Best Practices Of Content For Mobile Apps

Words are the voice of your app. A well-designed app is nothing without useful content. Nowadays, the majority of people are mobile to find useful and helpful information in ease.

Pre-Launch Content

Before launching your app, you should seek where your users are and introduce yourself with strong content. You need to begin researching your target customer and be active where they are as much as possible. Among pre-launch content strategies, we can count;

Website or Landing Page

Before launch your app, you need to inform people how your app will be, which problems it will solve, how it will add value to their lives. On the website or landing page, you can collect subscribers.

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Teaser Video

As you know YouTube is the habitat for any kind of video and people love watching video. To convert this situation into an advantage, you can create a teaser video and add it to YouTube and also your website. Moreover, you can send an email containing this teaser video to keep pre-launch subscribers updated.

Press Releases

Press release strategies are not only needed after launching but also before launching to raise the curiosity and benefit from the power of word of mouth.

Email Marketing

In every part of your marketing, you need to create email marketing strategies. Pre-launch email marketing could be informing people how much time left for the launch or you can make it enjoyable by countdown.

In-App Content

We have talked about the importance of ASO many times. So, it isn’t surprising to come across with itself here. The majority of ASO comprises of strategic use of smart content. While creating in-app content, focus on being informative and helpful to let users figure out your app on their own.

Launch Content

I want to separate “launch content” from “post-launch content” because I mean producing content in the heat of the moment by “launch content”. These strategies can be;

  • Send email saying the launch of app to pre-launch subscribers and your individual list
  • Start a discussion on Quora about your app zone
  • Add your app to Product Hunt and make it viral by increasing upvotes
  • Add your app to app review websites and app directories
  • Get your app reviewed by those who matter the most in the industry
  • Make your app trending topic on Twitter


Post-Launch Content

Everything else belongs to post-launch content strategies. As you know, marketing has no end. Content has no end as long as it continues like that.


Authority-Building Content

This term embraces everything from blog and guest post to white papers and case studies. It is needed to form lasting relationship and trust with customers. ion interactive has published a useful resource that shows the essential content marketing stats. If you view it, you will see 82% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading their custom content. Authority-building contents are your strongest weapon to let you shine out in the crowded mobile environment.

Viral Component

The first aim while creating content is to be shared. By adding shareable elements into your content, you can incentivize people to share it with their family, friends and help you to spread your app. Today’s most functional marketing tactic is emotion-driven elements, figures or voices.

Emotion: I mean by emotion is to evoke happiness, anger, love, compassion, any kind of emotion. If you launch a dating app, touch people’s heart by creating a video or if you have a donation app, invite people to make a donation with the help of few touchable words.

Vanity: People love sharing of any moment, any achievement, anything that makes them feel good. So, you can add an option to share their scores, workout progress, their good looks or anything resulting from the usage of your app.

Nostalgia: People always miss the past. Give them a chance to remember good old days with the help of an infographic, an image or a video.

Establish A Community

Your app bonds people who have similar interests, needs and values. A good chance underlies this fact. You can gain engaged users by creating a social community to let users share their experiences, ask questions or give feedback.

Alternatively, you can make use of existing communities in specific app categories. It enables many advantages from promoting your app to gaining new users.

Find Influencers or Niche Bloggers

It is important to be talked about your app as much as possible. So, allow time to find related bloggers or influencers.  For example, reach fashion bloggers if your app is related to shopping or reach websites for book lovers if your app is related to reading. We can increase the examples. Just try to be creative while thinking on websites that your target users are active.

Retarget Interested Users

People may leave your website or app store page without taking any action. Your duty is to follow them, explore the reasons behind their action and convince them to take an action. Segmenting users simplifies your job. There are many possibilities about the last action of visitors such as visiting your website, clicking app store page, reading your content or downloading your app, but not install or not use it yet. In order to understand the reasons and their feelings, send them email and ask the reasons kindly.

Final Thoughts

We can increase the number of strategies, of course. With the content marketing for mobile apps, we aim to reach target audiences in the right place at the right time, create a community full of engaged and loyal users and raise the app downloads and visibility. While strategizing content marketing, just focus on how it helps one of the aims I mentioned above.

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