.

Going back to your mobile application, there are many ways to convince users to use your app and share their experiences. 

Here we will advise you to focus your attention on UGC, aka user-generated content. We will recommend you design a campaign and rewards users for sharing photos and videos. But include only those stories with real proof that show others how happy they are with their new love.

Reach and use media

Nothing is more effective for the promotion of your new dating app than using the channels and mainstream media? Typically, if you want to raise brand awareness for your dating app, you will have to invest in marketing and promotion. This way, you can reach out to more people and push them to sign up and download the app.

However, this is not that simple. A suitable way to achieve this is by handing over your marketing and brand communication to industry experts who know how to deal with these tasks: the media. 

For example, you can use the services of a popular blog or any news website to publish a press release about the handiness of your dating app. This way, you can build great momentum before it emerges on the scene.

Think about paid app promotion

If you want to spread the good words about your dating app and reach out to the users looking for the best mail-order brides, you need to set a budget. Organic app promotion is excellent, no doubt, as it allows you to create a solid following both for in-app purchases and on various social media sites.

If you intend to take things to a whole new level and get those numbers rolling, you will have to use the paid ad marketing and promotion. If you look closely, you will find paid apps from almost all popular dating apps, such as Tinder ads. 

So if Tinder can use it, you too can utilize paid or targeted ads to reach your target audience in a new way and promote your mobile apps.

Provide gamified experience

Anyone looking for a new partner can easily tell you that most dating apps provide the same generic user experience. The standard process is for users is to sign up, create their profile, look for potential matches and send them a message. Looks boring?

That’s why you need to bring something new to make your mobile application more useful and to give them a whole new experience. 

For beginners, you can gamify the app’s interface by including fun, creative elements such as stickers, emojis, and GIFs. Although Tinder and other popular apps already offer these features, who is stopping you from joining the club?

App store optimization (ASO)

ASO is another thing that you cannot afford to overlook as it gives you an upper hand over your direct and indirect competitors. With tough market competition, dating apps should use ASO to demonstrate their value. 

Moreover, the right ASO will bring you organic installs and downloads and provides users an unforgettable experience.

Here are some areas to target when applying ASO for your dating app.

  • Include relevant keywords in the app’s title.
  • Add relevant keywords naturally in the app’s description.
  • Localize your content for desired results.
  • Use correct app categories so that you can reach out to more users.
  • Try to include related screenshots and other meaningful pictures to attract more organic users.

You must encourage or request your satisfied customers to give feedback about your app. Similarly, ask them to write a review in the app store as it gives other users reasons to install and use your app. For example, you can prompt your consumers to rate your dating app to ensure that your active users are promoting your app.

Try new techniques 

As mentioned above, the industry is highly competitive, and there are new dating apps on the market on a regular basis. That’s why you need to think about using new techniques to engage your target users. So, let’s check out the most gripping ways you can use in your new dating app.

Slow dating 

A famous online dating platform Coffee Meets Bagel has a smart algorithm, and it doesn’t use a traditional swiping method. You will see some suggestions daily as per your given information. It is slow dating that allows for meaningful communication among a few people.

Crown also uses this algorithm. Every day you will receive details of 16 candidates. Then a user compares them and shortlists four of them with whom they can communicate. 

The point is to focus on handy things such as providing users an effective and straightforward way to communicate instead of focusing on flashy stuff.

Try to Use New video formats.

Most dating apps use the same video format. Apps that did not use videos start to include them in their sites and apps to compensate users for the face-to-face meeting. But not all dating apps have the same video format, and video chat looks different on all dates. 

For example, the Blindlee video chat feature is blurry but allows you to control the blur of your mobile camera and the blur of your match’s camera.

So, don’t hesitate to experiment with such things. Instead of following the traditions, try to give users something new and beneficial.

To Conclude

It is a harsh and competitive world for app developers and owners and also for singles. The main purpose of dating apps is to provide users a common space to meet and greet each other. And this ideal landscape is developed by marketing tools. 

Above, we have shown you the most effective tips and methods to promote dating apps. Now, it’s up to you and your promotion team to create that lovely atmosphere that brings value to users and more downloads for you.


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