How to Promote Communication Apps -

How to Promote Communication Apps

Smartphones are the new generation’s way to stay in touch with people. We’re always connected, even when they live on a different continent! With all these messaging apps, it feels like you have a friend right next door or across town – we never have any problems finding someone who matters enough for us both and can bring out our best side.

Communication apps are great, but coming up with a new idea for an app can be tough. It’s even harder to find the best ways of promoting it. In this, we will talk about the best ways to promote communication apps, what famous communications are doing in the market, and reveal some of their secrets to you.

Look At The Competitors

Let’s start the process by monitoring the competitors and the app’s monetization plan. As usual, we looked at the behavior of users from the United States.

First, we checked the communication apps available on the Google Play Store. On this store, messaging and communication apps have a particular category named Communication, whereas, on Apple App Store, the communication apps are listed in the Social Networking category.

Furthermore, most communication apps were free; however, some of the apps were listed inside the in-app purchases. While observing the premium app section, we noticed that some free apps had paid versions.

Moreover, we also noticed other tools for famous chat and messaging apps. The point or key is to choose a model that is as per your users. So ensure that your potential users are willing to pay for your particular app.

Keep in mind that listing an app on the app store is simple but make sure it offers the users what they need. The key is to make them interested in your app, whether it is free of cost or paid.

Best Ways to Promote Communication Apps

With all these communication apps looking alike, why not make your app stand out and convince users to choose you instead of another one? If you want to know the best way to promote your new communication app, we will show you how to follow me!

Conduct Market Research

The App Store is a hotbed of competition, and understanding your competitors’ strategies can help you expand into new markets. With over 1,000 submissions coming in every day- it’s crucial to know how exactly other companies are planning on competing with yours before diving headfirst into development.

It’s essential to understand your competitors when developing a strategy because you never know who will be next on the list of apps.

Before implementing any app marketing methods, it is vital to conduct thorough market research. This will help you understand how your target audience uses and interacts with the different channels available for them on their devices- so that there’s no guesswork. The questions below are helpful in determining what types of data a surveyor could collect:

  • Who is your communication app’s target audience?
  • Why will you use your mobile, and what features might they be interested in?
  • How are others targeting the same audience?

All this data should give you key insights in drafting the app’s promotional strategy, and you will be well-prepared before launching the app into public.

As an app marketer, it’s your job to create a user experience that caters to all of these different personas. User-personas are known as the best way in which developers can figure out what their target audience wants from them and then design accordingly.

A user persona is like a blueprint for your app. It helps you understand who might use it and what they want from experience- giving insight into how best design features or content, ensuring the success of future updates with research-driven decisions in mind.

When developing your app, you should focus on the needs and desires of your user persona by understanding their demographics, mobile preferences as well other unique identifiers. All these will be instrumental to the app’s success and ensures desired results in the future.

Make It Better

To make your app better than it was before, you need to take a step back and look at what’s working. This will help you improve the product. You can customize your app’s marketing strategies and which strategy will be helpful for you, such as word of mouth advertising or social media promotion, or any other.

Here we will advise you to look at the App Store version; Google Play apps as well their respective websites and social media pages.

Furthermore, ensure that your app provides the users a safe and secure platform so that they can surf and browse without any problem. Remember that every app has a downside, even the most popular communication apps. In simple words, none of the apps can be classified as the perfect app on both app stores.

And this is beneficial for your app. By studying and analyzing the users’ complaints and needs, you can make your communication app the best available app on the market. This also means that you need to monitor what your competitors are doing and how they are promoting their apps. Identify the flaws in their apps and ensure that your app doesn’t have the same.

Meanwhile, we will also advise you to listen to your users and determine which features should be included in the app to make them happy. As an example, analyze Skype and how it optimizes the app as per users’ feedbacks.

Make It Unique

One of the most crucial things to remember when making an app is that users will only choose yours if it’s different from other popular products. Uniqueness in design and content can make the difference between success and failure, so don’t be afraid!

Add something new like captivating stickers for certain domains while still maintaining your brand identity by adding engaging features too.

In this case, Snapchat is an appropriate example. The app has become popular in no time just by offering a solution for users who want to use ephemeral messages. If you want to know how it began its journey, we recommend reviewing its history and success story then you will understand our point.

Similarly, try to understand how Slack became a popular and household name just by providing a powerful tool for the workplace. You need to give a valid reason to your target audience to download and use your app with unique features and functions that others don’t have.

For example, with Mood Messenger, people can effortlessly personalize their conversations as per their mood, and it works for the makers.

 Simplicity is the Key

All the points mentioned above are necessary when promoting your communication app, but one thing is even more critical when launching your app in public.

You need to make your app easy for everyone. Techies and novices alike should be able to use it effortlessly. This is why the app’s interface needs to have simple navigation so even kids can navigate without getting lost in all of its features or having trouble finding what they’re looking for.

Making your app easy to use and understandable for customers will keep them interested in using it. If you make things too confusing, they might just give up on finding out about all the cool features available in your apps.

A perfect example of this is to give your audience a great user experience, just like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. These popular communication apps have tons of features, but they are still effortless to use, and even beginners can use them without any fuss.

Make Your App Viral

Communication apps allow close friends or family members to stay in touch, which is why the tone should be friendly and inviting. However, there are many aspects that convince users to choose a particular communication or messaging app.

Most users prefer to use the app that their loved ones are using and you need to keep this mind during the process. And this is another evidence that the online community is vital for the app’s success, and you need to pay attention to this aspect. First of all, you have to make sure that your app solves a problem for the user.

Secondly and equally important- as mentioned earlier in this article- it should not just focus on one person or group but rather speak with many voices at once through various platforms.

Finally, if someone influential from within your community becomes invested enough and uses your communication app or recommends it to others, then growth will be considerably faster than expected.

By following this simple hack, you can maximize the results with minimum effort. At this stage, we will advise you to analyze how Discord promotes the app to gamers and allows them to discuss about their passion.

Create App’s Landing Page and Blog

Landing pages are a great way to get new users for your mobile app. They allow users the chance not only to learn more about what you’re putting out there but also allow you to attract potential customers through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can be an affordable and effective strategy in comparison with other advertising methods that may have higher costs.

When designing your app’s landing page, it’s vital to visualize what users will get from the app after installing it. Moreover, ensure that your landing page has links to your mobile app in the App Store and Google Play Store along with a well-placed call to action button.

Furthermore, display positive user reviews and include relevant screenshots of your app’s user experience to encourage others.

If possible, write a blog about your app and relevant topics with a clear call to action. This allows your app to become visible on search engines and you can easily find and reach out to new users.

Similarly, you can share your blog posts strategically across your social media channels, and it will enhance your overall marketing strategy.

If you want to look at some ideal examples of engaging blogs, we recommend looking at Bumble’s The Buzz and MyFitnessPal. You can also use the same strategy for your app for the best results.

Social Media Marketing

With the rise in social media usage, you cannot afford to exclude social media networks from your promotional campaign. According to a study, the average user spends around 1 hour and 30 minutes every day on various social media sites.

So as an app, marketers should think about these platforms when promoting their app. Social media is ideal for building a community and getting feedback from users who wouldn’t be incentivized by email or phone calls. You can post regularly across your channels for more than just raising awareness of products.

However, ensure that not every single update includes an advertisement! The tone should always remain engaging so viewers will want to come back again soon after their last one fades out in favor of something new.

Final Thoughts

Communication apps are on the rise. With so many people using them, it’s no surprise that there is a wide variety of communication options for every type and preference- from messaging to video chat or even voice messages.

Think of communication apps as a way to keep in touch with those who you care about. Users will search for the best option that offers them what they want, and if your app can offer it too, then make sure it’s at their fingertips.

By following the tips mentioned above and tricks to promote a communication app, you can achieve the desired results and make your app beneficial for users


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