Best Practices Of Video Ad Placement In Mobile Games -

Best Practices Of Video Ad Placement In Mobile Games

Mobile game owners, we are back with another article focused on your apps. Let’s see how we can advertise in games without damaging the entire experience. We all know how effective can be video ads but mobile users install a game to play it not to watch videos. This will be a permanent concern unless you create the video ad as part of the game. Our mission for today is to show you how to integrate the ad inside your app.

In – App Advertising vs UX

After you create a great game with amazing features how can you maintain its attractive aspect and monetizing it in the same time?

Rise Of Ad Blocking

During our discussion about the Benefits Of Providing The Right Context we highlighted the ad blocking expansion and we shared some solutions to combat this phenomenon. If you take a look at the 2017 Adblock Report released by PageFair at the beginning of this year you will realize that it is urgent to adopt some strategies for minimizing this disastrous effect.

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Rewarded Videos Winning At Games

It is not a secret anymore that rewarded videos are the most appreciated when you need to consider a method for monetizing your game. To understand in what manner they are better seen than simple video ads you can take a look again at our battle between the two ad formats, The Winner Of The Mobile Game: Rewarded Video Ads. It is not that easy to engage users with your videos but if you manage to offer them what they need or want in exchange of watching a few seconds of video than you will increase both your revenue and your app retention rate.

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Placement Is Crucial

In the same study presented above, you can see that one of the main reasons given for adblock usage is considered the interruption with ads. Taking that into consideration it is mandatory to discuss the best places where you can insert video ads into your game.

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Best Practices Of Rewarded Video Ad Placement

Let’s see where you can add your video in your app in order to convince your users to play it even more and to enjoy the entire experience. Keep in mind though that it is your game and you know best what works and what doesn’t for your customers.

1. Doubling Game Rewards

First of all, you can consider rewarding your users periodically. Let’s see how.

Daily Rewards

If you want to persuade your players to open your game every day you can offer them different rewards daily. This way they will be more engaged and you will have a constant income stream. In the end who would refuse to watch the ad if you offer them the chance to double their earnings.

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End Of Mission Rewards

It makes sense that in the moment when they complete a level or something similar in your game to receive a prize. What if they also see a short clip before they open the second chest with the wanted reward? Or they can receive a free bonus if they agree to watch the video. Adapt this technique to the style of your game.

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2. Offering Gameplay Boosts

Start of Gameplay

If you show the ad at the beginning of the game you allow users to start their adventure with a boost of resources. They will be more confident in their forces and they will enjoy the gameplay even more. Be careful thought to make the bonus less valuable than the items they can purchase. You need to find the right balance between IAP and rewards.

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While Gameplay

If you want to optimize the rewarded video placement you can add them inside your gameplay and to release some elements for encouraging users to go on until they pass the level. Nevertheless, make sure that you provide something really valuable and essential for improving their experience.

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3. Offering Free Spins

You have to make your message as visible as possible because if you display the reward in storefront chances are that some players will avoid that section because they are decided not to buy anything. So, if you show your ad in the main menu you can be sure that users will take advantage of this opportunity.

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4. Catching Game Over Moments

The most efficient place where you can add your video is considered the end of the game. When the player is defeated he will be more than grateful that he has the second opportunity to continue the game for just a few seconds of video.

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5. Providing Secret Tips

There are moments in a game when users don’t know what to do next. Help them by showing the right way but instead of your advice ask them to watch a short clip. This is a great practice for puzzle games since it is really challenging to spend a great amount of time in searching for a solution. This way you avoid users getting bored and canceling the game.

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6. Offering Discount For IAP Item

It is very tricky to convince players to spend money inside your game, but in order to show them how efficient are the items purchased, you can offer those elements at a lower price. This way you combine more than one method for increasing your revenue and users will be eager to find those discounts in your game.

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We all know that it is mandatory to offer ads tailored to your customers’ needs and according to their preferences. If they see a video with products that can improve their lives they will stop rejecting those marketing methods. At the same time if they have something to win after they watch that ad they will be more willing to continue with their game adventure as long as possible. We always say that this is a win – win – win situation for marketers, app owners, and users.


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